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(Reuters)   Obesity operations jump in United States. Maybe it would be better to have the patients jumping   ( divider line
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1498 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jan 2007 at 2:36 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-10 08:52:33 PM  
Maybe yes.
2007-01-10 09:02:27 PM  
2007-01-10 09:13:08 PM bout's you lay off the shiatty food and get your ass
away from the computer for awhile? I have had slight issues
with my weight most of my life, even now I could stand to lose
2 lbs...but as soon as my ass requires new jeans, it is time
to stop eating; and once you can't see your dick means you
have a real issue - stop choking down donuts fatty.
2007-01-10 09:14:07 PM  
oops..."2" should be "20". The holidays were kind 'round our house.
2007-01-10 09:17:14 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new lardass overlords.
2007-01-10 09:40:55 PM  
The solution to our obesity problem is to send our fat kids to Iraq. The pounds you shed sweatin bullets, while dodging bullets are pounds deservedly lost.
2007-01-10 09:55:55 PM  
I don't know. Rerun could really jump around when he was dancing.
2007-01-10 10:11:23 PM  
OlafTheBent: Earthquake?

Not if they jump off bridges. Then it would e a tidal wave.
2007-01-11 02:40:42 AM  
Not if they jump off bridges. Then it would e a tidal wave.

Yeah, then we'd have a whole bunch of flabby bouys. oh and you missed a 'b' champ.
2007-01-11 02:46:41 AM  
Just watched a tv show tonight on Discovery or whatever about Lee Majors getting his stomach stapled and intestines bypassed. Man, that guy was a freakin Mountain. A month or two after the operation he had lost 50 lbs and was at least recognizable again.
2007-01-11 02:48:55 AM  
David Lee Roth would agree.
2007-01-11 02:58:41 AM  
We'd better watch out or soon Middle Eastern countries will be invading us to harvest our fat people as a fuel source. Not that I would have a problem with that, they probably deserve each other. Perhaps we could export them as a food?
2007-01-11 03:00:18 AM  
Well-played, submitter, except that we have to be careful not to, you know, shift the earth in its orbit by too much.

2007-01-11 03:06:08 AM  
This is kinda like the credit card problems that people have, wanting something without being willing to work for it or wait for it. Stomach staples are a horrible thing. People who have issues that cause them to overeat often end up ripping their stomachs, and liposuction just gives them more cosmetic aid with no health benefits. Surgery isn't going to solve or help anything, it'll just make the issues look nicer.
2007-01-11 03:06:53 AM  
I cry a little on the inside whenever I read about that movement that society is unfairly discriminatory against fat people, that it's equivalent to racism, and that even being overweight is a perspective, not a fact. (I don't even remember where it started, but I read about it here first. You can read about it, if your wiki-fu is strong, under 'Fat acceptance movement'; appropriately, it's labeled as 'neutrality disputed'.) I agree with this group only to the point that it's better to be large and active than thin and sedentary. I don't think, though, that obese people should be defended because their weight or appearance leads to social disadvantage. It is one thing to be a 220-lb. shot-putter who works out most days; it is another thing entirely to be a round mound of pounds of the same weight who huffs out a mile around his neighborhood a few times a week and calls it 'his daily exercise'. Now, I'm neither doctor nor health expert, nor do I claim to be; I'm just a distance runner. However, it is in my experience that, overwhelmingly, people who partake in a healthy amount of exercise, and treat their bodies with enough respect to not constantly shovel down junk food, will attain something resembling a physiologically well-kept body. Whether this is some law of human biology is beyond me, but the result is both logical and well-supported by the observations of pretty much anybody who's ever been involved with athletics or fitness programs.

My point is that the most basic claim of these pro-fat-acceptance people is in error. They say that people can be both fat and in good shape at the same time; but while individual body composition settings, in uncommon instances, can saddle some good athletes with extra fat storage, the majority of the fat population -- increasingly so as they approach the levels of morbid obesity -- are not athletes at nature's mercy and have no excuse for their situations. As has been said countless times before, proper exercise would greatly ameliorate their situation; it is simply a matter of wanting to put in the effort. I regard those who consider it too much of an effort to keep themselves at a healthy weight unworthy of my pity and deserving of the mocking of society.
2007-01-11 03:09:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-11 03:10:06 AM  
Fatties will never be accepted. It's a lifestyle of failure, the only appropriate response is mockery...
2007-01-11 03:19:16 AM  
I think people who are overweight need to realize that it really isn't as difficult as they think it is to lose weight. The problem is wanting to lose weight FAST. If you make small, permanent changes to your diet, you will lose weight without doing much work. All you have to do is cut out that coffee from starbucks, or cut out that McDonald's for one meal a day. If you are consuming 800-1000 calories a day from Starbucks or McDonald's you will lose weight without working out. Add a walk after you get used to that...boom...that's another 5-10 pounds. Start drinking water with every meal...there ya go, there is another five...and so on and so forth...

What people do instead is try to change everything all at the same time, and get discouraged. Plus, if you start an exercise program you are going to GAIN weight first because muscle weighs more than fat. So you are going to spike a little, than drop, than spike, than drop below that mark, etc. People get their first little spike of weight when they start working out and don't realize that it is because it is working.

If you gradually work your way into it, become at peace with the idea that it is going to take awhile, and just make the changes permanent, it is very easy to lose weight. It really is.

But this overlooks the first step to deciding to lose weight that people never get past, and I think it is the biggest problem for a lot of overweight people. You have to take a look in the mirror and realize that everything you have done to your body, for the most part, can be undone. I think that a lot of people just look at themselves and can't imagine that there is a fit person in that body. They think that the fat is permanent. It is not. Every person I have known that lost weight was absolutely SHOCKED at how much better they looked and couldn't believe that that person was inside them. You have to get excited about knowing about that surprise instead of stuck in the belief that the fat is permanent.

What is done, can be undone. True story.

/sorry for the rant
2007-01-11 03:44:24 AM  
Well said, ElRonHubbardsBalls.
2007-01-11 05:57:41 AM  
Incontinent_dog_and_monkey_rodeo: Fatties will never be accepted. It's a lifestyle of failure, the only appropriate response is mockery...

2007-01-11 08:42:44 AM  
My mother-in-law will have her stomach stapled next week. She's doing the liquid diet thing now to flush out her system and reduce the fatty tissue in her liver. In the past week she's lost 8lbs.

Had she been doing the diet thing all along instead of eating pizza for 4 nights a week and zaxby's and cheese blintzes at IHOP she could have actually lost weigh. Her nutrition before was absolutely horrible and after the surgery it'll be very carefully monitored with very small portions. Her love of food will be a thing of the past.

For her, the surgery is the magic bullet because she had no will do really diet or exercise and this is supposed to force her onto a strict regimen. For some reason I don't see this happening and she will have a very difficult time of it.
2007-01-11 09:11:35 AM  
" and that an increasing number of younger people are undergoing these procedures."

More than 103,000 of the 2004 operations were on patients aged 18 to 54"

Last time I checked, 18 to 54 wasn't the "younger people"
2007-01-11 09:13:29 AM  

I'm torn, I wish her good luck with her new lifestyle, but she is your mother-in-law, so if she's anything like my mother-in-law, I hope it doesn't go well...

Remember kids, you're not just marrying your gf/bf, you're marrying her family... or more to El Salvador
2007-01-11 09:38:21 AM  
Of the really heavy people I know personally, not one has ever seriously stuck to a diet. They exercise and eat salads a couple of week and then it's "fark that" and they are back to sitting all day and eating Big Macs.

I remember when my mom called to tell me about a talk show she had watched where some obese woman was crying and saying she often prayed she would get cancer so she's lose her appetite and start dropping weight. That was like a month after I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was so angry if I had that woman in front of me I would have biatch-slapped her silly.

I honestly don't understand wishing for a horrible disease, or having bizarre surgery, to lose weight. I understand the desire to lose weight, but sticking to a diet and exercise routine surely can't be that impossible to manage.
2007-01-11 09:41:42 AM  
For the fatty who's 10 lbs or 20 lbs overweight, get off your fat ass and stop eating donuts. But really, for people who are 100 lbs or more overweight, there's something more wrong than just bad diet. Sure, more calories in than burned equals gained weight, but in these cases it's more a symptom of the problem. WHY does someone who's morbidly obese continue to stuff their face? The fact that being morbidly obese makes exercise more difficult only worsens the situation.

All an alcoholic needs to do to stop being an alcoholic is stop drinking, right? Wrong. Even sober, an alcoholic still has a drinking problem. They're always just one drink away from being a drunk again. I believe morbid obesity is similar. Maybe it's an obsessive/compulsive problem, addiction, depression, metabolism, or whatever you find is the root cause, but the problem isn't that they eat too much, it's WHY. You have to address the problem to find a real solution.

Many fatties can lose weight on their own, just like many alkies and druggies can kick their bad habits on their own, too. But the severe cases are going to need some kind of help or rehab.
2007-01-11 09:43:08 AM  
As a formerly overweight person I can say that it *does* take discipline to exercise and watch diet BUT long term the results are worth it. It took me about 15 months to lose @80 pounds and with minor fluctuations I have kept the weight off for about 22 years now. Even after gaining 47 pounds during pregnancy I was able to drop the baby weight pretty good once I got back into the routine. There really is no shortcut.
/SIL had the surgery and has been told she will now have a lifelong struggle against malnutrition!
//doesn't seem worth the risk to me
///also can't see the wishing-for-cancer thing
2007-01-11 10:49:42 AM  
"just like many alkies and druggies can kick their bad habits on their own"

You idiots, obesity is a food addiction
BUT unlike the other addictions

You can stop drinking and you will not die
You can stop smoking and you will not die
You can stop drug use and you will not die
You can stop FARKING and you will not die
You may want too, but you won't.

You can live the rest of your life
and never take another hit
of the things obesity is compared to.


Food is for some people the most addictive drug there is in the world
(withdrawn symptoms that will never go away and your next fix is everywhere you turn.)

A hard habit to kick as not a single person can SURVIVE without food.

I wonder how strong your willpower would be.
You smug,
never been there
know nothings.
2007-01-11 12:48:18 PM  
My sister had this surgery. According to her, "nothing" else worked. She never seriously tried diet and exercise, but "nothing" else worked. She once told me that her body didn't gain weight from "calories."
2007-01-11 01:25:14 PM  
Step 1 - Put fork down
Step 2 - ...
Step 3 - Weight loss
2007-01-11 07:18:22 PM  
I'm currently on a doctor monitered diet - it's a very low calorie, supplemented fast. I consume 800 calories a day with very few variations. As I am doing this, I am learning CORRECT eating habits and nutritional information that I never learned before so when I start introducing foods back into my diet I know which ones to eat, how to eat, and how to be healthy.

It's been just over 4 months and I have lost 60lbs. This is pretty much the same amount of weight I would have lost if I had gastric bypass surgery.

The difference? I haven't had invasive surgery that is permanant. I haven't cheated, haven't broken the diet, and in the process I'm learning how to be a healthy person and change the habits that got me to be obese in the first place. Add in exercize and I'm doing really well. Without having my body carved into.
2007-01-11 11:51:23 PM  
I lost 85 lbs in about 10 months. I went from 30% body fat to 10% body fat. Never running to running 15 miles a week. I've haven't gained any of it back, it's only been 6 months but I'm positive I won't gain it back because I won't let that happen.

It's funny because people say not to drastically change your diet but I decided to drastically change it right after my doctor told me I had high blood pressure.

The difficulty of sticking to a diet depends on the person, some people have no self control and sadly never will.
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