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(MSNBC)   "U.S. Mines Still Not Safe Enough, Experts Say." Apparently they keep exploding when you step on them   ( divider line
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3634 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 03 Jan 2007 at 6:25 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-01-03 5:59:39 PM  
Very funny, smitty, +1.

I was going to go into an anti-land mine tirade, but then I read TFA. So much for that.
2007-01-03 6:27:32 PM  
2007-01-03 6:28:13 PM  
Then I shouldn't have used them in place of cobblestones?
2007-01-03 6:29:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"That's what they get for not having an education."
2007-01-03 6:30:25 PM  
We're better than China, but not by enough.
2007-01-03 6:31:34 PM  
"What are those things called? You know, you bury it and when somebody steps on it, it explodes?"
2007-01-03 6:31:45 PM  
Coal mines still unsafe, a year after tragedy.

Yes - quite amusing.
2007-01-03 6:32:17 PM  
# Wireless communications won't be required until 2009;
# Underground emergency safe rooms are still not required by law; and
# Mines have another year to position more rescue teams.

Required?! Law?! Another year?! These jackass mining companies! People's lives are at risk and they wont fix things till someone makes them.
2007-01-03 6:32:28 PM  
Really, giant holes cut deep into mountain sides are dangerous?
2007-01-03 6:33:27 PM  
Golf clap, smitty.
2007-01-03 6:33:29 PM  
PopeyeCon: Yes - quite amusing.

[image from too old to be available]

2007-01-03 6:35:09 PM  
can't we outsource our mines?
2007-01-03 6:35:59 PM  
Gonna go out on a limb here. You'd think common sense would tell you a big, man-made hole in the ground would not be the safest of places.
2007-01-03 6:35:59 PM  
untrustworthy: "That's what they get for not having an education."

Is it true that this man has no dick?
2007-01-03 6:38:14 PM  
Thenixon: can't we outsource our mines?

We could hire the illegal immigrants. I've heard they're pretty good at digging.
2007-01-03 6:41:57 PM  

"Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."
2007-01-03 6:42:45 PM  
"One year ago Tuesday, the nation was holding its breath for 13 miners..."

Aw, geez.
2007-01-03 6:42:52 PM  
I will never trust them. Anyone who dresses in black, puts on white face paint and never speaks has got to be a few beers short a six pack.

/ Anyone else read that as "US miMes still not safe"?
2007-01-03 6:48:16 PM  
One year ago Tuesday, the nation was holding its breath for 13 miners who were trapped deep inside the Sago Mine near Buckhannon, W. Va.

I think the miners would have preferred if the nation was BREATHING for them instead...
2007-01-03 6:49:23 PM  
What could be safer than working with heavy equipment in tunnels hundreds of feet underground?
2007-01-03 6:49:29 PM  
Obvious tag feels left out...
2007-01-03 6:51:02 PM  
serutan: What could be safer than working with heavy equipment in tunnels hundreds of feet underground?

Being Mike Tyson's dentist?
2007-01-03 6:51:58 PM  
From Best of the Web Today earlier this afternoon:

They Still Blow Up When You Step on Them
"U.S. Mines Still Not Safe Enough, Experts Say"--headline,, Jan. 2
2007-01-03 6:56:34 PM  
2007-01-03 6:58:00 PM  
D'oh! ippolit beat me to it.
2007-01-03 7:00:30 PM  

Aw, now you've gone and hurt my feelings.

just sayin' - the amusing tag is an odd choice.
2007-01-03 7:02:17 PM  
2007-01-03 7:22:03 PM  
I see what you did there.
2007-01-03 7:22:50 PM  
Have any of you Farkers seen "Kelly's Heroes"?

It's a WWII movie starring Clint Eastwood, Don Rickles, etc.

Anyhow, there's a classic scene where Don Rickles discovers a land mine, and one of the other G.I.'s asks him what kind it is. His response: "The kind that blow up!"

/Don Rickles fan.
//Saw him perform in Vegas back in '98.
2007-01-03 7:51:21 PM  
Thanks to whomever for correctly spelling "exploding"
2007-01-03 8:26:15 PM  
Trex: Thanks to whomever for correctly spelling "exploding"

Yeah, that cliché is getting old. I'm totally cereal.
/not cereal
2007-01-03 8:58:22 PM  
There was a study on the news a few months ago that found that people who drive 10,000 miles a year for their work are at equal risk of a fatal accident as a miner down a pit.
2007-01-03 9:30:01 PM  
Ever see that thing on Nightline or Dateline, whatever... where they try to lure these guys into illegal sex with miners? You'd never think so many guys want to screw a miner.
2007-01-03 9:36:07 PM  
ippolit pwns smitty.
2007-01-03 9:58:51 PM  

Really, giant holes cut deep into mountain sides are dangerous?

Next someone's going to point out that the ones that dig up combustible materials are even more dangerous.
2007-01-03 10:00:16 PM  
Does anyone have a current photo link to commonly used landmines?

I'd hate to have an early heart attack when the war is over and they bring home defused paperweight versions for the kids to leave on my doorstep... You know like the 8 million paperweight defused hand grenades from vietnam you've seen in your lifetime.
2007-01-03 10:05:10 PM  
"We need to have a way to communicate with trapped miners," McAteer says.

Ch, just hire Sylvia Browne.

Oh, wait...
2007-01-03 10:07:11 PM  
Oh goddamnit, now I read the article. But seriously. I think teachers in my high school saved vietnam-era paperweight hand grenades that you could buy at any flea market for $10, and left them on their desks as kind of a personality test for new students. "Yes, son its real don't touch it"... Click toss!! Uh oh another psycho kid this year...
2007-01-03 11:23:55 PM  
"Oh sir, just one thing. If we should happen to tread on a mine, what do we do?"

"Well, normal procedure, Lieutenant, is to jump 200 feet
into the air and scatter yourself over a wide area."
2007-01-03 11:28:54 PM  
Discovery is airing a show on Sago next week, January 10th.
2007-01-03 11:58:33 PM  
pfft! they shouldn't be working mining jobs if they don't want to be in danger. just go to college and become a doctor or something. anybody can do it.
2007-01-05 9:25:58 AM  
I work in an underground mine, and I'm finding all these posts very amusing....

/no, really.
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