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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Best blotter items of the year from Minnesota. Includes man who stole money and checks but left a note saying he did not take the items that would be "hard to replace." That's Minnesota nice, or something   ( divider line
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2007-01-02 05:53:36 PM  
wow, I have to give props to the thief. I mean, in today's world, that's kinda nice.

/not supporting burglary, just saying.
2007-01-02 06:08:52 PM  
Those northern burbs are a trip.
2007-01-02 07:04:20 PM  
taking a report about the theft of a set of dentures


Who would-

...just *blech*
2007-01-02 08:40:18 PM  
What the hell.

The year is only two days old.
2007-01-02 08:42:10 PM  
"Theft. A man was arrested after he was seen stuffing $62.92 worth of steaks down his pants at a store in the 200 block of 57th Avenue."

I don't even think A1 Sauce could cover up the flavor of pubes.

Boy Zero
"taking a report about the theft of a set of dentures


Who would-"

I guess you never met Frederick J. Frenger Jr., or just Junior for short...

[image from too old to be available]

2007-01-02 08:43:56 PM  
they should change the town's name to something less offensive, like Coon Falls.
2007-01-02 08:44:24 PM  
Similar story in my hometown a few years back:

- Arsonist sets fire to home. But before setting fire, removes ALL family heirlooms and photos, and other un-replaceables and sets them in box outside of home. Newspaper remarks this, and many townsfolk write in to comment "how kind the arsonist was."

- Two days later, homeowner is arrested for setting fire to own home for insurance money. What tipped off the cops? The fact that EVERY un-replaceable item was in box, including things in a family safe and things that were stored in places hard to find like the attic and basement.

A Fark worthy moment, before I became a Fark user.
2007-01-02 08:46:25 PM  
I had my wallet stolen by my roommate. When I figured out that it was her, I asked for my ID back; she was not amused but I would have been happy to let her keep the 40 dollars if I didn't have to cancel and replace all of my credit cards, state ID, and social security card.
2007-01-02 08:46:52 PM  
Minnesota nice = passive-aggressiveness.
2007-01-02 08:51:57 PM  
Cool. I used to proofread for the author of this article (at a different Minnesota newspaper).

/just sayin'
2007-01-02 08:52:23 PM  
A woman was cited for the theft of a pregnancy test, lubricant, mixed nuts, cashews, blackberries and pop from Cub Foods

Based on that shopping list, I'd say she didn't really need the pregnancy test.
2007-01-02 09:01:10 PM  
Uh....mailing a warning to a serial killer probably won't due much to deter him from killing the woman downstairs.
2007-01-02 09:02:18 PM  
Hmmm. Meant to say "do", not "due". What the fark? Guess my comment wasn't so clever after all.
2007-01-02 09:06:47 PM  
Not hard to replace, IF YOU STEAL THEM?

Like as in back? That would still leave you stepping over a corpse.
2007-01-02 09:21:02 PM  
funny that the thief took the SSN card, but not the cash card. I'm thinking SSN is a little harder to obtain than a cash card.
2007-01-02 09:21:42 PM  
WTF is this "Minnesota Nice" people keep trotting out?
2007-01-02 09:32:57 PM  
uh, yeah... My dad lives in Coon Rapids. My dad is a huge racist. The common nick name for the town is "Nig_er Falls".
Just had to add that.

/thinks of self as not racist
//could probably use some work
///loves slashies
2007-01-02 09:34:01 PM  
There was some sort of initiative by the Coon Rapids' mayor (I think) last year to change the name of the town. Apparently, it failed.

Just pretend it's called Raccoon Rapids.
2007-01-02 09:34:24 PM  
It's been my experience that people from Minnesota are bitter like the wind.
2007-01-02 09:36:34 PM  
"Minnesota nice" is the term that people use to describe Minnesotans who are quite pleasant all the time and considerate. In reality though, for those of us who are more direct, we call it passive agressive.

For instance:

"That's different" (in Minnesotan)= That is hideous

Also racism is as prevalent here as anywhere else. They just won't say so to your face. I think it leaves many/most people other than caucasians paranoid here because they assume because someone doesn't do something for them they want, it's because of racism (which on occasion, it is).

There's an entire book on "Minnesota nice" called "How to talk Minnesotan: A visitor's guide".
2007-01-02 09:39:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-02 09:42:12 PM  
2007-01-02 10:03:54 PM  
My friend works at the Beacon News, covering parts of Chicago, and she told me in their blotter tomorrow they are going to have one about a guy who was stabbed as the result of a dance-off.
2007-01-02 10:49:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-02 11:08:06 PM  
Also racism is as prevalent here as anywhere else. They just won't say so to your face.

That's not necessarily a bad thing (the second part, not the first).

I suppose "Minnesota Nice" is a passive aggressive thing, but I'd generally think of it just as being polite. I think you see more of it in the outer part of the state; I haven't encountered it much while in the metro areas of the state.
Minnesotans are proud of being Minnesotan, and the "nice" usually is reserved for others of the same lineage... if they perceive someone as being an outsider they're just as distrustful (or racist, in some cases) as everywhere else.

Around where I live, people smile and say hello to complete strangers and complain about the weather to you. They see you walking down the street in the winter without a coat on, and they'll see another Minnesotan and you get a smile and a wave. When you have car trouble in a rural area and 90% of the cars that go by stop to see if you need a hand, that kind of thing.

There's no malice under the breath, no resentment there... unless you get on their bad side, then people up here can be downright nasty. It's a Scandinavian thing, with mannerisms not too different from visiting the countries that a lot of people here claim heritage from.
2007-01-02 11:15:28 PM  
AtomicPenguin has it just about right...being a Minnesotan who has visited a few Scandinavian countries,'s eerily similar (except that much of Scandinavia is, surprisingly, warmer than Minnesota). It's a lot of cultural heritage, I also think that if we were impolite to eachother, there would be a lot of cabin-fever homicides in the long winters.
/I'm not worried about cabin-fever, I just wanna get some work done
2007-01-03 12:07:35 AM  
Minnesotans are polite--but we have our share of idiots, jerks, and racists like everywhere else. Afterall, the neighboring district sent the loony Michelle Bachmann to the US H.o.R.

photoshop contest for her:

/born and raised in Fridley & Coon [Creek] Rapids.
/never heard of the "'N-word' Falls" nickname
/Twin Cities beats everywhere else in the midwest except Chicago
2007-01-03 12:58:09 AM  
I guess that in Coon Falls, all their thieves are above average.

/Apologies to GK
2007-01-03 01:17:14 AM  
Dated a girl from Coon Rapids. The whole city had a weird rich vs. poor vibe to it. But I guess thats the Twin Cities for ya.
2007-01-03 02:29:42 AM  
there are a lot of limosine liberals in minneapolis who are trying to get a pan-handling ordinance passed. how they plan to enforce this i have no idea, the city cant even fund the library fully. once downtown became a little whiter because of the condo craze everyone moving from the suburbs started having to deal with the situation they fled from twenty years ago. and then they whine about the massive property tax hikes over the last five years. dur?

/still dig living here
//hasnt lived anywhere else. heh
2007-01-03 09:20:05 AM  
I love it when my hometown appears on Fark.


It was a city councilman that tried to change the name. The mayor actually opposed it. The city council shot down the bill, and it never went to a public vote. He wanted to change the name to River City, or River Rapids.

The city used to be named Raccoon Creek Rapids, and it was shortened to Coon Rapids. It's not a bad place to live, but it does have a white trash reputation. Then again, so does the rest of the ABC (Anoka-Blaine-CR), but, hey, 100,000 people can't be wrong.
2007-01-03 10:14:29 AM  
Sex in the City of Coon Rapids... not sure where that came from... but I had friends living there when I lived in New Brighton... Dated a few girls from there... but I'm happily away in St. Louis Park now(and a whole new set of standards)
2007-01-03 10:34:59 AM  
Wierd, I read this article earlier in the day and it had a completely different set of blotter items.

/which weren't as funny.
2007-01-03 11:32:07 AM  
I'm just pissed they're tearing up the meadow next to Hanson north of 10 to build more shopping centers.
2007-01-03 12:35:04 PM  

That does suck, but I think everyone knows it's been a long time coming. I'm surprised it didn't happen years ago...
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