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(   British family pays $3000 for its cat to fly to New Zealand despite a 50-50 chance the 21-year-old cat would die en route   ( divider line
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8240 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2006 at 3:45 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-12-28 12:37:20 PM  
Did this cat originally belong to Schroedinger?
2006-12-28 12:44:52 PM  
Who cares.
2006-12-28 12:45:50 PM  
wyltoknow: Who cares.

I'm betting there's a lot of people on this site who do. Damn cat freaks.
2006-12-28 12:49:49 PM  
wyltoknow: Who cares.

Oh, I'm sure we'll hear from them soon enough.
2006-12-28 12:51:04 PM  
That's an old-ass cat. Why the hell is this news?
2006-12-28 12:54:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-28 12:54:39 PM  

It must be real stringy.
2006-12-28 12:56:39 PM  
I would have prefeered if they flew me there instead.
2006-12-28 01:07:11 PM  

*golf clap*
2006-12-28 01:34:40 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2006-12-28 01:50:35 PM  
Was it on a hot tin roof, or what?
2006-12-28 02:49:43 PM  
That's an expensive old pussy.
2006-12-28 03:00:24 PM  
It would've been less costly to wait till it kicked then Fed Ex it.
2006-12-28 03:30:24 PM  
London to Christchurch? Whoa, that's like 150,000 in cat Frequent Flier Miles.
2006-12-28 03:46:54 PM  
If I had an animal for 21 years, I expect I'd be attached to it as well.
2006-12-28 03:48:42 PM  
They need to spend that money on fixing that kids teeth...holy smokes..
2006-12-28 03:49:49 PM  
I am sure there are lines in Vegas covering this. Whats the over/under? Can there be a over/under?

2006-12-28 03:50:28 PM  
Hope the cat makes it ok, at that age they are too tough to eat.
2006-12-28 03:50:34 PM  
How dare people decide how to spend their own money?!
2006-12-28 03:50:38 PM  
Why didn't they just shoot it? Much cheaper, and odds are better.
2006-12-28 03:50:38 PM  
OK, that's pretty outrageous... and I'm a cat lover. ;)

One of our clients flew their 2 siamese kitties from San Francisco to Detroit so that they could move in with the daughter of the family. The daughter was going to England for a month to get married, so we had the kitties as clients for a month, with twice-daily visits the whole time the daughter was gone. So, not only did the parents pay the freight for last-minute (within 3 days of the flight) rates for their kitties from CA to MI, they also paid hubby and I $15/visit twice a day for a month.

Some people really go all out for their pets. ;)
2006-12-28 03:50:50 PM  
I'll take shallow assholes for $3,000 please.
2006-12-28 03:51:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-28 03:51:44 PM  
""She's as deaf as a post and a bit stupid but she's part of the family."

By damn if I don't feel the same way about some of my non-pet family members.
2006-12-28 03:52:33 PM  
wow, no filter?
2006-12-28 03:52:37 PM  
Just to clarify, it was more like just over $2,105 USD. The article was citing $3,000 New Zeland Dollars. Google will show you the conversion.
2006-12-28 03:53:29 PM  
Look at the cat's eyes, I don't think he's up to the trip.
2006-12-28 03:53:43 PM  
British family pays $3000 for its cat to fly to New Zealand despite a 50-50 chance the 21-year-old cat would die en route wind up in a Houston dumpster
2006-12-28 03:53:49 PM  
And to clarify for those who drtfa: SHE MADE IT!
2006-12-28 03:54:22 PM
2006-12-28 03:54:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Yup, that looks like a cat that is "'loving' her new home."
2006-12-28 03:55:31 PM  
...Cat Thread? pwease!
2006-12-28 03:55:55 PM  
Cager: How dare people decide how to spend their own money?!

[image from too old to be available]

How many sammiches will 3k get ya?
2006-12-28 03:55:58 PM  
If I had an animal for 21 years, I expect I'd be attached to it as well.

Fixed it for you.

flaEsq is right. This story is not stupid, it's sappy.

Anyone that doesn't think so has never had a real pet.
2006-12-28 03:56:26 PM  
While it seems like a lot to those who never had pets, or, just couldn't care less about them, it's what some people spend on operations, etc, for their pets.

All the animals we ever had became part of the family, and I remmeber my dad shelling out over $3k on surgeries and chemotherapy to try and save our dog's life, only to have her put down 2 1/2 months later. If you've had something around you for 10+ years, it's tough to let go.
2006-12-28 03:57:04 PM  
2006-12-28 03:53:49 PM fatal_exception

And to clarify for those who drtfa: SHE MADE IT!

Well, now I can sleep.

/Don't like cats
//wish someone would have flown my ex-roomate's cat to New Zealand.
2006-12-28 03:57:04 PM  
It may have been the least expensive way to get rid of the cat. They had a 50/50 chance of never having vet bills again.
2006-12-28 03:57:18 PM  
Someone need to teach that kid how to kill a bird and eat it!
2006-12-28 03:59:16 PM  
It's a farking cat... even grandma could fly for cheaper, and odds are she's been around longer than the cat.
2006-12-28 03:59:36 PM  
Turdukin, what on earth would you be doing with a photo like that???
Not on topic at all. Were you trying for a cavity search reaction or Holiday Meal suggestion?
2006-12-28 03:59:39 PM  
that cat looks like it could keel over any second now. he looks like he no longer wants to be among the living.
2006-12-28 03:59:46 PM  
DROxINxTHExWIND: Well, now I can sleep.

My work is done. Enjoy your cat thread ya weirdos.
2006-12-28 03:59:49 PM  
Yup, that looks like a cat that is "'loving' her new home."

The problem with cats is that you just never know. That look could mean, "please continue to scratch behind my ear. I love you" or it could mean, "You're going to wish you had de-clawed me". Sneaky bastards.
2006-12-28 04:00:11 PM  
"Please, God, let me die!"
2006-12-28 04:00:15 PM  
hell a 21 y/o pet is part of the family. if I was making a move my 2 cats and dog sure would be coming with
2006-12-28 04:00:37 PM  
With the recent move to another country I bet Snowy's hoping that the Reaper will have no trouble finding him. Dang. If a look on a cat's face ever said "kill me" it's that one.
2006-12-28 04:01:03 PM  
F2 - How many sammiches will 3k get ya?

You're right, we should all be buying sandwichs for the kiddies, what was I thinking?
2006-12-28 04:01:09 PM  
F42: How many sammiches will 3k get ya?

I'm not sure, but a $10.00 box of condoms could fix alot of those problems as well.

/they knew what they were getting themselves into, I say let them starve....
2006-12-28 04:02:42 PM  
For all those posting starvin' marvins, may I remind you that the $3000 the family spent 1) didn't consume significant resources, and 2) wasn't burn or destroyed. The airline now has the $3000 and they can spend it on airlifting relief supplies.

Or are you suggesting that they could have spent the money on a young slave child that could grow big and strong?

Or are you telling us that you're donating your computers to charity to feed starvin' marvins?

2006-12-28 04:03:05 PM  
Airplane cat is watching your kitty die
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