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(Some Guy)   Here's the real reason why so many Democrats are swooning over Barack Obama: It's the nagging belief that the country isn't ready to elect Hillary Clinton   ( divider line
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416 clicks; posted to Politics » on 19 Dec 2006 at 4:25 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-12-19 3:17:37 PM  
Yeah... the red states are just there for the taking by black guys... with "terrorist sounding" names...

Good luck with that.
2006-12-19 3:18:12 PM  
attractive and successful African-American
2006-12-19 3:25:04 PM  
Like shrubmitter, I too make the Slopinion Journal my first stop for truthiness about the Democratic party.
2006-12-19 3:25:19 PM  
the country isn't ready to elect Hillary Clinton

here, i'll rewrite it:

the country isn't stupid enough to elect Hillary Clinton
2006-12-19 3:26:09 PM  
Awesome you didn't specify Opinion Journal as the source, subby.

Left unspoken is the big reason why so many Democrats are swooning over the newcomer. It's the nagging belief that the country isn't ready to elect Hillary Clinton. "If she is the nominee, voters will be asked to select another Clinton, after having had a Bush in the White House, preceded by a Clinton, preceded by the first President Bush," one Democratic consultant observes. "Against her, most Republicans would look like a fresh face and with less baggage."

Can't people just hate Hillary because she is an unabashed populist whom takes the most politically expediant positions to garner popularity?

Imagine how refreshing it would be if he bowed out of the race for now, saying: "For every thing there is a season. I believe I am qualified to be president. But I think the country would be better served if I break with normal political ambition and for now devote myself to listening, learning and becoming the most effective senator for Illinois I can be."

I find OpinionJournal giving a Democrat advice like this highly suspect. Especially since the article cites portions of his still small voting record as possible weaknesses. My guess is the people who would find this most refreshing would be the GOP.
2006-12-19 3:27:33 PM  
I may not be "ready" for Hillary Clinton, but Barbara Boxer could have my vote in a heartbeat. So much for sexism. Cue the barbarians at the gate. Oh, noes, it's wimmen!! Ain't it enough we let 'em vote?
2006-12-19 3:29:06 PM  
This reveals more about the author than about Obama's supporters.

Obama's supporters think he is a better candidate because they think he is better, not because Hillary is unelectable, but because she's shiat.

The author implies that the only reason they would support one candidate over Hilary is that they are desperate for a win, principles be damned.

This is clearly a case of the author projecting their own values.
2006-12-19 3:29:34 PM  
Ah yes, here's Opinion Journal to tell us what Democrats think. I envy their psychic powers.

Reminds me of all the Republican pundits and blogs who were just trying to be helpful when they told Democrats they shouldn't elect Dean to the DNC. Because you know they only have the Democrats' best interests at heart.

That's the secret of decoding all these mind-reading and helpful pundit pieces. They're always trying to steer people away from what they least want. They were scared of Dean getting a leadership post (rightly so, from their point of view), so they o-so-helpfully explained why it's a bad idea. They're scared of Obama, so they mind-read Democrats and try to convince them that they don't really like Obama, they just don't like Hillary.

2006-12-19 3:34:29 PM  
Tigger: not because Hillary is unelectable, but because she's shiat.

Isn't this the same thing?
2006-12-19 3:38:16 PM  
not because Hillary is unelectable, but because she's shiat.

Isn't this the same thing?

absolutely not.

shiat and electable are orthogonal constructs:

Take current president, demonstrably shiat, but also, obviously, electable.

shiat applies to the quality of the person's political ideas, electable applies to the degree to which the person appeals. A cursory glance at american politics shows these have little to do with one another.

Hillarys political ideas are shiat. She might be unelectable because she's a women.

By contrast Obama's ideas are not shiat. He might be unelectable because he's a both black and a muslim terrorist, at least that's what some would have us belive.
2006-12-19 3:45:13 PM  
Attractive and Successful African American please! They are all excited about him, for the same reason any candidate looks good now. We know almost nothing about him. There are always honeymoons with young politicos early in the campaign trail. After a few dozen negative attacks he'll lose his luster and the Demo party will start backing Hillary again. Not because they are in love with Hill, but because she will have the money and machinery in place to win.
2006-12-19 3:47:20 PM  
Just wait until they find his out-of-wedlock child with a white woman in a trailer park in Arkansas...

...oh wait.
2006-12-19 3:57:47 PM  
I heard about an informal poll that addressed the subject of wether or not America is ready to elect a black president. The majority of the black people asked said, "no". Majority of non-black people said, "yes".

/Is a cracker
//would vote for a black president
2006-12-19 4:02:00 PM  
Conservatives are hoping for this.

A woman/black democratic ticket will GUARANTEE another four years of Republican control over the Whitehouse.

2006-12-19 4:02:27 PM  
Supercheeks: //would vote for a black president

what about a black, black guy, like wesley snipes?
2006-12-19 4:05:36 PM  
Well... none of those reasons fit why I would be willing to vote for him.

Main reason... he appears to be less full of shiat than anyone else I've heard of possibly running so far. Of course it's still early and another non-full-of-shiat candidate could possibly emerge, but I doubt it. Republicans lost my vote some time ago and may never get it back again.

Weather it be a choice between Obama and a Republican, I'm voting Obama. Hillary and a Republican, Hillary gets the vote. At this point an empty bottle of beer would get my vote over a Republican.
2006-12-19 4:07:02 PM  
Obama is much more lefty than Hillary. She has actually positioned herself more as a moderate to try to catch some of those moderate republicans that Obama will never get.
2006-12-19 4:13:05 PM  
bobbooty: those moderate republicans that Obama will never get.

I've met quite a few 'moderate Republicans' who say that they are not voting Republican in the next Presidential election because they don't feel that the Republican party stands for what it used to stand for anymore.

So... you might not have a point there.
2006-12-19 4:13:09 PM  
Can we wait to talk about the 2008 election in, say, 2008?
2006-12-19 4:13:36 PM  
Gore/Obama could win
2006-12-19 4:14:23 PM  
Slopinion Journal missed [1] the best reason for Hillary's political career to terminate with the Senate seat: It's past time the Bush/Clinton feud went away. Enough of the frkking dynasties.

[1] I know, I could have stopped there.
2006-12-19 4:16:30 PM  
SunOfSam: Awesome you didn't specify Opinion Journal as the source, subby.

A. It's not in the dropdown, although WSJ is.

B. So what? You got a broken eyeball where you can't read the masthead on the page or something?
2006-12-19 4:17:29 PM  
Moderate Republicans sure as hell aint gonna vote for Hillary.
2006-12-19 4:18:39 PM  
President Raygun: hey are all excited about him, for the same reason any candidate looks good now. We know almost nothing about him.

Bingo. Once the mud starts flying we'll find out what he's made of. If he gets to sniveling the way he did when Maureen Dowd made fun of his ears, methinks he's not ready for national politics.
2006-12-19 4:20:53 PM  
That's a tough one. I wouldn't consider Wesley Snipes "black, black" because he didn't marry a black woman, but he commits tax fraud like a seasoned congressman.
2006-12-19 4:21:37 PM  
Headso: what about a black, black guy, like wesley snipes?

Wesley is a whack-job with legal problems.

What are you suggesting... hmmm??
2006-12-19 4:30:00 PM  
If Colin didn't screw up his chances by blindly parroting misinformation when he was SoS, then he would probably pwn the field. Shame, really.
2006-12-19 4:30:10 PM  
nagging belief

Nagging belief?


How about the "screaming, obvious and well-justified fact" that America is not and should not be ready to elect that she-snake?
2006-12-19 4:31:20 PM  
Of course it couldn't be because people actually like him.
That's crazy talk!
We better get a rightwing nutter to tell us what Democrats really think!
2006-12-19 4:31:49 PM  
Can't people just hate Hillary because she is an unabashed populist whom takes the most politically expediant positions to garner popularity?

That's certainly a good summary of why she will never have my vote.

And add me to the list of people who get very suspicious when GOP mouthpieces like OpinionJournal start proffering advice to, or analysis of, Democrats. Maybe the reason why Obama is so popular is that he actually seems to be a good, moral, trustworthy realist of a guy who believes in the same things that I do more than just about any politician in Washington?

/it still bugs me that neither party will touch the israel/palestine conflict with a ten foot pole, though
2006-12-19 4:33:29 PM  
Democrats will lose next elections if Its Clinton and Obama on the ticket.

Either way America is not ready for a black president or a woman president.

And like Bush who is an EXTREMELY POOR representative of the Republican Party.

Clinton is an EXTREMELY poor representative of a woman, and of the Democratic Party.

//Sorry black man, but now is not your time.

//Realistic Democrat
2006-12-19 4:37:07 PM  
Why is the WSJ Opinion Page telling me why I like Obama?
2006-12-19 4:38:57 PM  
I am a huge fan of Willy Clinton. His front running wife, not so much. I want Obama to run BECAUSE he is not seasoned politician. The seasoning, as shown by John McCain, involves selling yourself and your principals out. FARK THAT. Who else is gonna run? Hillary has no chance in the nationwide election. John Kerry is not going to get nominated again. John Edwards is ok, but he is gonna have the Kerry taint. Howard Dean ended his chances with his screaming, I still think he would have been a hell of a president. The rest of the field is way to far behind already. Obama or Kerry or Hillary? Give me Obama. Fark all of the red-neck trash who won't vote for "a colored fella." Fark all of you idiots who want their president to be like them. The president should be smart, articulate and not really want the job. But since the last one isn't gonna happen, I want the first two.
2006-12-19 4:39:12 PM  
Forget Obama. Forget Clinton. It is so damn easy to distort a Senator's voting record. For example - the Solve America's Problem act contains a provision where twenty million dollars will be spent to build a bridge from Detroit to Chicago. You vote against that because it's stupid, and suddenly you are against solving America's problems.

Go with Governors and former Cabinet members.
2006-12-19 4:39:18 PM  
Either way America is not ready for a black president or a woman president.

Why? Because white men have been doing a heckuva job? Pfft!
2006-12-19 4:40:31 PM  
I disagree with some of the posters here...I believe a female/black ticket would be a sure winner, not a sure loser.

Unfortunately, I'm not a great admirer of Hillary a true lefty, I voted twice for her old man, but was disappointed to see him selling out to corporate and military concerns at every possible turn. Not to mention driving the Democratic Party so far toward the middle that any real liberal candidate now appears radical by comparison.

If she's elected, it'll be more of the same. Protection of corporate interests at the expense of everyday Americans. A complete lack of vision for a better country, a presidency crippled by its slavish devotion to polls, etc.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. (And why would anybody expect any different?)
2006-12-19 4:42:53 PM  
NightOwl: Boxer could never win in this country, even if she was a while male. Shes very loud and obnoxious, there may be many people who agree with her views, your one apparently. But many people see her as simply angry.
2006-12-19 4:45:06 PM  
Why does Hillary get the right's blood up so much? Isn't she something of a centrist? I guess Bill was too...
2006-12-19 4:50:36 PM  
Partisan: The Right gets its "blood up" over whatever Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the other spookmeisters tell them to.

In reality, the Clintons are a bit right of center, if you count Bill's record-breaking sales of arms to foreign nations, his embrace of Communist China for business reasons, his crippling of the welfare system, etc.
2006-12-19 4:52:22 PM  
How about a McCain/Rice ticket? I would vote for that one for sure.

/no, I'm not kidding
2006-12-19 4:52:41 PM  

The right truly want Hillary to run, she is as easy target for the smear machines as Kerry...
2006-12-19 4:54:09 PM  
Tina Fey hit it on the head in regards to the media's Obama love. White guilt ftw! If Hillary runs, she will get crapped on from every cloud.
2006-12-19 4:54:37 PM  
No... It's because we think the country is ready to elect a woman for president. There's a good chance that Hillary will actually win. We definitely don't want Hillary to be elected.
2006-12-19 4:54:56 PM  
Supercheeks: Get counseling, my friend. There's hope for you yet.

Seriously. Condi Rice? Please.
2006-12-19 4:59:42 PM  
It will be just like last election. Hillary is the most electable candidate out of the democrat wannabees. Everyone will be talking about Obama etc... till the first stage of primaries. Hilary will win most of those.

BTW, are there any democrats here who actually plan to vote republican if Hillary is a democratic nominee? For some reason I just can't imagine anyone voting for McCain (95% Bush) or Guliani (my way or DIAF) instead of giving Hillary (95% Bill Clinton) a chance.
2006-12-19 5:02:32 PM  
Meh. I doubt the choice is binary. Granted, it's fewer when one ignores those with zero chance (such as Sharpton, due to his history in race relations; or Kucinich, who'd fit in better with the pacifemiisocialist Peace and Freedom party than the mainline Democrats), but it's still far too early to say either-or.
2006-12-19 5:03:21 PM  
I wish people would stop telling me why I like Obama. It's not white guilt, it's not because he's a "well-spoken black man," it's not even because I don't like Hillary. He's more inspiring than anyone else who seems to have a shot at getting the nomination. That's not to say that if he were elected he'd actually live up to the hype. He might be a below average president, but if you want to see why people like him just watch the DNC speech. One speech isn't a good way to judge a candidate, but it's a lot better than all the amateur psychologists running around trying to prove that a black candidate can't be popular just because people like him or his positions.
2006-12-19 5:05:21 PM  
To all the farkers who think we are not ready for a female president

You are stating that we are socially backwards compared to the African nation Mozambique. Is it just me or do you hate America?
2006-12-19 5:07:13 PM  
Supercheeks: I wouldn't consider Wesley Snipes "black, black" because he didn't marry a black woman

I am just commenting on his skin color nothing else, Joseph Rainey, Edward Brooke, Barack Obama are all pretty white looking black guys, although Carol Moseley Braun has alot of black features eventhough her skin color is somewhat light...

So it seems if you are a white looking black guy you can get elected to senate if you are a black looking black woman you can also get elected...hmmmmm
2006-12-19 5:07:18 PM  
I like Obama because he's incredibly bright, a great orator, a fresh face, humble, and has a history of reaching across the party line without selling out core Democratic ideals.

The fact that he's not Hillary Clinton is just icing on that already delicious cake.

However, if it comes down to Hillary v. McCain in 2008, I'll be choking back the vomit and voting for Hillary, because at least she's not a huge racist like John McCain.
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