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(Yahoo)   In rare moment of clarity and self-insight, Huffington Post bloggers notes that bloggers are good at "criticizing, biatching and whining"   ( divider line
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110 clicks; posted to Politics » on 15 Dec 2006 at 3:18 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-12-15 3:26:04 PM  
I find that masturbation works better in the shower - minimal cleanup
2006-12-15 3:28:14 PM  
I hate people who complain all the time. It makes me sick. I mean, come on! Why does everybody have to biatch and moan and spread their slanderous filth all over the place! What's the deal with that?
2006-12-15 3:49:06 PM  
many people have died for the freedom to complain, if we didn't complain we'd still be giving our brides over to our overlords so they can have the first night. complaining gets things done, and i for one salute the bloggers for stepping into the role that the mainstream media used to play.
2006-12-15 5:20:33 PM  
Squeaky wheel gets the shiat knocked out of it.
2006-12-15 6:19:32 PM  
Somehow I missed the connection between the article and the headline. Read both twice, still missing it. Won't contribute to the various charities mentioned until someone, preferably submitter, sorts this out for me.
2006-12-15 6:32:22 PM  
submitters to Fark aren't very good at subject-verb agreement
2006-12-15 10:27:21 PM  
Would someone be so kind as to outline the difference between 'self-insight' and good ol' 'insight' for me please?
2006-12-16 4:52:53 PM  
I'd rather see people complaining and biatching about shiat that going on about how perfect they recorated their den and what paint colours they chose and how their new super expensive emu hide chair complements the cute little South American artifacts they picked up at a charming peasant village in Peru.

Or going on about every bowel movement their new child or puppy has made and how every little thing about them is so cute.

Or how their new underwater Yoga class and $150 sea salt and dog's milk facial at that new spa downtown has made them feel connected to the spirit of the cosmos and helped their self esteem oh-so-much so they can cope with being the well kept wife of a rich businessman.
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