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2002-07-24 09:40:30 PM  
btw...lucas ripped off "Thundar, the barbarian"

lightsabers huh!....thundar had one before Star Wars.
2002-07-24 09:41:26 PM  
Kurpal: the same reason the original Jabba the Hut was a big fat guy. If you can't figure that out, then how'd you manage to push the "on" button on your TV remote?
2002-07-24 09:47:16 PM  
Okay I can see the thread has gone down-hill. No point in further argueing the validity of Star Wars versus the in-validity of Star Trek. I'll leave it to the rats and mongrels to devour up in my wake.

Good day to you
2002-07-24 09:49:15 PM  
-even the respected Qui-gon should have been able to go right through the "blast doors" on phantom menace.

-give me a lightsaber and i'll show you what they can do.

-he should've been through those doors like nothing...killed or force controlled the nemoidians or whatever the fuk they are called...treaty signed...end of movie.

-lucas got lucky...period. With no real scope or vision of the story he supposedly created.
2002-07-24 09:50:11 PM  

for someone who dislikes Star Wars, you sure have spent a lot of time studying it..TO THE FINEST DETAIL

lightsaber envy, perhaps?

Opinions differ. I prefer Empire, you prefer ST. I'm still going to see the new trek movie, but I may wait until it hits DVD. Who knows.

Anyway, you're giving me the creepy +5 vibe with all of this dissecting movies you hate stuff, so I'm gonna go watch Buffy now.

2002-07-24 09:50:42 PM  
Yeah, I got that part.
I'm talking continuity here.
Jabba really let himself go, didn't he?
2002-07-24 09:52:01 PM  
i've got kids....and now there home...its been fun.

2002-07-24 09:56:14 PM  
Continuity in Star Trek or Star Wars? Maybe in some other bizarro universe. This one values entertainment (not to mention employing more hack writers) above your so-called "continuity".
2002-07-24 10:05:06 PM  
So called is right!
I hate revisionism.
2002-07-24 10:35:50 PM  
In other news, Trance is still sans tail. Dammit. GIVE TRANCE HER TAIL BACK, YOU BASTARDS!

< It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Barley that the thoughts aquire speed, the lips aquire stain, the stains {BRAAAAPP!} become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in {hic} motion.
2002-07-24 10:36:49 PM  
but to actually beleive that anything else but Babylon 5 was creatively original is not logical.

And look at it this way....Majel Barrett Roddenberry did a guest role on Babylon 5. And said in an interview that B5 was the best SF on TV, hands down. This was when both DS9 and Voyager were on the air simultaneously.

Who won the Hugo awards (the top award in the SF field) for "best dramatic presentation" (or whatever it's called)? I believe the winners for two years in a row were B5 episodes....when it was up against X-Files, DS9, Voyager, and other "mainstream" offerings. It was nominated for a number of other Hugo awards as well.

It had Harlan Ellison as creative consultant. The man knows good SF.

It received numerous other awards, and not the "Fanboy Likes It" variety either...awards like The 1996 Space Frontier Foundation Award for "Best Vision of the Future" from the National Association of Space Scientists, Astronauts and Engineers for the epsisode "The Fall of Night". I'm guessing that probably means more to someone like JMS than the "Hollywood Likes Me" awards.

Here's a link for all for all of the awards the show won, or was nominated for, in case anyone is curious.

Yeah, I'm a geek. So what? Heh.
2002-07-24 10:45:00 PM  
No offense, but Dune should not factor into a debate of visual medias. When you bring in literary Sci Fi into the debate, tv and movies have no chance.
2002-07-24 11:23:32 PM  
Original Star Trek rules.
Original Star Wars rules.

All others suck.


They're re-running the whole of the original Star Trek series on Sunday nights over here in New Zealand. I have watched every one. And they *do* rule. Shatner kicks all other space-captains asses.

Also with DrunkenBob on this one.
Best. Scifi. Book. Ever.
2002-07-25 09:42:07 AM  
Best sci-fi.....SPACEBALLS!
My schwartz is bigger than your schwartz

....GO WIL!
2002-07-25 10:48:26 AM  
Everytime a Star Trek fan masterbates to 7 of 9, Gene Roddenberry kills a tribble.

Everytime George Lucas masterbates, we get a Star Wars movie.

Biggest mistake Lucas made with Star Wars is the three prequels idea. We pretty much already know what's going to happen. It's only the details that have to be worked out. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
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