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2006-12-06 07:24:07 PM  
15. Lego's are the only ones I couldn't have existed without. Everytime I'm in a toy store, I still stop at the Lego aisle and debate whether or not to buy a spaceship or a castle or something...

/only child
//grew up playing with myself
///not like that
////...well, kinda like that
2006-12-06 07:24:38 PM  
Wow! I had all but two- no lionel trains and no erector set for me (but my brother had the erector set, I think)
2006-12-06 07:28:51 PM  
between my sister and I?

36 out of the 38.

No easy bake oven, no rocking horse.
2006-12-06 07:32:15 PM  
Between my sister and I, the only one that was NOT in my household growing up would be the rocking horse. At least not that I can recall.
2006-12-06 07:34:58 PM  
all of em, but my father fancied himself quite the handy man and made the rocking horse himself out of birch i believe. thing still looks sweet actually my sisters kids have it now
2006-12-06 07:36:06 PM  
Along with my brother and sister, we had one of each of those of some time or another. I still have the cardboard box.
2006-12-06 07:36:57 PM  
The cardboard box is by far the best toy on that list.
2006-12-06 07:40:06 PM  
Too many of them. Especially the box. Ahh, the sweet memories of those bygone days and the promise of the box in the springtime of my youth.
2006-12-06 07:45:09 PM  
Between sis and I, and thanks to older cousin hand-me-downs, all of them.
2006-12-06 07:47:28 PM  
30 of the 38...

I used to go door to door when I was a little kid selling veggies from our garden in my little red wagon, as long as I had enough for a bottle of mountain dew by the time I made it to the convienence store I was a happy kid.

"foot and a half long zucchini for 30 cents? sure!"
2006-12-06 07:59:38 PM  
Yikes, all of them if you count my sister's rocking horse and easy-bake
2006-12-06 07:59:57 PM  
No rocking horse, no lionel train

Had the rest. Where's the Snoopy Sno-cone maker?
2006-12-06 08:19:57 PM  
It's name is the Snoopy Sno-cone Machine/
2006-12-06 08:39:58 PM  
No jumprope or EasyBake Oven, but I had the rest.
2006-12-06 09:23:14 PM  
Between my sisters and I we had 35. That might make it sound like we were spoiled, but we were stuck with these classics when everyone else had Lazer Tag or Dark Tower. Or Legos that you didn't have to use your imagination with.
2006-12-06 09:25:52 PM  
25, but I did have a Daisy BB rifle. Didn't put my eye out.
2006-12-06 09:52:33 PM  
I've eaten at least 10 of the toys on that list.
2006-12-06 10:07:47 PM  
I can still throw a mean Frisbee.
2006-12-06 10:08:46 PM  
30 I think. I didn't get that last one was GI Joe until I hovered over it. I was gonna be like, wtf? No Joe?

I may only be 30, but I do recall using some of those old school all metal strap on skates. I bet they were my parents or something that were still around, and all rusty as hell and barely let you move. Good stuff.

I need a new pair of skates, that's right, not blades... Skates are better.
2006-12-06 10:09:41 PM  
Lincoln Logs ruled! I used to love those.

Now? I am a recovering WoW addict.
2006-12-06 10:09:55 PM  
I had one of those cardboard box thingys, but it was not nearly as cool-looking as the one pictured in the link.
2006-12-06 10:10:49 PM  
between my sister and me ...

[image from robotnut.com too old to be available]


/ still has the space capsule ...
2006-12-06 10:11:04 PM  
If I include my sister's toys, we had pretty much everything on that list.
[image from img101.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-12-06 10:11:09 PM  
This list is useless without 1st gen Transformers.
2006-12-06 10:12:13 PM  
I've seen 'Hot Wheels Classics' in the stores this year. Sizzlers and Superchargers! I have some under the tree already.
2006-12-06 10:12:32 PM  
26. And I'm a youngen.

I had one of, if not the, last generation of Tonka trucks that were made of solid, rustable steel.
2006-12-06 10:13:04 PM  
no Twister?
2006-12-06 10:13:26 PM  
all I had growing up was a silly old NES and Sega Genesis. And look how I turned out!
2006-12-06 10:14:22 PM  
Legos rocked when I was a kid because I still had the magical sonar that kept me from stepping on them. I lost that skill by the time the babysitting years rolled around. They're still pretty cool after I toughened up my feet. Erector set was a close second. The cardboard box would've been cooler, but I had a not-attic-space in my room. My bed was under the stairs (before Potter made it cool) and there was a space by the bottom of the stairs that was too small to be useful as anything other than storage and a hiding spot. I kinda miss that spot sometimes.
2006-12-06 10:14:24 PM  
Between me and my sister, we had all but one. The GI Joe.
2006-12-06 10:15:17 PM  
You know...for kids. O
2006-12-06 10:15:34 PM  
Jesus farking Christ, I'm that THAT old
2006-12-06 10:16:18 PM  

/never had a cardboard box
2006-12-06 10:16:47 PM  
Need to add: Pong, Hotwheels cars. Rubber ball.
2006-12-06 10:16:55 PM  
How is a wagon a toy? That's like giving a kid a shopping cart. Useful, but I wouldn't call it a toy.
2006-12-06 10:17:14 PM  
No Lite Brite?
2006-12-06 10:18:25 PM  
Privliged and had all that, plus:
toy phone that worked.
G.I.Joe machine gun set with poncho, canteen, rubber sheath knife, and a winchester that shot plastic bullets, a fire truck that had a working hose.
Also got some real good whippin's for not being well behaved.
also got a car when I was 11.
So I must have been real good.
What was that toy that had IMP toymaking capabilities?
YO put a sheet of plastic in it and heated the bulb and pulled the lever and it Luke Skywalkered a toy out of a mold.
2006-12-06 10:19:21 PM  
How can this be a Hall of Fame list without some of my favorites?

1. Evel Knievel Super Stunt Bike (You wind it up and it does wheelies)

2. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

3. Gnip Gnop

4. Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

5. Daisy BB Gun

6. Which Witch ? (Haunted House board game)

7. Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure (and that was 6 million in 1970's dollars, mind you)
2006-12-06 10:19:32 PM  
I kick butt at Parchisi, Chinese Checkers, Old Maid, and Pong, too.
2006-12-06 10:20:01 PM  
Where's the Green Machine?!
2006-12-06 10:20:07 PM  
Three. I've had three National Toy Hall of Fames.

Granted, the second one was not very impressive. It even lacked the Easy Bake Oven.
2006-12-06 10:20:27 PM  
Damn, I just looked at my list and I realized I am getting old.
2006-12-06 10:20:43 PM  
I have Scrabble on my computer. Good for playing at work, no sounds, no fast movements. ALT-TAB and you're back to Word.
2006-12-06 10:20:47 PM  
28, if you count that my frisbee didn't have a (R) after it's name.

/or my wagon
2006-12-06 10:21:07 PM  
C'mon, no Weeble Wobbles? Great as a toy, or as a flying projectile tossed at your younger siblings' head during a fight...

[image from got2haveit.com too old to be available]

2006-12-06 10:21:08 PM  
we had coal

/would've been worth a fortune if we'd kept it in mint condition, but then again the winter of '34 would've probably killed us
2006-12-06 10:21:50 PM  
[image from i124.photobucket.com too old to be available]

Not on the list but at the time it was da bomb.

/Child of the '70's
2006-12-06 10:22:31 PM  

Had the Evil Knievel.
Gnip Gnop... ha.
As if they'd ever sell that Daisy bb gun now....

You must be in your late 30's as well.
2006-12-06 10:23:12 PM  
SLot Cars !
and Ping pong!
and the dungeon in Tommy Mitchell's parent's basement.
2006-12-06 10:23:38 PM  
Had 29 of them. They missed chutes-and-ladders, finger paints, and bag-o-glass :)

/and the little green army men FTW
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