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(Boston Globe)   The Boston Globe discovers Mitt Romney never asked the owner of a landscaping company if he had ever hired illegal immigrants. The fact that Romney might be running for president has nothing to do with it   ( divider line
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2006-12-01 2:35:41 PM  
Meh, who cares. Several of my neighbors have their landscaping done, and I'm sure none of them inquired about the employees. I couldn't believe this made the front page of the paper today. The Globe is trying too hard.
2006-12-01 2:44:17 PM  
I bet old Mitt probably didn't ask them if they were polygamists, either.
2006-12-01 2:48:16 PM  
Romney hasn't got a change in hell...he hasn't done one thing worth mentioning in his time up on Beacon Hill except be Governor when the SC ruled that the state had to allow gays to marry under the State constitution.

That, along with the fact that he's a mormon, and nothing more than a stuffed shirt with nice teeth isn't going to win him very many friends in some parts of the country...

I could care less who cuts his lawn, to be honest.
2006-12-01 2:59:30 PM  
oh, crap. i forgot to ask the hispanic-looking woman at McDonald's if she was a citizen before paying her for my happy meal today!!!
2006-12-01 4:09:25 PM  
keylock71: hat, along with the fact that he's a mormon, and nothing more than a stuffed shirt with nice teeth isn't going to win him very many friends in some parts of the country...

The Mormon thing may be an issue but the fact that he's resisted the gay marriage thing every way he can since the court decision will certainly play well in many parts of the country.

Never underestimate how far an empty suit with a nice smile can get if he has the right team behind him.
2006-12-01 4:25:24 PM  
I think Romney is an idiot, but this is not a big issue. If he had personally hired illegal aliens to work for him, it would be. He did not. It is not his responsibility to ask whether the company he is using for landscaping hires illegal aliens.
2006-12-01 4:26:27 PM  
This is Bill-O's guy, saying repeatedly he would vote for him. Someone should tell him he is a Mormon and not a good Christian. He would freak.
2006-12-01 4:39:05 PM  
chalk me up with the "Romney is a moran but this is a non story" people
2006-12-01 4:43:33 PM  
It would be interesting if someone found out if the Boston Globe every inquired if their Janitorial service company (chances are, they outsource to get non-union) has ever hired illegal immigrants.

//Flashback to that video of "The Immigrant Song" with Viking Cats in Longboats.....
2006-12-01 5:01:27 PM  
I bought some produce at Albertson's today, and I forgot to ask the produce manager if any of the stuff had possibly been picked by any illegal workers. Silly me.

Reductio ad absurdum. Q.E.D.
2006-12-01 5:13:24 PM  
I forgot to ask Drew if he hired any illegal immigrants before I posting this.
2006-12-01 5:14:01 PM  
I posting?

Yes, I are the moron.
2006-12-01 5:17:53 PM  
You have to ask everybody if they've ever hired illegals now? Stupid politicking.
2006-12-01 5:32:22 PM  
Will the Moron/cultist president be wearing these?
GIS "Magic Mormon underwear"

[image from too old to be available]

Oops, I meant "Mormon/cultist" but whatever, still works.

I'm gonna laugh when he has to wear one of the funny white shirts with the open colar or that crazy AZN kimono getup like Bush did. Hahaha what will they say about the MAGIC UNDERWEAR?
2006-12-01 5:33:21 PM  
morons, there's a world of difference between buying a dunkicino from an illegal and paying a contractor who hires EXCLUSIVELY ILLEGALS and having them work ON YOUR PROPERTY.

that being said, romney will never be president. you GOPer cheerleaders/fellaters know this deep down as well.
2006-12-01 6:18:40 PM  
Poor Mitt. He's trying so hard to come across as as schmuck and people keep calling him out for being a good guy.
2006-12-01 8:47:44 PM  
The people that own all of our politicians must be proud of him.
2006-12-02 1:01:19 AM  
Damned, I submitted this with a better headline: Presidential candidate who attacks illegal immigrants used illegal immigrants to cut his lawn
2006-12-02 4:37:23 AM  
Mitt Romney?!?!
There are actually people who think Mitt Romney stands a snowball's chance in Hell?
/ I was not aware...
//don't care about his contractors either.
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