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(Yahoo)   "American opposes pilots on China flights." Well, who's going to fly the planes then?   ( divider line
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7025 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Nov 2006 at 12:31 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-11-30 12:33:56 PM  
Someone who isnt a pilot?
2006-11-30 12:36:03 PM  
2006-11-30 12:36:29 PM  
Well, 10-year captains for AA (who will be flying this route) are underpaid by industry standards. Their union is probably smart to put the screws to AA now.
2006-11-30 12:37:29 PM  
[ insert quote from Airplane! here ]
2006-11-30 12:38:34 PM  
The new "Autofly 2007" system developed for Microsoft Flight simulator.

It's guaranteed to never let you down.
2006-11-30 12:38:53 PM  
"So I grab the wheel, and now I'm drivin' the bus!"

/insert racial rant here
2006-11-30 12:38:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-30 12:40:00 PM  
2006-11-30 12:40:38 PM  
Their union is probably smart to put the screws to AA now.

"Yeah, and I'm a Chinese jet pilot"

[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-30 12:42:25 PM  
Jack31081/insert racial rantslant here
2006-11-30 12:44:21 PM  
Why is only one of four carriers going to be allowed to do routes to China? Isn't that anticompetitive?
2006-11-30 12:47:12 PM  

You're Batman!

/You kept making all the stops?!
2006-11-30 12:47:27 PM  
soupnyc807 - Thank you, I came in to make sure that was posted, and I was disappointed.
2006-11-30 12:48:04 PM  
WASN'T disappointed!

/preview is your friend
2006-11-30 12:49:57 PM  
xria they're flying into China, perhaps the Chinese government, which has few qualms about anticompetitve practices, are the ones taking the bids?
2006-11-30 12:52:05 PM  
Aaaaand I'm wrong: "...if the U.S. Transportation Department picks American over three other airlines."
2006-11-30 12:57:08 PM  
I don't know who will be flying the plane to China, but Jack Bauer will be the one flying it back.
2006-11-30 1:05:36 PM  
International air routes are negotiated between governments. US government has to decide who gets the route. Probably chosing between only applicants. It's not like every airline has the capacity to add such a route.
2006-11-30 1:08:38 PM  
subby: Well, who's going to fly the planes then?

Duh. Ted Striker.
2006-11-30 1:15:17 PM  
How about a plane with artificial intelligance.

It can fly the plane, and at the same time search for Sarah Connor
2006-11-30 1:20:34 PM  
The good people of Jericho demand an answer.
2006-11-30 1:25:10 PM  
Fry the fliendly skies?
2006-11-30 1:40:34 PM  
Well, who's going to fly the planes then?

The terrorists.

/Aisle seat, please.
2006-11-30 1:44:31 PM  
Witness: Striker was the squadron leader. He brought us in real low. But he couldn't handle it.

Prosecutor: Buddy couldn't handle it? Was Buddy one of your crew?

Witness: Right. Buddy was the bombardier. But it was Striker who couldn't handle it, and he went to pieces.

Prosecutor: *Andy* went to pieces?

Witness: No. Andy was the navigator. He was all right. Buddy went to pieces. It was awful how he came unglued.

Prosecutor: *Howie* came unglued?

Witness: Oh, no. Howie was a rock, the best tailgunner in the outfit. Buddy came unglued.

Prosecutor: And he bailed out?

Witness: No. Andy hung tough. Buddy bailed out. How he survived, it was a miracle.

Prosecutor: Then Howie survived?

Witness: No, 'fraid not. We lost Howie the next day.
2006-11-30 1:45:50 PM  
ratman999: The terrorists.

/Aisle seat, please.

Sorry...we're full. We're diverting all flights to Detroit.
2006-11-30 2:07:06 PM  
It's downloading songs from the internet!

Which ones?

2006-11-30 2:09:43 PM  
"Well, who's going to fly the planes then?"

uhhh, Karen Black

/"Karen Black, What an obscure reference..."
2006-11-30 4:15:17 PM  
Sorry...we're full. We're diverting all flights to Detroit.

who'd notice the difference between hell and Detroit anyways?
2006-11-30 4:16:44 PM  
"You know how to fly this thing?"

" you?"


"I didn't know you knew how to fly!"

"Fly, yes! Land...NO!"

/Good ol' Indy
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