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2002-07-22 01:13:36 AM  
The American version is cleaned up too, until you put in the gore cheat to uncensor it.
2002-07-22 01:17:12 AM  
No it's not. Unless there's more gore than arms flying off?
2002-07-22 01:17:14 AM  
Of course I meant GTA3...

Now that they're banning anything dangerous, it'll be a prime example for America to take over their first entire continent. Britain will never miss it.
2002-07-22 01:17:52 AM  
In the NA version, you have to put in the code to get the arms and heads to fly off when you shoot them.
2002-07-22 01:19:09 AM  
What a bunch of pussies.
2002-07-22 01:22:43 AM  
the hell do you, bought my copy from Hitler Byte.. er Best Buy.

I blow heads (shut up) and arms off without the cheat thingie. Just for the heck of it, what is it again?
2002-07-22 01:23:43 AM  
2002-07-22 01:24:03 AM  
Hmm... Does blood shoot out of the wounds? That might be what the code is for...
2002-07-22 01:25:43 AM  
um like great article but the bee gees are like from manchester in england...
2002-07-22 01:26:41 AM  
I found it. The gore cheat makes peoples' limbs go flying off in explosions and the like.
2002-07-22 01:30:16 AM  
2002-07-22 01:31:19 AM  
[ rant ]

Currently Aus has no R 18+ classification for games. The highest is MA 15+.

And I for one wonder - the games market isn't just little kids playing Pokemon and 'Happy Bunny in Adventureland'. There are movies rated R with mature content - why not games?

The 10-12 year olds who bought Nintendo Game & Watches many moons ago - are now 20-30 somethings with money to spend on gaming consoles - and games. I'm not saying we need 'GangRape : the game' - mature content does not mean sickening content, but if a game is geared to older audiences - surely it's not any different to an R-rated DVD or video for over-the-counter sales.

And with the 'can't show cars driving fast' car ads - that is just stupid - a somewhat narrow minded group here think that seeing the new HSV go fast and do a handbrake turn will make me buy one and go and kill myself and a bunch of innocent schoolkids.

For the fault of a stuip few - the rest of us are not given the chance to make up our own minds and live by our own actions.

I want a fast car - but I don't want to die, so I'll drive safely. Where is the credit for intelligence like that?

Grrr - so many stupid people in positions of power.

[ end of rant ]
2002-07-22 01:33:09 AM  
Actually, The original version of GTA3 had all that bad stuff, but Wal-Mart wouldn't sell it, so they took it out.

All it will take is one U.S. activist to declare Australia the most enlightened country in the world on the grounds that you can drive for 1,000 miles without seeing a billboard for Marlboro or McDonald's and then turn on the hotel TV without seeing a single car being operated unsafely.

Actually, we don't have to worry about that here (at least not from the government) because we have a little thing called the first amendment. Freedom of speech baby, and they cant ever take it away. They can find ways to restrict it, but never take it all the way away.

Joe Liberman, the king of video game and movie regulation wannabes once said "I wish there was a way we could ban these constitutionally" talking about violent video games. And of course, there isn't.
2002-07-22 01:36:33 AM  
Lieberman, what an asshole. Video games make more money than Hollywood. For the past four years I believe. I like to enjoy my entertainment actively, not passively stuck to a television. Maybe it's because television viewers are more obedient.
2002-07-22 01:38:32 AM  
I just got my copy of GTA3 a few days ago. THAT GAME IS SCHA-WEEET. And yes, blood does squirt out of the wounds when you shoot someone's head or appendages off. My favorite hobby is jumping on top of cars, shooting them with one bullet, and then using them as a moving sniper platform.

Australia is starting to suuuuck.
2002-07-22 01:44:13 AM  
Autopr0n: you can amend an amendment. It's been done before, and with this administration, it could very well be done again.
2002-07-22 01:44:19 AM  
The PC game has the gore and dismemberment built-in. The PS2 version needs a code. I'm thinking about warezing it, because I already own the PS2 version.
2002-07-22 01:47:18 AM  
Hey, I love the game GTA3. But seriously, who gives a flying fark that Australia gets the censored version?
If it'll stop a few kids minds being polluted, then good on them.
As for all the other restrictions, I think Australia is showing a good example to the rest of the world. The smoking thing is a great idea.. And so are all the other ideas they've implemented into the system.
Australia's crime rates are very low, Sydney is a very safe city. You can just walk around at night without having to worry about being stabbed or shot.
Wish you could say the same about America..
2002-07-22 01:50:21 AM  
altho i dont agree with a lot of things said in that article, i do agree with a few things, the non smoking advertising is really effective, as now only about half the adults smoke now, the "no hat, no play" concept is good even tho annoying (im currently in high school) and its done because white people arent technically designed for the heat of this continent

Okita-san has it right, crime rates are very low, murder rates are extremely low etc
2002-07-22 01:56:02 AM  
I'm in Australia, bought the game a while ago, and was pleased to see it uncensored. Blood and limbs fly everywhere. Machine gun a corpse, just to watch it jiggle. That sort of thing.

"and where a prime minister once went swimming and vanished without a trace (there's a municipal pool named after him)"

Harold Holt swimming pool. I used to swim there. 9 metre (27 foot) high diving boards. Aww yeah.
2002-07-22 01:56:45 AM  
Sydney a safe city? come on

i wouldn't walk around 85% of the city after dark most nights. Gang Central

in regards to the article

a) GTA: doesn't really matter
b) hats: oz has the highest skin cancer rate in the wolrd so it makes sense
c) banning unsafe-driving: more PC whining of the same calibre that you get in america
2002-07-22 01:59:47 AM  
Next thing you know, they'll be dictating the content and actions in every video game, and then America itself will follow. Next thing you know, you'll have to wear special boots whenever you go outside at all, so as to protect you from "asphalt dirt" and stuff. Oh no! The last thing they'll enjoy doing is...*gulp!*...reglating free speech! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

**sobs uncontrollably and reluctantly raises a communist flag**

[/crazy sarcastic rant]
2002-07-22 02:00:59 AM  
Grrr - so many stupid people in positions of power.

Nice rant. You're right.
You gotta look at who put them in power, though. :(
2002-07-22 02:02:08 AM  
All of a sudden I just got the urge to buy GTAIII. I think I'll pick it up at Worst Buy tomorrow when I'm returning this shiatty wireless lan equipment that can't sniff....
2002-07-22 02:21:47 AM  
Played a friend's copy of GTA3 last weekend.

I don't think I'd let my (young) kids play it (if I had any), but that's just me.

And hey, it isn't all bad. The Great-and-Righteous-Dictator-for-Life, Premier Peter Beattie of Queensland, is all in favor of recreational drug use - no jail time if you're caught with less than a gram of just about anything.

Mandatory drug counselling sessions here I come!
2002-07-22 02:25:54 AM  
The US freaked out 5 years ago with a game called "POSTAL".Senators and congressmen were all flipping out as well as the USPS.I bought the game because of all the hoopla.
2002-07-22 02:26:55 AM  
Good to see this sort of crap doesn't just happen in the U.S. Not that it makes it any better - we've just got some good company now.

God forbid parents should have to explain to their kids the pleasure of living vicariously, and that while GTA may be a fun game, it in no way suggests that driving like a maniac is a good idea. Better to just ban the game, so a slightly uncomfortable situation never comes up.
2002-07-22 02:29:37 AM  
What are you guys going on about? In GTA3 the censoring has nothing to do with violence as far as I know, its to do with the whole protitute thing. The idea of using a prostitute, then killing her to get your money back was a bit offensive to some people so they took that out of the game. Censors in Australia dont have much of a problem with violence, its sex that are a bit edgy about.
2002-07-22 02:30:34 AM  

that said...killing virtual prostitutes and old ladies with baseball bats is as close to good, clean fun as you can get. GTA 3 kicks ass
2002-07-22 02:31:02 AM  
And I believe most of the other states of Australia lean that way too.

Of course, I could be wrong.
2002-07-22 02:38:49 AM  
Laws to protect people from themselves suck. what makes YOU think that you're smarter or more enlightened than someone else and have a right to tell them what to do? Sure, we should protect children from themselves, but just let natural selection take its course on everyone else

if i had a choice of living in a world full of extreme risks but exteme freedom or a world where the government is your saftely belt and your crutches, helping you out but also restricting you, i'd take the former.
2002-07-22 02:38:56 AM  
Once again I must state that regulations like these may be a good idea. The only problem is that it is NOT the government's job to implement them. You can't stop people from smoking unless you make them understand it's bad for them. You can't stop little kids from playing Anal Pear III: The Inquisition without making their parents understand that they have to regulate that. Otherwise, things like government regulations start popping up because people are whiny and helpless about changing things themselves.
2002-07-22 02:39:59 AM  
Chrisifa, if you're afraid to walk around some parts of the city, maybe you should do like my wife, get a gun and learn how to use it...ohwait. Nevermind...Aus. outlawed guns to make everything safe...how's that working out for ya'll???

2002-07-22 02:40:04 AM  
The Nanny State continues to rear its warm everloving blanket of control over you knowing that your too stupid to know better or they know best. I don't know which is worse.
2002-07-22 02:41:12 AM  
Tairngire - It is no easy business farking with the Constitution. Administration or not, you have to go through state legislatures and shiat.
2002-07-22 02:45:49 AM  
And from what I've read, the Australian version can be "unlocked" simply by changing the country code on your computer to somewhere that fun is allowed. The one I read recommended New Zealand.
2002-07-22 02:45:57 AM  
advance apologies for the extended rant, but this irks me more than anything else ... im sorry, but im bored at work, so if you arent in the mood for a major, probably boring rant, then scroll past this and start flaming me for occupying so much space ... thanks ...

the problem with all this is that the laws are purely designed to cater for the lowest common denominator, all the farking ignoramuses who only know what the man in the tee vee tells them, and who cant be arsed to think for themselves. australia (where i live) isnt completely full of retards, we tend to have a lot of people who, yes, actually do have the ability to think for themselves. only problem is most of us tend to speak very little in public forums, and absolutely none of us are in power.

smoking ads? if an ad is going to convince you to suck on what is effectively a burning stick seemingly designed to promote cancerous growths, then to be honest, go right ahead. just do me a favour, dont do it near me, and dont have any children first. take your retarded genes to your early grave.

dangerous driving in car ads? if you are persueded to drive dangerously because you see the drivers in the ads do it, then im not convinced that you are of the mental ability to own such a dangerous piece of machinery in the first place. and i come from adelaide, the nations back water, where 80% of the drivers on the road have some sort of massive attitude problem, ready and willing to risk life and limb to get just one car further ahead in traffic. i honestly hope to that the rest of the country isnt this lacking in common courtesy and simple driving skills.

and then just when you thought we couldnt get any stupider, we ban (for a short while before it was reinstated in a barely cut down version ... more on that in a sec) one of the greatest video games of all time. the major problem with this is that the laws banning this were invoked by a trio of women on the office of film and literature classification board, none of who played games, and all of who brought up completely moronic issues, such as the ability to go around only killing black members of the public, or women, without any form of penalty. the problem with this country is that the leaders and people in power are so out of touch that moronic laws like these are the result.

i have a actual copy of the report which i am willing to post (im sure it is still available from the australian OFLC site) if someone can offer a server space that could take a farking. it makes for both funny and incredibly frustrating reading. ive searched the oflc site (www.oflc.gov.au) and i cant find it anymore.

i ordered the pc version of this game from a UK site, hoping to get the full version which came out on ps2 originally before it got banned, but i got a letter a week later from customs saying that my game had been banned in this country, and that it was to be 'surrendered to the crown', probably meaning that i paid AUS$90 (probably about US$45) so some loser who works for customs could sneak the game home and play it on his computer. no amount of disscussion with the retard at the customs office could convince him of the absolute lack of intelligence required to make a law stating that because a game was unsuitable for a person younger than 17 years, no one at all in the entire country (including 24 yr old ppl like myself) were allowed to play it.

of course, upon purchasing an 'australian' version, i noticed that the CD has the BBFC logo on it, which is the UK equivalent of the OFLC, meaning it was exactly the same CD as the UK version, a suspiscion (sp) which was revealed when a quick changing of my computers country setting to anything other than australia (my computer is now really keen on sheep) allowed me to view the 'banned' bit, which was merely sitting in a bouncing car with a women classified as a prostitute. so all their laws were useless anyway ... which they always are.

dont congratulate us on living in a country that restricts its own people from the right to make their own decisions based on their own intelligence and ability to find out the facts on something, have pity on us for living in a country that figures it is easier to make all the decisions for all the people based on the lower common denominator who couldnt be bothered getting off their couch potato arses to read anything that isnt flashed up in front of their eyes to try and sell them something ... this isnt the lucky country, this is by no means the 'smart country' (i think thats only a self-referencial thing anyway, i dont think anyone outside the government using that as a catch phrase believes that anyway), and this is definately not the 'think for yourself' country ... the government started putting a stop that that long ago ... get me out of here.
2002-07-22 02:56:27 AM  

i have lived in bris all my life and im sick of people bagging it. We r more safe than sydney thats for sure.

As for GTA3 it was banned from shelves to start with due to "Sexual Violence" (in other words picking up hookers then killing em afterwards". The game has since been censored and the code altered to remove hooker interaction so all is good now and the game is on the shelf selling like hot cakes.

2002-07-22 03:00:40 AM  
Thank god thank god thank god
I don't live in Aus--err, anywhere else.
2002-07-22 03:05:29 AM  
What exactly is this retards problem with a policy that helps prevent skin cancer?

Flektonez: Quite well actually. Our (firearms) homicide rate has dipped since the buy back and has been at it's lowest for about a decade. In fact all our violent crimes our down. Don't tell me you bought all that gun-nut bullshiat propoganda that says our crime and homicide rates have jumped since the buy back have you?
2002-07-22 03:13:28 AM  
Who is this person?

I'm sure we only have nine out of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world.

I'm not much of a game player. Last time I played one of those kill everything in sight ones, I screamed like a girl every time I died.

Car ads? Don't care. As long as it has a/c and a decent stereo.

But the hat thing, I'm totally for it. Plus sunscreen.
2002-07-22 03:13:57 AM  
Apologies for another long post, but this is worth it:

My favorite thing to do in GTA3 (PS2 version), and I wonder if it can be done in the PC version, is to take the Dodo (airplane you can grab in the third island) and land it on a building, equip a sniper rifle, and start picking off pedestrians, cars, etc on street level. Occasionally, I'll nonchalantly toss a grenade over the side of the building onto some waiting cop cars - it's a great way to work out frustrations.

Take the dodo, and bring it up to full speed, while controlling the dodo downwards (press up on the PS2 controller - don't know how it is with PC).

Soon, you'll see sparks. Let go of the directional control (DON'T CONTROL IT UPWARDS!!!), and then occassionally tap the plane downwards to level it off (may need to get a side view to do this correctly).

While the plane is flying straight and level, aim for the Staunten Island side of the bridge to Staunton Island (the second island) - You'll be able to get between the cords of the bridge and the building on the right. Then turn right so you are parallel to the bridge and head for the mall (the large building directly in front of you). You'll be able to land on that building. Once you do, you can walk to the corners of the building, aim down, and take out a few people with snipers or your rocket launcher.

And a great time was had by all :-)
2002-07-22 03:19:18 AM  
uhh yeah theres one little problem in trying to ban it here
its called p2p systems ;-)
2002-07-22 03:28:53 AM  
2002-07-22 03:34:27 AM  
Actually, we don't have to worry about that here (at least not from the government) because we have a little thing called the first amendment. Freedom of speech baby, and they cant ever take it away. They can find ways to restrict it, but never take it all the way away.

So why can't they show people actually drinking beer in American TV commercials?
2002-07-22 03:43:58 AM  
because the first amendment only protects artistic/political expression, not trying to brainwash people by force feeding them beer commercials. you can show a movie showing someone drinking beer because that movie can be considered a "work of art". also, there would be a greater chance of beer-guzzling commercials being allowed if the airwaves were owned by the networks instead of being owned by the "public", meaning that the "public" can set standards of decency. Cable, on the other hand, is privately owned--that explains Skinemax, Playboy, HBO, etc.
2002-07-22 03:47:12 AM  
Hey, Australia is still a hella cool place to live.
The 'no hat, no play' rule is because we have the highest incidence of skin cancer IN THE WORLD, partially we are mostly whiter than white, but also because some countries (who shall remain nameless. *USA, Britain, cough cough*) decided not to implement policies that would reduce ozone reducing gases. As a result, guess where the hole in the ozone layer you so much about is centred on?? If you said Antactica, you'd be right, but it also extends to Australia. Which means loads of melanomas. People on the Equator get less skin cancers than us Aussies.

Oh, and Harold Holt didn't mysteriously disappear.......he swam out to a submerged Chinese submarine and lived out his days as a zoo-keeper for pandas in the Xianghou province of mainland China.

And finally, they forgot to include our incredibly lethal crocodiles, sharks, blue-ringes octopi, jellyfish, conchs, spiders, dingos and deranged outback serial killers.
2002-07-22 03:54:43 AM  
you don't *have* to worry about walking around in US cities at night either. Worrying is a choice.

If you want to make a point about something, show us some statistics.
2002-07-22 03:59:25 AM  
dont forget our collection of sharks and other nice little objects found in the ocean.

However the good bits of Australia far outway the bad ones. We have some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Where else can u see places like Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef, Daintree, Nullabor, Kimberlies, Cradle Mountain, 12 Apostles need i go on!!!!! (yes i work i nthe tourism industry so i sorta promote aus all the time).

Aus also has some great technological advacnes like the Hills Hoist Clothes line the GOON BAG!!!! (for those who dont live in Aus thats the Bag inside Chateau Cardboard or Cask Wine depends what u call it).

Aus is the place to live. The rest of the world need not be mentioned. :D
2002-07-22 04:06:38 AM  
And let's not forget the Blue Ringed Jellyfish (I think), the most poisonous jellyfish EVER.
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