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(SacBee)   SAT scores by race and ethnicity, place bets on who does well in math part.   ( divider line
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17895 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2002 at 6:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-21 07:50:16 PM  
The general GRE is easy as hell. Some of the specific subject ones are biatches.
2002-07-21 07:50:50 PM  
If our educational institutions are so inferior, why then do we get so many foreign students? Emma? Slug? Anyone?

2002-07-21 07:51:42 PM  
Written by whites, for whites? how exactly will the "black brother" like the question 2+2 to be asked unbiasedly, hm?
2002-07-21 07:52:28 PM  
Chinese food: Full of soy sauce


Siegfreid: Full of Roy Sauce
2002-07-21 07:53:57 PM  
Gentlemen, personal anecdotes do not evidence make. When the SAT is combined with GPA, the composite result is actually very good at predicting grades.

Actually, no it really isn't. There are several factors, that affect one's test grade and High School GPA, as opposed to college GPAs. Test Anxiety, size of high school, classes offered, classes taken (both in HS and College), teacher's ability to teach, parental involvement in HS and in College, etc.
Once again, using myself as an example, I had a 3.68 GPA in High School. Because I do not suffer from Test Anxiety I did well on the SAT. My friend, who had a 3.72 GPA got SIGNIFICANTLY lower on both ACT and SAT tests than I did...he is horrible about tests. My room mate in College did very well in HS, because the highest Math class his school offered was my school's "Freshman algebra" class. He did well on his ACT because that's all it required. In college he was slaughtered.

I could keep going, but like you said case-by-case evidence doesn't prove anything when you make bad generalizations.
2002-07-21 07:54:57 PM  
I don't remember any of the questions being particularly race oriented on either of my IQ tests or my SAT...I wonder if anyone has an example of a question that could possibly be easier for a white person than a black person?
2002-07-21 07:55:35 PM  
Ugh. SATs are complete bull. You can take a class just to prepare you for them. You know almost exactly what's on the test. Now if you could score a 1600 without reading all the books and taking classes, I'd be impressed. (I know someone who did that...)

However, like all standardized tests, it doesn't really measure a person's true intelligence. It shows how well you can think like the author of the test (especially questions in "comprehension" i.e. "What title fits this story best?").
2002-07-21 07:56:30 PM  
07-21-02 06:53:59 PM JackMoore
Real query on the SAT I took.
.0002x = .0002
What does 'x' equal?


07-21-02 07:33:00 PM Man_With_No_Name
JackMoore: The answer is b)0 .00020 = .0002
Onehundred-Sided-Die: You are the weakest link. .00021 does not equal .0002 So much for your " a superiour education system", moron.

Wow....there words....that I can come up with...except to point out that A) You're wrong, the answer IS 1....because .0002x = .0002 means that .0002(1) = .0002, whereas .0002(0) = 0. And B) Superior doesn't have a U in it, assbag. Unless you were which case, so was I.
2002-07-21 07:58:24 PM  
Superior doesn't have a U in it, assbag


Okay, I'm a dork.
2002-07-21 07:58:37 PM  
Since most anthropologists agree that modern humans originated in Africa and spread across the globe 200,000 years ago--aren't we all African Americans? I mean when's the cutoff point?

I'm whiter than white but couldn't I technically claim to be African American?
2002-07-21 07:58:44 PM  
Josephine: Thanks, that's yet another thing I forgot....those stupid tests. I may have just gone to the wrong school or something, but yet another one of my class mates took the SAT three times, and the classes for each test, never to get above a 1400. I took it just the once, with no study time or books or any of that garbage......
2002-07-21 07:59:23 PM  
SacMan - Bull, shiat.
2002-07-21 08:01:29 PM  
Wow... JackMoore, you are officially one of the biggest morons on the face of the earth. I absolutely suck at math (520 on the SATs, never got past geometry) and I knew that one...
2002-07-21 08:02:06 PM  
BobC, Weeeelll, you can look at the folks who were conquering the known world several millenia ago, and the folks who were throwing spears and chasing chickens *ducks*
2002-07-21 08:02:32 PM  
Amen to that brotha!
The SAT is far from an IQ test.
I grew up in a rich Bay Area suburb and in HS we had a class in which *all we did all semester* was prepare for the SAT.
Not to sound too much like Reggie White, but as to the score/race disparity, it probably has a lot more to do with the cultural emphasis different races put on education as being the path to success.
2002-07-21 08:03:23 PM  
Wait, do the white scores include Arakansasians, West Virginians, Kentuckians, and Alabamians? If so, I demand a redo.

You sure that's wise? I'm a West Virginian, and I got a 1550.


West Virginia is the same way; none of the in-state colleges I can think of require you to take the SAT, except maybe for scholarships.

2002-07-21 08:04:07 PM  
"Superior doesn't have a U in it, assbag"

Actually, it does. Since English originated in England, and the English spell it 'superiour', then, yes, it does have a 'u' in it.

Perhaps you mean that 'American English' doesn't have a 'u' in it.
2002-07-21 08:04:38 PM  
Got a 1560, just had to post that because of Pluvius. Now for the perfect scores to come out of the woodwork.

I don't think a good SAT guarantees good performances, and in a lot of cases, some people may just be lousy at taking timed tests and bomb it... but overall, it's been a fair indicator of success, and general aptitude.
2002-07-21 08:05:22 PM  
Or perhaps he was just trying to state a fact..... In which case he is still at fault, because sUperior does in fact have a U in it.
2002-07-21 08:05:41 PM  
At my HS we'd have a 1600 or two per class, until they changed the test. Now there's 5-10 per class. I also had to walk barefoot in the snow to get to school.
2002-07-21 08:06:17 PM  
Superior, does have a a U in it.
Its right after the S.
2002-07-21 08:07:03 PM  

Regression analysis of how the SAT/GPA combo predicts grades has been done time and time again, and at all but the least-selective schools, the combo yields and R-square of between .63 and .69, making the combo a good, but not great, predictor of grades. Chances are you and your friends' experiences have been incorporated into those numbers... and many of the things you mentioned about the various factors that can affect test scores and GPA's are often reflected in those scores and GPA's... not all, but much.
2002-07-21 08:07:38 PM  
Go and try to memorize "Rappers Delight". Now that takes intelligence.

Because that's so much more applicable to modern America than, say, math? If it's true, things are going to get sad in this country very quickly...
2002-07-21 08:07:51 PM  
There's no way to test whether someone is going to skip all their classes and party every night as soon as they're in a different area code from mommy and daddy. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't test.
2002-07-21 08:07:58 PM  
I forgot to mention, it predicts FRESHMAN grades. Its predictive power fades some after that.
2002-07-21 08:08:21 PM  
Oh, and I should mention that the main reason for the disparity between ethnicities the fact that more blacks and Hispanics and less whites and Asians live in the inner city, grow up around stupid inner city people who would rather shoot each other than better themselves, and go to shiatty inner city schools. The SAT isn't about IQ; it's about your knowledge of math and English. You can say that IQ and math/English knowledge correlate, but even the smartest person in the world isn't going to score very high on the SAT unless he learns some math and English first.

2002-07-21 08:09:09 PM  
Hey, another point. I remember my first ACT question:



and then 4 choices. How the hell is that geared towards an ethnicity?
2002-07-21 08:09:24 PM  
In my book, a 63% to 69% success rate is not good, nor is it even a 'passing' percentile. Colleges should accept students based on what they (the colleges) really want anyway, how much money they can pay them.

Of course, that last part was a joke, you understand?
2002-07-21 08:09:31 PM  
Hmm... could be, JimmyJones.

Well, as long as we're comparing,I got a 1280, but gimme a break. Like I said, I suck at math.


If they'd both been verbal I woulda been in good shape, considering my 760... Bah. Besides, I had the flu and it was my birthday. How was I supposed to perform to my full potential, even on the math part?

Ah, who cares, I got into a good college anyway due to that verbal score and my essays... That's all that matters. I was able to succeed.
2002-07-21 08:10:07 PM  
a) "Superiour" is the British spelling, I believe. Just like "humour."
b) The SATs are a piece of cake. I didn't give much of a shiat about them, and I scored 1580 (missed 3 questions on Verbal) and even disproved a question on the Math section (asked for an angle in a diagram, where if it had been drawn to scale, the angle would not have existed in the first place). I kept a 3.72 (4.1 weighted) in high school, and now have a 3.68 in college. I actually go to class.... most of the time.
2002-07-21 08:12:23 PM  
07-21-02 08:04:07 PM Josephine_Bonaparte
"Superior doesn't have a U in it, assbag"
Actually, it does. Since English originated in England, and the English spell it 'superiour', then, yes, it does have a 'u' in it.
Perhaps you mean that 'American English' doesn't have a 'u' in it.

And just as we no longer speak Arabic, or draw words on the walls with rocks....

07-21-02 08:05:22 PM JimmyJones
Or perhaps he was just trying to state a fact..... In which case he is still at fault, because sUperior does in fact have a U in it.

HAH! Touche!
2002-07-21 08:13:03 PM  
IQ means fark all. (Even though i did score kinda high)
They say Marilyn Monroe had a higher IQ than Einstein....whatever.
2002-07-21 08:14:36 PM  
"And just as we no longer speak Arabic, or draw words on the walls with rocks...."

I think you mean Aramaic.

And nobody speaks Aramaic anymore except for professors of ancient history.

But people do still spell the word 'superiour' with a 'u'. Including myself and some other Americans I know who think it just looks better in its original form.
2002-07-21 08:15:03 PM  
Ok so how do these groups claiming that the SAT is biased against minorities explain the discrepancies in the math scores?? Theres no way math questions can be racist so the scores should be the same for every ethnic group right?? Wrong!! Maybe they should start blaming the edumacation system instead of the dang test.
2002-07-21 08:15:35 PM  

Those figures are considered by statisticians to be statistically significant and useful. The percentages that correlate to A's, B's, etc. on grades don't correlate to how useful the R-squared figure is.

Unfortunately, the tuition thing isn't that funny:(
2002-07-21 08:17:14 PM  
It's not that funny, because it's partly truth.
2002-07-21 08:18:12 PM  
Without having read the comments, yet, let me make this statement:

CERTAINLY, no pathetic loser w/self-esteem problems would use this comments section to brag about their SAT scores!!!

2002-07-21 08:18:37 PM  
If the goal is to achieve a color blind society, then why any race identification at all? Plus the melting pot is pretty much making future classifications archaic. Unless it's to maintain the business of race bureacracies in all forms of government relevant. Oh no, this information is vital in perpetuating victimhood and entitlements in the futher balkaning of these United States. After all if we can't get it right, no one can. Or whatever. Who cares? Period. Voye incumbent
2002-07-21 08:18:38 PM  
LOL, man with no name, check the problem again... I think you're very wrong about that.
2002-07-21 08:18:44 PM  
ElBarto79, that's because no group could POSSIBLY be inherently dumber than another, that would be entirely politically incorrect!
2002-07-21 08:18:59 PM  

I was wondering about that too. When I took it back in 1991 nobody I knew got a 1600 or even close to it and I went to a rich private school. They must have made it easier or changed the scoring at some point. At that time I think you might have 1 or 2 people in the state get a 1600.
2002-07-21 08:19:48 PM  
QuesoDelicioso: Thank you. Nothing more I LOVE than people from other countries telling me how much they hate us while vacationing. Singling out a country and mocking it is considered offensive around here, apparently not so everywhere else. Oh yeah, good first impression of people from your country. So much for manners. Xenophobes.
2002-07-21 08:20:53 PM  
ComicBookGuy: Knowing that comment is directed partly at me, you should understand, that by offering up scores, most of us were showing the faults of the test. Had I wanted to BRAG, I certainly wouldn't have been so open about my college marks, as I am downplaying the importance of this test.
2002-07-21 08:21:02 PM  
I gotted with 480 math and the 430 vurbal what make 820 total.

(I'm here all week... try the veal.)
2002-07-21 08:21:51 PM  
actually, superior isn't spelled superiour in any situation. Unless my english dictionary doesn't reference to it, and it's an oxford.. go figure.
2002-07-21 08:22:44 PM  
07-21-02 08:14:36 PM Josephine_Bonaparte
But people do still spell the word 'superiour' with a 'u'. Including myself and some other Americans I know who think it just looks better in its original form.

Hah...yeah, stuck up snotty know, Americans with French you have a fake British accent like Madonna too?
2002-07-21 08:23:59 PM  
From the convenince store I worked in, it was obvious who was good at math, trade in $1 food stamp for 3 cent jolly rancher x 4 hungry kids = $3.88 = 12pk of ol milwakee, and shut your mouth or your sister gets your jolly rancher!
2002-07-21 08:26:16 PM  
"07-21-02 06:43:40 PM

Onhhundred-Sided-Die, saying you have a better education than the US still isn't saying very much"

Yeah, god knows the Mexican education system, African education system, middle east education system, Russian education system, ect ect just OWNS the US. education system. LOL.
2002-07-21 08:29:19 PM  
I dunno about the whole .0002x=.0002 because where I went to school the answer would have been 0.

Why? Because 0 is correct. Now, if it's written .0002(x)=.0002, then the answer is 1.

We had to have the () in there for it to actually be multiplication.

But then again, I only got a 600 on the math part of the SAT. I've always sucked at math.
2002-07-21 08:29:32 PM  
This breakdown is worthless without looking at socioeconomic status of the participants.

An interesting break down would be a matrix breakdown based on race, and income levels.
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