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(JSOnline)   The welfare system in Wisconsin is so good at getting people jobs, welfare applications have plummeted. This of course means it needs a complete overhaul   ( divider line
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508 clicks; posted to Politics » and Main » on 28 Nov 2006 at 5:06 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-11-28 4:20:40 PM  
in related news, "Experts puzzled that prisons fill while crime rates go down"
2006-11-28 4:59:51 PM  
Did anyone's taxes get lowered? Or at least not increased?
2006-11-28 5:18:14 PM  
Figures. A program works and keeps people that do not NEED the help off welfare... and they want to cut it.

Those people that just give up and go away instead of using this program must have income they are not reporting... or be better off than they pretend. When it becomes a situation where they need to do the program just to stay fed they will do it.
2006-11-28 5:23:24 PM  
Ahhh... Another typical day in the People's Republik of Cheese
2006-11-28 5:26:43 PM  
In other news, overcrowding in Iraq has diminished significantly over the last few years. I'll bet that's another great program that some retards will want to fix.

//Where did it say that applications plummeted?
2006-11-28 5:29:40 PM  
2006-11-28 5:32:21 PM  
High Taxes
Low Temperatures
Small Ideas
Big Butts

/Can not wait to move BACK to Red State America
2006-11-28 5:45:07 PM  
If I was going to run a Welfare program I'd try and have most of the money and administration handled at the municipality level. Anyone registered to receive welfare has to show up at a depot everyday. There is always tons of crap work that needs to be done in any city or town. (unfortunately alot of this work is done by unionized government employee's in most places) You don't show up to the depot, undergo mandatory job training, actively continue to look for employment, etc you don't get paid. There would need to be some flexibility to handle cases for single mothers, etc of course.

The idea is to help people better themselves, give them a hand up until they get back on their own two-feet, etc. It wasn't meant to be a permanent source of income for people.
2006-11-28 5:54:21 PM  
SO what happens if all those people who work at the Welfare office are put out of a job?

/Just askin'.
2006-11-28 8:29:54 PM  
No, the solution is like a post on DailyKos: have a "Jobs Bank" that's run by The State that you go to get assigned your task for the day. Why it is pure genius and we'll have no unemployment. No one's ever tried that before! The ones that did and resulted in reeducation farms weren't true to the idea, so they can't be counted.
2006-11-28 8:58:30 PM  
ericjohnson0: Wisconsin...
High Taxes

At least you don't have a lame booze tax.

/fark Minnysoda
2006-11-29 12:22:03 AM  
ericjohnson0: Wisconsin...
High Taxes

Lot's of services, nice roads (especially for a Northern state). Everyone hates the taxes, no one wants to cut the services. Can't cut one without the other...

Low Temperatures

I love 4 seasons, especially since it means 4 months without bugs. I hated the monotony in Texas.

Small Ideas

Birthplace of the true Republican Party, real Progressivism (Fightin' Bob), and of course the Welfare Reform Act. Of course we had our failures too, most notably Joe McCarthy and Tommy Thompson.

Big Butts

Depends, I've seen plenty of fat-a$$e$ in other states. BTW you might want to check the data (2005, 2006) because Milwaukee is on the 25 fittest list and no Wisconsin city is on the fattest. In fact there's no shortage of red states on the fat list bucko. Apparently eric hasn't learned what Google is yet (no Pops)

/Can not wait to move BACK to Red State America

Speak for yourself. I've lived in 7 states. I learned a couple of things:

1) "Red Staters" are myopic, parochial fools. They'll believe just about anything as long as you gussie it up in religion.

2) Hard-Core "Blue-Staters" are myopic, parochial fools. They'll believe anything if you dress it up as new whatever.

3) Realists are drowned out by the minority psychpathic personalities (on each side) who are going to lead this country to ruination. That is, of course, unless the realists take back the country.

Finally the system does need an overhaul. It needs to ensure that benefits get to those who need them and provide more of an incentive to those lazy-a$$ed idiots whom milk it. I'm not just talking about single moms here either. There's quite a few religious morons whom have six, seven, ten freaking kids and are on assistance even while employed. Apparently they don't have the sense God gave a mule. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you can't afford to clothe and feed 4-12 rugrats, don't make'em. Practice some of that wonderful abstinence you love to preach if birth control is against your religion.

Truthfully they are a small portion of the current welfare system, but it is a group with a nice growth rate.
2006-11-29 2:35:35 AM  
This is a case of government working well so that it shrinks instead of expands. This happens so rarely people think it means something is wrong.
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