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(Some Heartless Girl)   To all Nice Guys: It's true, women DON'T like you   ( divider line
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33513 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2002 at 10:53 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-21 10:57:11 AM  
2002-07-21 10:57:54 AM  
I could have told you this a long time ago.

I'm farking living proof.
2002-07-21 10:59:22 AM  
Ditto, Jashter
We're doomed.
2002-07-21 11:01:50 AM  
2002-07-21 11:02:09 AM  
"A woman ... wants an equal, caring, adult partner."


2002-07-21 11:03:14 AM  
Just what I need: life advice from somebody whose spelling suggests they dropped out of school in grade 8.
2002-07-21 11:03:22 AM  
I hate reading stories about myself.

I'm doomed for life.
2002-07-21 11:03:34 AM  
um, I think the title should read

"To all insecure guys: self-absorbed, biatchy, sado-masochist women don't like you".

There is nothing wrong with nice guys. Believe me, I was married to a jerk and left him for a nice guy. Of course my nice guy is neither clingy nor needy, but he takes care of me and is responsible (most of the time.) And he has a great sense of humor. And he's not the least bit insecure. So what's wrong with that? Oh, right. Nothing.
2002-07-21 11:04:12 AM  
P.S. I guess my last remark suggests I'm not a nice guy. Woot!
2002-07-21 11:05:18 AM  
Three cheers for SpinzGirl!
2002-07-21 11:05:44 AM  
What the fark. I posted the URL to the mainpage yesterday and it wasn't posted. Well, my articles posted is 0, and will remain that way no mas trying from me. Nyahh nyahh.
2002-07-21 11:06:12 AM  
Bah, the women who wrote that were probably all 500 pounds heavy and bed-ridden.
2002-07-21 11:06:22 AM  
Well, I was going to say that "I'm farked", but it just wouldn't fit.

2002-07-21 11:07:02 AM  
Come on, who's the pansy farker that called her some heartless girl? She'd part of Heartless biatches International, and you still don't have the balls to call her a biatch? That's pathetic. You must be one of the insecure saps she's talking about. Grow a pair.
2002-07-21 11:07:02 AM  
"Whales are mammals. Whales live in the sea. Therefore, all mammals live in the sea."

Let's not mind her, guys... the biatch is stupid. eheh
2002-07-21 11:08:57 AM  
2002-07-21 11:09:29 AM  
Nice guys don't like heartless biatches.
2002-07-21 11:09:30 AM  
Guys: If a woman you're dating has a collection of stuffed animals/dolls in her residence:

1. Get said woman really drunk.
2. While she's passed out, fashion nooses from all the belts in her closet.
3. Slip nooses around necks of stuffed animals/dolls.
4. Hang stuffed animals from light fixtures, doorknobs, lamps, etc.
5. Get in car, drive home.
6. Wait for that phone call that leads to sweet, sweet love ... the kind the women only give the bad boys. Yeah.
2002-07-21 11:10:46 AM  
'Nice Guys' are sometimes so nice, it's scary. I like guys who are just themselves. That way, it means more when they do nice things for you.
2002-07-21 11:12:25 AM  
Here's the deal. Chicks like assholes cuz assholes make a lot of noise and chicks dig that to impress their other chick friends. It's a status grab.

Then, after they get the dood, let him pork them silly a while and convince him to do the marriage gig, they expect the asshole guy to magically turn into Mr. Provider and Father Knows Farking Best.

After years of abuse, affairs, and finding out that he can't/won't be changed, they either leave or take up booze.

This happens because human beings are basically very, very stupid.


2002-07-21 11:14:10 AM  
women must WANT to be treated like shiat
What women want is this: They want to be seen going home with the cocky, good-looking guy who was the centre of attention that night, to boost their social status. But once she gets him, she wants him to magically turn into a sweet, caring doormat. Yes, girls are dumb, but they seem to decide the rules.

2002-07-21 11:14:49 AM  
I think I will go beat my wife a little so I can be assured that I don't fall into this catagory. And to think I've been so wrong..all my wife ever really wanted was for me to treat her like shiat and hurt this will be so great and easy!! Thanks a ton Heartless Biatches for showing me the truth about all women!!
2002-07-21 11:15:04 AM  
I had to scroll back to the top to make sure the title wasn't "The story of my farking life - by Mike Quinn (Agent Q)"

Actually, I don't think I'm *that* bad.
2002-07-21 11:15:38 AM  
"add a notch to their belt....."

You add a notch to your grip....not your belt, you stupid idiot, who tries to write tough.
2002-07-21 11:17:51 AM  
sounds like that biatch needs an arsehole to slap her around a bit. then maybe she would appreciate the next nice guy that came along.*

*i do not condone the abuse of women. its a joke.
2002-07-21 11:18:07 AM  
Amen, SpDrMN!
2002-07-21 11:19:50 AM  
ah yes.. THATS why I hate women..

*sob*.. so very alone...
2002-07-21 11:20:21 AM  
I'm soooo glad I'm a %100 pure asshole. biatches dig loud abnoxious assholes.
2002-07-21 11:20:29 AM  
I think spinzgirl hit the nail right on the head.
2002-07-21 11:21:50 AM  
people keep making a mistake. those guys aren't NICE guys they are pathetic guys. you can be a super nice guy and not be a bag of crap like "most nice guys" just be yourself damnit stop kissing ass to every woman you meet.
2002-07-21 11:22:30 AM  
I hate heartless people. My husband is the sweetest thing and I love him for it.
2002-07-21 11:28:11 AM  
On the flipside, it can also be said that guys don't necessarily care for 'nice girls', no?
2002-07-21 11:28:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Exhibit "A"
2002-07-21 11:29:25 AM  
Women like confidence in guys, it just turns out that there's a fine line between confidence and being a self-centered asshole and a lot of women can't tell which is which.
2002-07-21 11:30:37 AM  
I've been through the bad boy phase. Quite frankly it sucked. The guy I'm with now is the nicest one I've ever known, except maybe one who died when he was 18. This one treats me like a princess, does anything I ask, and knows I'd do anything for him. Mean men are just little boys who never learned how to treat a woman.
2002-07-21 11:30:59 AM  
Ahhhh....who cares. My girlfriend dumped me last week after I made every attempt to reconsile. F' it. I proceeded to buy a ton of beer and drink myself into oblivion....wondering what I did wrong etc...... I came to the conclusion, "Ta hell with it."

Where's my beer?

Special Agent Bitterman
2002-07-21 11:31:31 AM  
I just am who I am. In comparison it seems I am considered to be a nice, sweet guy most of the time. The girls I meet don't seem to dig that but whatever. I'm not going to go around going out of my way to act like a bastard just so I can pick up girls who like that sort of guy.
2002-07-21 11:32:38 AM  
2002-07-21 11:33:06 AM  
I'd consider myself a pretty nice guy, but I'm not the spineless moron she's talking about. I'm not even sure someone that pathetic exists. I'm gonna go out on a limb, and guess that she's still fairly young (early 20s, aroudn my age), and is just a generally angry person.
I agree that alot of kindness comes from guilt or insecurity, but assholes can have the same insecurities, they just try to berate their girlfriends rather than placate them, two different means to what they hope will be the same end.
Nice guys are also a product of a media that paints the picture of them as being the sought after commodity. So I'm sure it can be frustrating to be told what you've essentially been told is right, is wrong. How many movies have you seen where the nice guy ends up getting screwed over in the end? Almost every romantic movie ends up with the nice guy, saving some poor helpless girl from the big jerk. And were there a big jerk, i'm sure if the nice guy saved the day he might just get the poor helpless girl. But the poor helpless girl is no fun, and the big jerk is a rare thing. Most jerks are passive-aggressive nowadays so it's tough to save someone from that.

Bleh, I probably contradicted myself twenty times there, but fuqit. That article was talking about the "Too Nice Guys", there's nothing wrong with being nice, just don't smother and hold a girl on a leash of neediness.
2002-07-21 11:34:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-21 11:35:54 AM  
And I really don't like lesbians either. They're eating up all the good stuff.
2002-07-21 11:36:18 AM  
i used to be a pathetic nice guy, now i'm a misogynist.
but i'm just wearing it as a protective shell, i'm still a nice guy at heart, i'm just now doubly ensured that i'll never get any girley action again.
2002-07-21 11:36:59 AM  
I'm an asshole, but I pretend to be nice at times. It works!
2002-07-21 11:37:06 AM  
Well, I married the nice guy. I have a problem with women who see men as projects.

Most women seem brainwashed to think that instead of waiting until they meet the right guy they need to grab whatever comes along and try to "fix" him.

Of course, men are just as bad, otherwise Maxium wouldn't have articles every month about trying to get your girlfriend to do what you want.

Here's a hint guys, if you want a woman who doesn't try to make you change, who likes to give head, who would be ok with a threesome, who doesn't hate your friends etc, and your current girlfriend won't, DUMP HER.

Hold out for what you really want, don't take good enough for now in hopes that you can change. That goes for men and women.

If the person you are dating isn't perfect don't marry them in hopes they will change. Being single isn't that bad, in fact it can be pretty cool.

2002-07-21 11:37:11 AM  
It's scary that most guys seem to associate the 'assholes' with physical abuse. All asshole guys I know are much more akin to emotional and mental abuse. Yet they keep coming back...
2002-07-21 11:37:26 AM  
This story only relates to immature women who are too stupid to realize it's a "nice guy" that they really want.

And to all the nice guys out there I say thanks for knowing how to treat us ladies!
2002-07-21 11:37:51 AM  
Hrm. I just read the article (yea, I post before reading, I suck). Being insecure has nothing to do with being nice or not. I know a lot of guys who act like assholes *because* they are insecure. Bah.
2002-07-21 11:39:16 AM  
It's funny because I actually asked a woman I used to work with at a company christmas party "Is it true that nice guys really finish last?" and she actually said "yes". Could have been all the free booze talking, but that really shocked me. The negative re-inforcement some people spew is farking rediculous.

The thing that really pisses me off is if you're not a "nice guy" you're an asshole. It seems we can't win either-way. I've honestly felt that I've maybe been too much the "nice guy" sometimes because of everything I hear and when I read stuff like this. 99% of the time it's the biggest jerks who are actually dating someone or in a relationship. It's just more negative reinforcement that says to me "maybe I should turn into a world class asshole, so I can hit that too".

Ah, I know better than that. Of course maybe it's my knowing better and my idealogy that's holding me back.

When I read stuff like this it really surprises me that I've remained heterosexual for so long.

Oh wait, I remember I like boobies.
2002-07-21 11:39:35 AM  
Feh--you'll get better insight into those individuals of the female persuasion by reading the 'weeners' threads right here on FARK.
2002-07-21 11:40:39 AM  
Ok yeah, some of what she said was true. However, I'm no where near as bad as the nice guys she's talking about (whom apparently do get laid from time to time despite it)

Hell, I'd be happy to find a "user" some chic who would take advantage of me for awhile then let me go. Helk, there is a whole lot here to be taken advantage of too! I wonder why no girls ever take advantage of me then?

Sure I'm insecure, but not THAT insecure, I'm nice but not THAT nice, I've got some self confidence, just not enough. Damnit. There is no line between being a self centered asshole and having confidence. You are either a self centered asshole, or you don't have confidence. I mean someone is always going to see you that way and you just have to shrug it off and say "yeah but I know I'm a good person who rocks and they just don't understand cause like most people they aren't as good as me" Knowing that makes me self confident, not a shmuck I think. You can never please everyone no matter how you are as a person, but whats wrong with wanting to please girls. You can also never piss everyone off, someone will always enjoy your personality if its above the center of the bell curve of personalities, right?

Everyone is constantly telling me to treat girls like crap but I just can't do it. I'm too nice, yes.

Btw, Emma, you are beautiful. I wish I didn't live in America.
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