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(Tech Digest)   Blogging platform Vox releases an ace mobile application. Now, when your mate bares his arse on a drunken night out, he can be on the internetweb within minutes That's progress   ( divider line
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1517 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 27 Nov 2006 at 2:12 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-11-27 2:16:18 PM  
nah it's for drunken chicks flashing boobies
2006-11-27 2:16:43 PM  
Ooh! Shiny object.
2006-11-27 2:17:55 PM  
what, no pictures yet?
2006-11-27 2:19:58 PM  

My hovercraft is full of eels.
2006-11-27 2:20:06 PM  
"Moblogging goes mainstream"?

Please tell me Moblogging is not the accepted term and that this article just made it up. Moblogging sounds like a euphemism for masturbation at best and a bout of thunderous diarrhea at worst.

I'm going to go moblog, I'll leave to your imagination which one I'm actually doing.
2006-11-27 2:21:44 PM  
He'll be interweb-famous before he's even done puking on himself.
2006-11-27 2:22:08 PM  
oi! methinks the subby is bit of a limey.
2006-11-27 2:23:03 PM  
Yep. That's what they call it. It sounds dirty, I love it.
2006-11-27 2:27:23 PM  
I'm huge into LiveJournal/online journals in general, and have been for years [been doing it pretty much daily since 1999], but even I think trying to extend it to mobile phones is asinine.
2006-11-27 2:27:43 PM  
smitty, d'ya like dargs?
2006-11-27 2:29:24 PM  
What's the internetweb? Isn't that like saying ATM machine or PIN number?
2006-11-27 2:30:56 PM  
Fark has gotten bloody english lately, so sod off yer kippers with a right flash bird for a bit of a shag snog old bean.
2006-11-27 2:31:00 PM  
sorry, what is Blogspot again? free moblogging app.

and how long has it been around? forEVER!
2006-11-27 2:33:29 PM  
I never use the MMS features of my phone. If I take a neat picture with it, I use Bluetooth to upload it to my computer. MMS is too damn expensive.

\Wants his cheap 3G network please
\\Also a pony
2006-11-27 2:37:30 PM  
As for Vox: I've got time and skill. I'll set up and maintain my own blog and gallery. The only thing it lacks is neat "friend" features, which I don't need anyway because I've got real life friends.
2006-11-27 2:37:39 PM  
I've noticed that too.

Silly English and their quarks.
2006-11-27 2:42:27 PM  
So where's your mate's bums? I didn't come in here to read.

Bah. You guys are no fun...
2006-11-27 2:43:54 PM  
I just signed up for vox the other day because of the video hosting part, sadly the upload limit is a lot lower than I expected and will limit what I planned to use it for (fireworks videos). But I certainly have no plans/interest in this mobile crap. Hell, I don't even have a cell phone...
2006-11-27 2:49:14 PM  
It's tits!
2006-11-27 2:58:01 PM  
subatomic particles?

/a quirk is an odd habit
//if intentional, i apologize
2006-11-27 3:01:14 PM  
No, I think you mean Boobies, but you'd still be wrong, It's for Mate's Bum's I tells ya.
2006-11-27 3:13:09 PM  
moblogging quick history, first entry 1995, first cellphone version 2000, term coined, 2002.

/what would we do without jimbo.
//your dog wants a nokia n93
2006-11-27 3:49:37 PM  
MoBlogging? Is that like the Voice Posts I have been doing on LiveJournal for 2 years?
2006-11-27 3:59:00 PM  
Bugger all you pukka punter blokes
2006-11-27 4:07:16 PM  
Mate. I guess you could use "buddy" or "pal" if you like. Derived from "shipmate", and has nothing to do with mating, you silly people.

Arse. Your ass, but not your donkey. Your bum, your bottom, your hindquarters, and what you sometimes hilariously refer to as a fanny for some reason.

In exchange I demand at least one thread to be translated from basement-dwelling nerd into proper English.

Thank you.
2006-11-27 6:40:33 PM  
To all the farkers that don't understand the draw of mobile blogging:

2006-11-27 7:30:09 PM  
cybereal: I think it's not so much the "mobile"/outside part, but the Yet Another Stupid Construction On the Stupid Word "Blog" part that's got so many knickers in a twist.

I grudgingly accept "weblog". "Blog" makes me want to shoot people.
2006-11-27 7:54:11 PM  
Nice plug for a secondrate web2.0 douchebag crapfest.
2006-11-27 11:18:00 PM  
It'll all end in tears, I know it.
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