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(WNBC)   Today's "Construction workers find human skulls" story brought to you by Poughkeepsie, NY   ( wnbc.com) divider line
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2006-11-23 09:13:33 PM  
Jimmy Hoffa?
2006-11-23 09:40:18 PM  
2006-11-23 09:40:24 PM  
Poughkeepsie is a hole, color me unsurprised.
2006-11-23 09:42:47 PM  
What's so scary about that, it would have been more intresting if they found Jimmy Hoffa.
2006-11-23 09:44:24 PM  
I'm glad this story has finally came to a head.
2006-11-23 09:45:49 PM  
'Better leave it there, Fred. That's a load-bearing corpse."
2006-11-23 09:46:47 PM  
So...... they only moved the headstones?
2006-11-23 09:53:59 PM  
Not nearly as freaky as serial killer Kendall Francois we had in Poughkeepsie. Go look him up. I dare you. Creepy motherfarker he is.

/lives near Poughkeepsie
2006-11-23 09:55:20 PM  

/I need to work on my dismount
2006-11-23 10:01:28 PM  
This is why you never pick your feet.
2006-11-23 10:16:21 PM  

Ok, i'm sick of it. This is too much.

050 END
2006-11-23 10:22:57 PM  
My birth town at it again! hahahah, will those serial-killers EVER learn!
2006-11-23 10:32:15 PM  
[image from roberthood.net too old to be available]
2006-11-23 10:35:52 PM  
[image from i95.photobucket.com too old to be available]

Doffs his cap to you, gnasche.
2006-11-23 10:52:39 PM  
Let me 2nd the: Jimmy Hoffa?!
2006-11-23 11:01:36 PM  
ALas, Robert Urich, I knew him well.
And his family.
2006-11-23 11:01:42 PM  
[image from catalog-of-cool.com too old to be available]

Must've been the Johnson brothers.
2006-11-23 11:15:34 PM  
unavailable for comment:

[image from gmu.edu too old to be available]
2006-11-23 11:18:32 PM  
I can find lots of good points in digging up human skulls. Not only the social status at being famous for finding skulls, but just the freak-out value alone is enough to make it enticing. But all things considered, when I really put alot of thought into it, I'm glad they were the ones who dug them up, and not me. Yeah, I'm comfortable with this situation the way it is.
2006-11-23 11:18:56 PM  
b33rnutz: My birth town at it again! hahahah, will those serial-killers EVER learn!

Yet another Original Poughkeepsiean relocated to GA.

2006-11-23 11:30:44 PM  
On the case:

[image from five.tv too old to be available]

/got nothing
2006-11-23 11:40:28 PM  
Irish laborers from the 1800s
2006-11-23 11:43:47 PM  
Tony Soprano sought for questioning
2006-11-24 12:11:44 AM  
Construction worker finds skulls?

[image from sacfreepress.com too old to be available]
2006-11-24 12:29:05 AM  
Hey it's Jimmy Hoffa!!

/Oh, it's been said
//And again
///I'm such a loser, fark it
2006-11-24 12:31:33 AM  
I am personally obligated to post in every Poughkeepsie thread that I used to live there.

//dunno why, just an attention whore, I suppose
2006-11-24 01:05:57 AM  
I'm not an attention whore but I was born and raised in po-town until I was 10. I did not however, move to GA.

I moved after I killed my parents and buried the bodies in an empty lot. I hear they're building something on it no... hope they don't find any evidence.
2006-11-24 01:06:15 AM  
I was born in Poughkeepsie, so hey. Here's the post.

/only lived there a year
//I remember Rhinecliff better
2006-11-24 01:24:50 AM  
When I was 4 or 5, my baby sitter was murdered. This was back in 1969 or so. She was a mildly retarded girl named Ursula Shiba. She lived downstairs from us at 101-A S. Hamilton St. She was murdered in the woods between Academy St. and South Avenue, long before the retirement home was built there.
2006-11-24 01:33:01 AM  
She'll figure it out. She always does.

[image from i115.photobucket.com too old to be available]

2006-11-24 02:03:49 AM  
Such a small town, the ratio of farkers and Poughkeepsie is just way to high to be a meer coincidence. Maybe being in the presence of serial killers does that to people, post on FARK that is. Interesting!
2006-11-24 02:18:17 AM  
Yes, Pok. is a small city, but it also has an overabundance of famous people. Also, back in the '70's, my mother's best friend, Virginia O'Hare, won a landmark medical malpractice lawsuit. $850,000 for a misplaced belly-button.
2006-11-24 04:21:22 AM  
Obligatory post to say: "Im from 20 minutes away originally"
2006-11-24 08:54:52 AM  
Obvious tag?
2006-11-24 08:58:18 AM  
Po-town really is a hole. What do you expect with the safest street called "Hooker Ave." Not kidding.

/grew up 30 minutes away
//lives 15 minutes away now
///currently looking to move
2006-11-24 09:24:55 AM  
'Better leave it there, Fred. That's a load-bearing corpse."

C'mon... I can't be the only person who thought that this was an awesome comment.
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