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(Bloomberg)   Oil prices fall below $59/barrel on news of Emmitt Smith winning Dancing with the Stars   ( divider line
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2006-11-16 08:07:33 AM  
Local gas prices continue to rise.

2006-11-16 08:17:36 AM  
I'm sorry...were there guys in the competition?
2006-11-16 08:18:01 AM  
Oil prices, Emmitt Smith, Dancing with the Stars and the world in general all give me gas. AAAAH. There. Fixed it.
2006-11-16 08:19:52 AM  
Emmitt Smith is a remarkable fellow, but Barry Sanders would have outdanced him.

Still, I'll think of Emmitt as I fill up my gas tank later.
2006-11-16 08:20:20 AM  
I blame Bush..
2006-11-16 08:21:44 AM  
Why do we need an update every time the price of crude moves a dollar in any direction? Complete with dumb headline. I see like one of these a day at least. In fact this is probably the third time this week oil has dropped below $59 a barrel on Fark.
2006-11-16 08:22:12 AM  
Yay I just bought an F150.

/gets better mileage than my jeep, suck it hippies
2006-11-16 08:22:54 AM  
Gas companies will still raise prices 20 cents/gallon in time for Thanksgiving travel.
2006-11-16 08:25:00 AM  
All the fark headlines say gas is dropping but its gone up from 2.19 to about 2.26 in my area (s florida)

I hope it goes up to $5/gallon
2006-11-16 08:26:38 AM  
They must not have gotten the memo that the election is over...
2006-11-16 08:27:09 AM  
Gas still going up here in Cary, too.
2006-11-16 08:28:58 AM  
Gas is up about .10/gal here in Texas too.
2006-11-16 08:36:08 AM  
Gas has risen just after the elections as predicted!
2006-11-16 08:37:20 AM  
Yup, going up here in Philly also...

Jeez, who'da thunk it?
2006-11-16 08:42:00 AM  
Yeah and last month OPEC said that they are cutting production starting in December to artificially inflat oil prices. Give it a month or two. We will all be back up to $2.75 to $3.00 for gas
2006-11-16 08:47:41 AM  
Honestly, Mario danced circles around Emmet. It was fixed, just like gas prices.
2006-11-16 08:51:17 AM  

Yup, going up here in Philly also...

Jeez, who'da thunk it?

gas hasn't gone up here in jesusland PA

/still 2.15
/by jesusland i mean shippensburg
/2 hrs west of you
2006-11-16 08:52:03 AM  

That's because he's a dancer.

Yes, I watched Saved By The Bell -- and I liked it!
2006-11-16 09:02:51 AM  
F'ing ripoff, just like they did to Stacy last season.
2006-11-16 09:04:00 AM  
Anyone else notice how gas prices continuously drop below $59 barrels almost daily?
2006-11-16 09:19:24 AM  
The lowest it's been here in Orlando is $2.09 just a few weeks ago. Now it's up to about $2.16. I'm afraid of what will happen if the prices keep dropping. Thank Jebus Dancing with the Stars is over.
2006-11-16 09:26:46 AM  
I seem to remember something about oil inventories were rising and gas inventories were lower than expected a few days ago, so these price changes would suggest that is continuing to be the case. Possibly the refiners are just hanging back and building inventories to see exactly how much OPEC decides to move in a couple of weeks - if its a large decrease in production those oil inventories will suddenly be worth more than they were in the last couple of weeks and it will be a windfall profit for them. Who knows really though, there are a lot of factors involved and a lot of the estimates of where everything stands can be way out anyway.
2006-11-16 09:35:03 AM  

Crude has to be refined to make gas. When they say "oil drops to X price" it doesn't neccisarily mean that the price of unleaded has fallen to that level.

Yesterdays inventory report was that oil inventories were slightly up up storage of unleaded was way down.
2006-11-16 09:36:10 AM  
I'm glad Emmitt won and not Mario. Could that guy be any more phony? Anyway, Walter Payton would have outdanced them both.
2006-11-16 09:50:09 AM  
Wait, I thought oil prices were supposed to spike right back up to $80 after the election?

/Still happy with the outcome, despite the insame conspiracy theories
2006-11-16 10:10:58 AM  
I normally get 65mpg.

But I walked today.

\Suck it, King Fahd!
2006-11-16 10:27:56 AM  
Gas has been 1.99 here for weeks.

Icky Woods would out-dance everybody.
2006-11-16 10:40:12 AM  
I didn't particularly like SBTB, but Mario can really dance. IIRC, it was his dance partner that was the professional dancer.
2006-11-16 10:42:21 AM  
Why do we need an update every time the price of crude moves a dollar in any direction? Complete with dumb headline.

Because liberals were freaking out at every penny it rose and blamed the president. Liken the dumb Fark headlines as a more concise version of he content of NYT articles.
2006-11-16 10:45:13 AM  
Emmitt Smith is a remarkable fellow, but Barry Sanders would have outdanced him.

Barry Sanders is the most overrated player in the history of the NFL. He's great, but everyone wants to put him at the top just because he was fun to watch. But look at his playoff numbers, or anything besides his yards per carry, and you'll see he just doesn't stack up to a lot of the other great backs. The fact that he didn't kill anyone, though, probably puts him slightly ahead of OJ Simpson.
2006-11-16 10:51:18 AM  

I hope it goes up to $5/gallon

Sure, let's fark those poor people over really hard. It's not like we don't pay for oil to, oh I don't know, transport farking food to the grocery store, grow food, get to work, etc.

/not a liberal but can't stand regressive taxes and stupid not-well-thought-out-schemes that punish the poor
2006-11-16 10:54:52 AM  
by jesusland i mean shippensburg

Shippensburg isn't jesusland. You want Jesusland? Try visiting Lancaster. Well, not the city. The burbs.

We keep the city weird to keep the douchebag burbanites out.

\Loves my town.
2006-11-16 10:57:31 AM  
Oil Prices != Gas Prices, even in trending, especially when it is winter in the northern hemisphere.
2006-11-16 11:02:54 AM  
Emmitt - omelet
2006-11-16 11:51:06 AM  
Emmit's da man!!! But Barry most likely would have the record if he hadn't retired early. Emmit has super bowl rings though.
2006-11-16 01:02:32 PM  
fark Emmitt and the self righteous horse he rode in on. Hanging around in the league with mediocre skills just to break a record is self serving and dispicable(sp).

just another asshole cowboy.
2006-11-16 01:58:56 PM  
Ok, then why aren't my GAS prices falling! Still $2.34 gal. in central Wisconsin. (And havebeen for nearly 2 weeks)
2006-11-16 07:15:14 PM  
No change in St Louis. same as three weeks ago.
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