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(Sun Herald)   Trent Lott selected as Senate Minority Whip, because if there's one thing that Trent Lott likes, it's whipping minorities   ( divider line
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2141 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 15 Nov 2006 at 12:05 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-11-15 11:47:04 AM  
very offensively funny headline Smitty.
2006-11-15 11:50:04 AM  
Out-farking-standing headline. If I could give you +2, I would.
2006-11-15 11:51:47 AM  
Well played, submitter, well played.
2006-11-15 11:52:54 AM  
Excellent headline, you magnificent bastard. I salute you, sir.
2006-11-15 11:56:44 AM  
Can we all go sit on his front porch yet?
2006-11-15 12:05:40 PM  
I don't agree with the sentiments, but that's one hell of a headline. +1
2006-11-15 12:06:58 PM  
Ha! Not true, but I LOL'ed.
2006-11-15 12:07:16 PM  
Nicely done, submitter.
2006-11-15 12:07:32 PM  
Man, that is a great headline. Well done Smitty. Come out, get your kudos.
2006-11-15 12:07:40 PM  
whips headline until it turns green.
2006-11-15 12:08:12 PM  
For those of you who are joining us now, hop in line to suck off smitty
2006-11-15 12:08:24 PM  
Add submitter to my previous comment.
2006-11-15 12:08:32 PM  
If Strom Thurmond were alive today, he'd read that headline and, well, soil himself and die.

+1 submitter...Farktacular!!
2006-11-15 12:08:36 PM  
that's funny
2006-11-15 12:08:55 PM  
I would love to see the top 100 Fark headlines of all time. some totally farked upper got a line on that?
2006-11-15 12:08:58 PM  
Submitter wins a bagel. Good show, sir.
2006-11-15 12:09:15 PM  
2006-11-15 12:09:28 PM  

I don't necessarily agree with the headline, but that's humor for you...sometimes things are funny because they exaggerate or play on stereotypes.
2006-11-15 12:09:39 PM  
Bravo submitter! Uber-golf-clap for thy headline.
2006-11-15 12:10:03 PM  
LOVE it! Well, the headline, that is - not the news behind it. Had to share this one with the office.

/Yay, Creative Department - we can be offensive and not offend anyone!
2006-11-15 12:10:11 PM  
Ha. Well played, sumbitter.
2006-11-15 12:10:57 PM  
I can hear Jay Leno repeating it on tonight's "Tonight Show."
2006-11-15 12:11:03 PM  
Posting from class, still laughed out loud.
2006-11-15 12:11:32 PM  
submitter doesn't get wet, water gets submitter'ed
2006-11-15 12:12:23 PM  
5 points says Jon Stewart uses this headline in some fashion tonight on the Daily Show..
2006-11-15 12:12:28 PM  

Yeah at least one show is going to use that.
2006-11-15 12:12:41 PM  
ell oh ell
2006-11-15 12:12:58 PM  
Nicely played. Slightly unfair to Lott, but only slightly. Hi-freakin'-larious in any event.

2006-11-15 12:13:49 PM  
I only wish Strom Thurmond were still president!
2006-11-15 12:13:51 PM  
MEGA DITTOS to smitty
2006-11-15 12:14:02 PM  
Great, now I've got a co-worker looking at me funny because I was chuckling at the headline.

Awesome smitty, simply awesome.
2006-11-15 12:14:08 PM  
I couldn't suppress a laugh. You'll see this one on the daily show too, I'm sure.

+1 + 8i
2006-11-15 12:14:49 PM  
It is fun...
2006-11-15 12:14:52 PM  
Excellent headline. Bravo.
2006-11-15 12:15:15 PM  
Sen. Trent Lott, ousted from the Senate's leadership job four years ago because of remarks considered racially insensitive, won election to the No. 2 post Wednesday

Oh, but they won't tell you what it is. I will:

Lott provoked controversy when he declared at the Thurmond birthday celebration: "I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years."

And what "problems" would those be Trent? Having to share your water fountain with a black?
2006-11-15 12:15:48 PM  
(repeat of my redlighted headline)

If Trent Lott had just kept his leadership position, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years.

2006-11-15 12:16:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-15 12:16:51 PM  
Why don't they just dig up Strom Thurmond.
2006-11-15 12:16:55 PM  
Good jorb, stumby.

Has Trent Lott officially resigned from the KKK yet?

Funny how these congress critters work. Almost all of them have crooked backgrounds. Trent Lott is a borderline racialist [thanks Ali G!] making inflamatory racialist comments while the head R in the Senate. Murtha was involved in that Abascam. And John McCain was involved in the Keating Five scandal back in the 80's when he almost got convicted.

They get busted, so they just lay low for a few years, and then come back. Amusing.
2006-11-15 12:17:23 PM  
Too damn bad you can't copyright a zinger, smitty! C'est le mot juste!
2006-11-15 12:18:35 PM  
-5 on the news
+10 on the headline
2006-11-15 12:19:39 PM  
Submitter once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean.
2006-11-15 12:19:56 PM  
fUNNY Smittty:

then why wasn't Robert Byrd the previous whip?

2006-11-15 12:20:38 PM  
I'm a bush basher and a democrat

I think the headline was funny

I wish trent lott was not a member of my govt.

(note to neocons - it is not necessary to support everyone that has a particular letter next to their name, even if it's the party you support most of the time)
2006-11-15 12:20:45 PM  
Golf Clap, submitty
2006-11-15 12:20:48 PM  
LMAO even as a "Republitard" I find the headline funny.
/Still a Stereotype that does not fit.
//Still funny tho.
2006-11-15 12:21:31 PM  
elchip: Jay Leno get his stuff off Fark? Never!

Fark was referenced in Reader's Digest this month. Frightening, eh?
2006-11-15 12:21:39 PM  
smitty wins.
2006-11-15 12:22:41 PM  
I am a Republican.

Despite the fact that I wholly disagree with the statement, I truly applaud the humor.

*golf clap*

/Since I am a Republican, I really know how to do a proper golf clap right?
2006-11-15 12:22:41 PM  
I was going to say something about Jon Stewart using this line tonight...
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