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(TILL)   Wish someone had video of that guy lighting a rocket in his buttcheeks? Fark does   ( thisislondon.co.uk) divider line
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2006-11-09 01:17:32 PM  
2006-11-09 01:17:49 PM  
That video is, how do I say this...

2006-11-09 01:18:11 PM  
Kick ass!!
2006-11-09 01:18:11 PM  
very inflamatory
2006-11-09 01:18:43 PM  
That's some good video, Lou.
/not really
2006-11-09 01:19:12 PM  
Paging Darwin...
2006-11-09 01:19:16 PM  

"The victim is recovering at Sunderland Royal Hospital after sustaining horrific internal injuries including a scorched colon."

...and so a new cliche is born
\and somewhere an angel gets his wings
2006-11-09 01:19:26 PM  
Fark wishes someone had a video of that guy lighting a rocket in his buttcheeks?

Good to know.
2006-11-09 01:19:37 PM  
mmmm....scorched colon.

2006-11-09 01:20:33 PM  
wow that woulda been cool if i hadn't seen it before in a link in the comments in the thread attaced to the original article.

/just sayin
2006-11-09 01:20:53 PM  
Nothing is better than this one. Repeat - NOTHING.

2006-11-09 01:20:55 PM  
Been done before.

Low quality vid.

Not very long.

Just go to Youtube and search for "buttrocket" to get the first, the authentic, and the certainly more painful version. (1:11)

(NSFW probably too)
2006-11-09 01:21:14 PM  
It was shot an a cellphone.
2006-11-09 01:21:19 PM  
As Red would say, "Dumbass!"
2006-11-09 01:21:20 PM  
Wow, what an asshole.
2006-11-09 01:22:04 PM  
nacol(e)on dynamite
2006-11-09 01:22:26 PM  
i thought this was two months old for a second.

lousy brits and their illogical units of measurement.
2006-11-09 01:22:39 PM  
And now, stay tuned for these messages from Colon Blow breakfast cereal
2006-11-09 01:22:50 PM  
[image from img501.imageshack.us too old to be available]
tsg [TotalFark]
2006-11-09 01:22:59 PM  
2006-11-09 01:23:23 PM  

2006-11-09 01:23:56 PM  
Emulating the movie Jackass. Heh I'd hoped that movie would become popular enough so that people would imitate it and kill themselves in the process. I see my plan is working.
2006-11-09 01:24:10 PM  
"This is boring, what can we do?"

/lights colon on fire
2006-11-09 01:24:11 PM  
Damn you Flashman73! DAMN YOU!!!!

(Although it actually works pretty well, one right after the other like that.)
2006-11-09 01:24:39 PM  
Big deal! My ass does that without fireworks.
/off to Taco Bell
2006-11-09 01:24:42 PM  
let me just repeat:

2006-11-09 01:24:51 PM  
I really wish they would stop referencing Jackass as inspiration, it's not like they invented the concept of doing stupid things with fireworks.

While I never witnessed anyone sticking a roman candle up their ass there were plenty of stupid things with bottlerockets and firecrackers.
2006-11-09 01:25:02 PM  
The YouTube video where the kid lights a bottle rocket in his ass and it stays there until it explodes is quite possibly the funniest video that has ever been on the Internet.

It isn't just the rocket, it's the whole set-up, and the reaction afterwards.
2006-11-09 01:25:06 PM  
wtf....it looked it was aimed inward....
2006-11-09 01:25:12 PM  



Slowpoke. :)
2006-11-09 01:25:35 PM  
he had the rocket launching into his arse instead of out?

2006-11-09 01:25:55 PM  
"...including a scorched colon"

My asshole just clinched up so tight that I'm not going to be able to fart all day.
2006-11-09 01:26:46 PM  
Everytime I think I'm an idiot, someone out there is able to convince me that everything is relative.

/snickered at the colon blow picture
2006-11-09 01:26:57 PM  
studebaker hoch

2006-11-09 01:27:32 PM  
"Rectum? It damned near killed 'im!"
2006-11-09 01:27:48 PM  
DFASC -Die From A Scorched Colon!
2006-11-09 01:28:31 PM  
Now he has a semi-colon ...
2006-11-09 01:29:18 PM  
i knew a great local rock band that all got arrested for launching bottle rockets from their posteriors out of the upstairs window of their house.

i was wondering where the hell they got the idea. . .
2006-11-09 01:29:39 PM  
The first one is for sure the best!
"dude its a asshole"
2006-11-09 01:30:06 PM  
oh, and timboalogo might have won the thread.
2006-11-09 01:30:26 PM  
2006-11-09 01:30:28 PM  
What got me about the article was the fact he just got back from Iraq. You survive a place like that and then get hurt doing a foolish thing like this. Truly Darwin was trying to make up for slacking on his list that day.
2006-11-09 01:31:09 PM  
Change car oil, top off radiator. CHECK.
Get milk, eggs, Pop Tarts. CHECK.
Launch rocket out of ass. CH-AAAAAUUUUGGGG!
Pick up suit at cleaners.
Amputate tongue with scissors.
Call mom & dad.
2006-11-09 01:32:20 PM  
Just cruised over and watched "buttrocket" again, yeah its still funny!
"stay still"
2006-11-09 01:32:25 PM  
polecat_bastard: oh, and timboalogo might have won the thread.

Oh, yeah. Timboalogo definately won. Semi-colon...hehehehee.
2006-11-09 01:32:25 PM  

The first one is for sure the best!
"dude its a asshole"

Indeed. Another classic line - "Dude, pull up your sack. Yeah, like that!"
2006-11-09 01:32:53 PM  
Now he has a semi-colon ...


/Ok, I admit it. I LOL'd
2006-11-09 01:33:34 PM  
*Doctor flips through medical texts*
"Let's see, scorched colon...nope. Got nothin."
2006-11-09 01:34:02 PM  
all i ask for is a pic of mickey roony putting 2 firecrackers in is ears and lighting them.

can't find that movie, and been searching since i lost my old tapes od 'nite flight'.
2006-11-09 01:35:20 PM  
isamudyson: What got me about the article was the fact he just got back from Iraq.

No purple heart then?
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