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(News.com.au)   Student who put a belt around his neck to keep him awake while studying hangs himself   ( news.com.au) divider line
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2002-07-18 02:59:25 AM  
I wonder if he was studying a Playboy.
2002-07-18 03:01:37 AM  
Eak Chongsawatwattana
2002-07-18 03:05:42 AM  
alrite lets face it, if you need to have a belt around your neck in order to stay awake i have a bit of advise for you. GET MORE SLEEP. what would be going through his mind "hmm, i'm tired. lets get a belt and put it around my neck, then maybe it'll wake me up a bit!" ..... um... no.
2002-07-18 03:05:55 AM  
Was that dude from INXS studying too?
2002-07-18 03:08:25 AM  
Obligatory Darwin references beginning........

2002-07-18 03:09:09 AM  
This is not the proper way to succeed

no shiat

Darwin award anyone?
2002-07-18 03:09:45 AM  
damn you, Imcool!
2002-07-18 03:10:08 AM  
"He had learned the trick from other university students."

If I took any of the advice some of my college buddies gave me seriously, I wouldn't be alive today either. What can I say, pure "Dumbass."
2002-07-18 03:14:42 AM  
2002-07-18 03:16:55 AM  
2002-07-18 03:17:13 AM  
i woulda gotten it in before you said that and made you look stupid if i hadn't forgotten to type my password...so the stupider man rightfully lost, i guess.
2002-07-18 03:27:46 AM  
this sounds a lot like autoerotic asphyxiation to me, too. the article doesn't say if he was nude or not, but nude+hanging tends to point to AA.
2002-07-18 03:28:31 AM  
OMG--That was classic, Imcool.
2002-07-18 03:33:28 AM  
We've got a Florida tage (and may I offer my warmest congratulations to all involved). Now I think we should start a movement for a Darwin tag.
2002-07-18 03:34:22 AM  

How the hell did I spell congratulations correctly, and TAG incorrectly for fark's sake?
2002-07-18 03:36:56 AM  
i wanna get a "REDNECK" tag

my pathetic attempt (on MS Paint):

[image from geocities.com too old to be available]

i tried a pickup truck and cletus tag but it was too small. i kno somebody out there can do a better job. i don't even have photoshop.
2002-07-18 03:40:40 AM  
LOL!!!! This is the funniest thing I've read all morning!....its only 12:45AM.......

uh...i mean..poor guy.......

ahah hha...
2002-07-18 03:52:18 AM  
Cut the guy some slack.

All he wanted to do was be on that game show two links up.
2002-07-18 03:59:07 AM  
yeah, he was hoping it had the same host as the reference one link down. he wouldn't have to study as hard if it wasn't for the facts presented two links down. if he had better, louder music than the one mentioned one link up, he wouldn't need to hang himself to stay awake.

i'm burned out. good night.
2002-07-18 04:01:56 AM  
This would never happen to a stoner.
2002-07-18 04:04:33 AM  
Dang Nabbit, someone else beat me to the Darwin Award reference!
2002-07-18 04:25:29 AM  
Whoa it's late.. I found this funny (feel like i'm 12!) and wonder if i'm the first...
'Dr PORNthip Rojanasunant ' gotta get to bed soon...
2002-07-18 04:35:49 AM  

[image from bill.dorrk.com too old to be available]

I already suggested it to Drew via the Farkback and included a link to this pic I made.
2002-07-18 04:40:35 AM  
Forensics expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunant told the daily it was likely Eak had died from a lack of oxygen to his brain.


I'm still trying to figure out the mechanics of this, though. I mean, you'd have to be pretty farking tired to let yourself choke to death like that.

2002-07-18 05:17:48 AM  
Bwahahahahaha! One less moron to compete with in the job market.
2002-07-18 05:24:56 AM  
shiat. i should refresh more often.. just posted a link to the same story on another site...

oh well... its not like anything i ever submit gets posted anwayz...
2002-07-18 07:01:50 AM  
I think this would be the best use of the picture of nelson with the tagline "Haw Haw" we've had in a while...
2002-07-18 07:12:04 AM  
[image from synergizedsolutions.com too old to be available]
Haw haw!

happy now Llarken?
2002-07-18 07:27:45 AM  
Hmm, some idiot farks up...

My response:

2002-07-18 08:13:26 AM  
guess he was really really tired
2002-07-18 08:55:24 AM  
He was just scarfing. I bet his pants were around his ankles while he was "studying"
2002-07-18 09:24:14 AM  
Why couldn't he just use the old sodium pentathol in the Jolt Cola trick like the rest of us did in college?

These kids today and their whacky studying methods... someone's gonna get hurt one day!... and I don't mean just dead.
2002-07-18 09:25:25 AM  
The article didn't say, but I bet the kid was well hung.
(wahh wahh wahh wahhhhhhhh)
2002-07-18 09:51:28 AM  
he might not have choked, if the belt constricted the artery, rather than the windpipe, you go out in 3-5 seconds painlessly, as opposed to c cople of minutes from cutting off the air supply.
2002-07-18 09:53:46 AM  
Forensics expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunant told the daily it was likely Eak had died from a lack of oxygen to his brain.
Aren't like over 99% of all deaths caused by lack of oxygen to the brain? granted, there are extenuating circumstances, like cutting off the blood supply with a belt, heart failure, inhaling water instead of air, etc.
2002-07-18 10:12:33 AM  
Stevarooni: He died because his heart stopped beating.
2002-07-18 10:14:41 AM  
How much can you really learn when you are that tired, and when you start strangling yourself to top it off???
2002-07-18 10:20:54 AM  
I used to study with a string looped around my head that ran back, around a pulley, and tied to the trigger of a gun behind me. When I would start to nod off, the gun would fire and the bullet piercing my skull would wake me up.
2002-07-18 10:21:52 AM  
Mom, get out of my room, I'm studying!
2002-07-18 10:30:11 AM  
The article said that he died from a lack of oxygen to his brain. What brain!, this guy was brainless. Well it raises the level of the gene pool, besides who needs an education that bad, look at me with just a high school education and after 40yrs. I'm still an under paid machinist. Oh yah huh!
2002-07-18 10:37:17 AM  
Damn, doesn't this kid have a friend with a ritalin perscription. Its a much better way to stay up all night and keep yourself focused.

Vitamin R......got me through a college career of procrastination!
2002-07-18 11:32:50 AM  
What a JagOff
2002-07-18 11:36:21 AM  
Give the guy some credit for knowing that he was a dumbass and trying to improve himself.
2002-07-18 12:23:06 PM  
ImCool that was awesome.

And yea, good thing this jagoff can't have kids now.
2002-07-18 12:35:48 PM  
Dammit. Not a rope you fool. Your suppose to tie a knife under your neck! Oh well. To late.
2002-07-18 12:54:27 PM  
Moooof: Yes, he indeed needed some "slack"

Yeah, I know, I'm gonna burn in H-E-L-L for that one...
2002-07-18 12:57:55 PM  
"hangs himself"

Thank you for not saying he "hung himself".

anyway, one less mouth to feed.
2002-07-18 01:25:58 PM  
Your so fine
lose my mind
and the world seems to disappear

Too many INXS lyrics to insert too little time.

Heartless biatch I know. 3:^)
2002-07-18 01:28:22 PM  
....and a biatch who can't spell with a cat on her lap either. ;P

Bad kitty!!!!
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