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(Boston Globe)   Mass voters reject ballot question to legalize wine sales in supermarkets because it destroys marriage or something   ( divider line
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8095 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 08 Nov 2006 at 1:37 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-11-08 12:21:40 PM  
You mean you aren't allowed to buy wine in supermarkets? What an ass-backward place. This side of the pond supermarkets sell just about every kind of "intoxicating liqour".
2006-11-08 1:12:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-08 1:36:24 PM  
Psst...You can buy wine/liquor/beer at Shaw's in Copley Plaza...shhhhhhhh!
2006-11-08 1:39:45 PM  
sure is...
2006-11-08 1:40:05 PM  
I can buy wine in a supermarket in tightass Ontario, socialist Canada! WTF?
2006-11-08 1:41:10 PM  
Can't buy wine in grocery stores in NY either. Vermont's pretty cool's available even at the gas station!
2006-11-08 1:41:29 PM  
I think they have some wine over at the Kennedy Compound.

My state is weird.
2006-11-08 1:41:45 PM  
awww can't by wine in a supermarker... how quanit..

what a bucnh of east coast puritannical bullshiate!

here in the good ole midwest you can get wine to hard liquor at the grocery store... your one-stop shop!
2006-11-08 1:41:45 PM  
If you can find a Supermarket in Mass then you'll easily find 2-3 packies within a block of them selling liquor. Bonus being the packie will sell more of a variety of hooch.
2006-11-08 1:41:45 PM  
No, actually, we've already destroyed marriage. This was rejected because it would destroy the small business owner.

Seriously, in late October, the opposition switched to a scare tactic of "wine in Walmart," and support jumped twenty points.
2006-11-08 1:41:58 PM  
That's okay, the Republican Headquarters has all the whine you can stock up on.

Plus they currently have a surplus of it....
2006-11-08 1:42:29 PM  
I mean, dived twenty points. Whoops.

/Plus, most package stores sell groceries, anyway.
2006-11-08 1:42:42 PM  
Even down here in bass ackwards Alabama we can buy wine at a supermarket.

/Assuming you don't live in a county with a majority of over-zealous Baptists
2006-11-08 1:42:42 PM  
Yeah, but you can still get rubbing alcohol.

/Just ask Kitty Dukakis.
//One-way, please.
2006-11-08 1:42:42 PM  
Yep, no wine in supermarkets... unless of course the supermarket happens to have a liquor store inside of it. Like the one near my house. Or the other one near my house.

/doesn't understand exactly what the point of this bill was.
2006-11-08 1:42:43 PM  
Massholes suck. Their buckles are too tight.
[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-08 1:42:50 PM  
Who the hell voted against this? Even my 65 year old parents and their friends voted for it.
2006-11-08 1:42:51 PM  
American Nervoso: Psst...You can buy wine/liquor/beer at Shaw's in Copley Plaza...shhhhhhhh!

And at the Trader Joe's in Cambridge!

/in CT alcohol sales still end at 8:00pm every day. Oh, and no Sundays. Ever.
//yay blue laws!
2006-11-08 1:43:14 PM  
This state will vote in Kennedy with 70% of the vote, but if we had a ballot intiative to outlaw burning of witches, the majority would be opposed to it.

Looks like I still gotta go to K(r)appy's for wine.
2006-11-08 1:43:16 PM  
There were a bunch of stupid ones like this. I'm cross posting an earlier post from another thread here....

2006-11-08 11:11:36 AM vegasj

republican, dem. I could care less.

one of the nations strongest anti-smoing laws was voted for in Nevada....

basically.... any place of business selling food is now no-smoking.

that counts bars too..... kiss the bar food/kitchens good bye, it's already been said by one of Vegas' biggest local tavern chain that kitchens will go before they tell gamblers they can't smoke while drinking and playing.

Question 4 (can still smoke in bars) & 5 (can't smoke in bars that serve food) have to one of the stupidest things I've ever seen on a ballot. Both were voted a resounding NO on both ends yet since 5 got 5% more YES votes for a total of 28.38% that's the ban that gets inacted? That's just farking stupid that the State can get away with that. It's like a "Do you still beat your wife?" approach to ballot measure. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I can see the next election.

Question 4 - Modify the state constitution declaring gay marriage illegal

Question 5 - Modify the state constitution defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman.
2006-11-08 1:43:39 PM  
Please tell me their gun laws are hilariously lax.

Because I'd love that. Can't buy wine at a supermarket, but if you can say your name, you can buy a full-automatic machine gun.

Do not destroy my beautiful dream.
2006-11-08 1:43:55 PM  
People joke about California, and it is more expensive than other places... but man I wouldn't move out of here for anything. The fact that there are places - whole states even! - where you can't pick up a bottle of wine with your groceries due to idiotic morality laws enacted by backwards teetotaler types scares the bejeezus out of me.

... come to think of it, it makes sense why it costs more to live here. Because it's better.

/except the ridiculous gun control, of course. But I said it was better, not perfect.
2006-11-08 1:44:21 PM  
hmmm...when I was at a packy in Bellingham, the guy was telling me this would allow for them to sell any kind of alcohol at any time they wanted.

I would have voted that down...but if its just wine, and you would need to still go to a packy to get liquor, I dont see a big deal. Most grocery stores only carry the cheap crappy wine anyways, you would need to go to a specialty store to get the premium goods.

Now, if they wanted to change the liquor license bit, they should make it so that licenses do not exchange hands when the store is sold, it goes back to the towns possession.
2006-11-08 1:44:34 PM  
AuntNotAnt: This was rejected because it would destroy the small business owner.

That and the scare adds about drunk driving and teen drinking.

I voted against it for the small businesses, though. I don't want to see the Packie go the way of the Drive-In.
2006-11-08 1:44:34 PM  
Sorry man. No booze OR guns for you.

/unless you're in the Trader Joe's in Coolidge Corner
2006-11-08 1:44:39 PM  
Fahkinell have heard of "Massachusetts," right?
2006-11-08 1:45:31 PM  
Hell, in Louisiana you can buy liquor at gas stations, and they have drive-thru bars in New Orleans! Ya Hweeeee!
2006-11-08 1:45:42 PM  
submitter: Mass voters reject ballot question to legalize wine sales in supermarkets because it destroys marriage or something

Wasn't that basically the argument put forward by the Women's Christian Temperance Union?

"Alcohol: it makes husbands gamble away their earnings, visit prostitutes, and beat their wives after they stagger home."

The argument was so convincing, apparently, that guess what happened as soon as women got the vote?
2006-11-08 1:46:04 PM  
I know that wine was not what destroyed my marriage. It may have helped it had I been able to buy it at the Brookshires!
2006-11-08 1:47:22 PM  
AuntNotAnt: No, actually, we've already destroyed marriage.

I blame Britney. Teh ghey actually seem to take it pretty seriously.
2006-11-08 1:49:22 PM  
Bigtimmy: hmmm...when I was at a packy in Bellingham, the guy was telling me this would allow for them to sell any kind of alcohol at any time they wanted.

I would have voted that down.


AuntNotAnt: have heard of "Massachusetts," right?

Well, I'm not an American, and I'm not keeping track of which state is making a fool of itself when and how (I try, but it's just too much work), so I don't actually know as much of the details about the separate states as I'd like to. Hence my uncertain tone and the post phrased as a question.
2006-11-08 1:49:30 PM  
I'm not sure what asshats voted no on 1. Who doesn't want cheap booze, and more of it?

/went to the polls mostly to vote yes on 1
//also for Patrick, I guess
2006-11-08 1:50:03 PM  
yeah.....i can buy wine and beer at Trader Joe's right across the street from my house. so i didn't really get this.

but i'm pretty sure this thing didn't pass because of those ads the liquor stores started running like 8 months ago.
"If convenience stores start selling wine, YOU WILL BE KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER."
2006-11-08 1:50:10 PM  
Hah, welcome to PA, where you need to go to the State Run Wine and Spirits store to get any wine or liquor, then if you want beer you do have two choices.

You can by it only by the case or keg at a beer distributor or you can go to the six pack shop and get an over priced six pack (which they purchased from the beer distributor.

Yep, PA, the largest single purchaser of wine in the world.
2006-11-08 1:50:32 PM  
Since when is 56:44 an "overwhelming" win?
Journalists and their exaggerations are annoying as hell.
2006-11-08 1:50:44 PM  
If you are buying wine in a supermarket, you should just kill yourself anyway.

/i see this as a good thing
//wine snob
2006-11-08 1:51:06 PM  
I'm ashamed to be from MA today.
2006-11-08 1:51:18 PM  
Ditto: Question 4 - Modify the state constitution declaring gay marriage illegal

Question 5 - Modify the state constitution defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

I remember that happened in Arizona in the 80s...they had two (or maybe even three) issues on the ballot at the same time about Martin Luther King Day. Something like:

1. Establish MLK Day as a state holiday and get rid of Columbus Day

2. Establish MLK Day as a state holiday and keep Columbus Day

3. Establish MLK Day as a state holiday, keep Columbus Day, but combine Washington & Jefferson's Birthdays in President's Day

Enough people voted yes for one and no for the others that none of them passed. Result: OMG ARIZONA VOTED DOWN MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY THOSE RACISTS LOL!1!!
2006-11-08 1:53:30 PM  
Supermarket operators in Massachusetts are allowed to hold up to 3 liquor licenses in the state.

Here are a few other supermarkets that sell:

Donelan's - Wayland
Whole Foods - Wayland
Trader Joe's - Framingham
Price Chopper - Lenox (at least the last time I was there)
Costco (wholesale club) - Waltham
2006-11-08 1:53:44 PM  
I still don't get why anyone would vote no on this. It encourages competition and almost every other state allows wine and beer in supermarkets. farking Massachusetts.

/i miss seattle
2006-11-08 1:54:35 PM  
I thought that Massachusetts was supposed to be one of the higher IQ states.
2006-11-08 1:55:32 PM  
I voted for this to pass, but even wihtout it passing, I see it as no big deal. The smaller supermarkets already sell wine, it's the big chains that have the problem getting approvals.

There was a lot of misinformation spread about it, especially with that Slumerville cop ad
2006-11-08 1:55:41 PM  
This is the most backwardass law i had ever heard of. Well almost as ridiculous as the gun laws around here. O NOES THE CRIMINALS DONT CARE ABOUT LAWS?

Where i grew up you can get wine and beer at pretty much any local gas station.

Add on the fact that they completely banned all fireworks in this state. I could just see our founding fathers now. Spinning in their graves.
2006-11-08 1:56:10 PM  
LemSkroob, in higher-end supermarkets in places where wine sales are commonplace, you will always be able to find some quite nice wines. I can go down to my local Safeway and find any number of excellent wines.
2006-11-08 1:56:26 PM  
Damn, who knew that Taxachusetts has worse liquor laws than Washington State? Unfarking believable.

At least here in Washington we can purchase wine at grocery stores and gas stations. But we still have to buy our whiskey at the state-run liquor stores. It farking sucks!

/Their prices are way too high.
//The selection sucks (no Montecristo Rum)
///Their hours of operation are a joke....they close too early, and only a few of them are open on Sundays.
2006-11-08 1:58:07 PM  
They were worried wine would destroy gay marriage.
2006-11-08 1:59:18 PM  
Let's see...can buy booze at Trader Joe's on Memorial drive in cambridge and in Coolidge Corner, and at the Shaws across from the prudential center, and at the shaws on western ave in Brighton...I'm wondering how exactly this "ban on grocery stores selling liquor" really works.

CT actually made the bold step of extending liquor sales hours to 9pm every night a couple years ago...Still no sundays though.
2006-11-08 1:59:32 PM  
Can't get any liquor over 2.5% (or some other ridiculously low percentage) alcohol in grocery stores here. Have to go to the liquor store (which can't be open on Sundays).

The first time I went to a grocery store in California I was amazed! I actually didn't know that some states allowed people to buy liquor whenever/wherever the hell they wanted.
2006-11-08 1:59:37 PM  

We actually have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

And regarding the wine in grocery stores thing, the ridiculous propaganda campaign by the liquor store owners is the only thing that got the motion defeated. The law would've only allowed wine sales and only in stores which carried produce, meats and dairy, thereby ruling out many gas stations and mini marts. Also, the law would have only allowed grocery stores to apply for licenses to sell wine, the individual city or town still had final say in granting the license. So, just ridiculous.

And as some others have said, if you live in Back Bay in Boston, the Shaws grocery store has a full liquor section in it- beer, wine, hard liquor, etc. My understanding is that they can do this because they bought a liquor license, like restaurants and bars have to, and these are very expensive and hard to come by.
2006-11-08 1:59:40 PM  
A Houston Chronicler: yeah.....i can buy wine and beer at Trader Joe's right across the street from my house. so i didn't really get this.

As rushfan01760 stated above - the reason you can buy beer at your Trader Joe's (and why I can buy it at mine in Framingham - Abrazo del Toro anyone?) is because each grocery store chain CAN sell wine, but only in 3 locations state-wide. Yes, that's very ass-backwards. I think the best bet would be to change that law rather than making a new one, but barring that, I voted yes on 1 and am disappointed that it didn't pass (though not overly so thanks to the local TJ's).
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