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(Chronicle-Herald)   Pretty soon, it will cost you $300 if you're caught publicly urinating in Calgary, leaving you almost no way to express how you feel about the city   ( thechronicleherald.ca) divider line
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2006-10-29 01:07:04 PM  
Hell, it only cost $50 in college.
2006-10-29 01:07:56 PM  
It only cost me a few stares downtown
2006-10-29 01:08:43 PM  
this pisses me off
2006-10-29 01:08:52 PM  

2006-10-29 01:09:31 PM  
i took a dump on an atm once in college - man was I hammered.
2006-10-29 01:10:24 PM  
the_sidewinder: Hahahahahahahahahahahah

I was going to say that until I read this:

"In an attempt to protect the public's perception of Calgary as a safe city, civic officials have developed a series of fines ranging from $50 for carrying a knife to $300 for urinating in public."

They can have my Leatherman when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.
2006-10-29 01:10:35 PM  
"In an attempt to protect the public's perception of Calgary as a safe city, civic officials have developed a series of fines ranging from $50 for carrying a knife to $300 for urinating in public."

Why is carrying a knife just a fine, and a fine less than peeing in public? Just like why I can't understand a copyright violation, like sharing MP3s, will get you fines and jailtime greater than some more serious crimes.

On the other hand, I agree with Calgary's attemp to keep R Kelly from city limits.

2006-10-29 01:11:21 PM  
How much for a poop?
2006-10-29 01:12:43 PM  
thats a price iam willing to pay
2006-10-29 01:15:06 PM  
Thats more than it costs for a private urination...
2006-10-29 01:16:38 PM  
free your willieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!1!!

2006-10-29 01:18:41 PM  
Fining the destitute only works if you are willing to put them in jail when they don't pay. In my city, they turn them lose with probation that includes a promise to pay, which is never completed. So you have a bunch of bums with warrants out for their arrest, but there is no room for them in jail. A big circle jerk. Bring back big warehouse like institutions for the barking mad, its better than what they have now, which is nothing.
2006-10-29 01:23:00 PM  
Ha ha...go Oilers
2006-10-29 01:24:39 PM  
What's retarded about this proposal is that Calgary doesn't presently have enough officers to enforce the bylaws already on the books. These new ones will change little.

Not that it matters much, but the bit about the knife is actually for wearing a visible knife--hanging on your belt, presumably. Cuz that's all threatening-like. Concealed knives are still A-OK.

/Calgarian and tired of this city
2006-10-29 01:25:33 PM  
there's always arson..
2006-10-29 01:26:37 PM  
Obviously I DRTFA. It mentions the "visible" bit later on.
2006-10-29 01:28:45 PM  

Which is why we will send them off to an isolated location together and then film the results.
2006-10-29 01:29:20 PM  
Man. *shakes head* It wasn't until I left Calgary that I realized how uptight it can be. There are some good, easy-going Calgarians, but apparently not a single one of them is in politics. Yikes.
2006-10-29 01:29:42 PM  
ruta: Not that it matters much, but the bit about the knife is actually for wearing a visible knife--hanging on your belt, presumably. Cuz that's all threatening-like. Concealed knives are still A-OK.

I wear my Leatherman on my belt. It's too big for a pocket. I'm not about to start carrying separate screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
2006-10-29 01:32:19 PM  
I'm with preppunk19.
2006-10-29 01:36:09 PM  
If I want to stand on a park bench, I will.
If I want to spit, which I do, I will.
If I'm in an area where no one lets you use their bathroom unless you buy something, which there are, I'm not going to piss my pants.

/Calgarian and DYING to get out of this town, asap. Next summer for sure.
2006-10-29 01:40:36 PM  
I used to bone a girl from Calgary. She was very enthusiastic.
2006-10-29 01:44:38 PM  
Is vomiting still free?

/Thanks, George Carlin
2006-10-29 02:01:16 PM  
I am a born and raised Calgarian.

Our city hall is a joke. The inmates are, literally, running the asylum. Some of the stuff that has come out of city hall in the last three years makes me ashamed to be associated with this city. This would be one of those things.

/that is all
2006-10-29 02:05:46 PM  
You mean I can still publicaly urinate in the middle of downtown Calgary? I'm thinking I should exercise my democratic right while I still can.
2006-10-29 02:12:20 PM  
hahahah. calgarian.
right now there is half a foot of snow on the ground and the city's way of dealing with it is to let cars drive over it and it will eventually go away. i just saw 5 accidents in a 10 minute drive. but this creates capital so its okay.
2006-10-29 02:15:36 PM  
I'll just urinate in public in the town i currently reside in.

Leaving this hole in two months. Yay.
2006-10-29 02:17:06 PM  
Wow , that's quite possibly the worst sentence i've ever constructed. Awesome.
2006-10-29 02:19:37 PM  
What about Edmonton? My brief 5 hour stop their included witnessing two hot chick stumbling out of a bar, dropping their pants and urinating on the sidewalk. They were too drunk to pull up their pants so they had to waddle about 100 feet to the car they got into.
2006-10-29 02:22:35 PM  
so...did they install a number of public restrooms so that ppl will not be forced to urinate in public?

guessing not.

just hold it.
or buy something and use a restaurants loo

cities are stupid
2006-10-29 02:23:25 PM  
GoGoGo: cities are stupid

Our provincial government is so, so much worse.
2006-10-29 02:26:51 PM  
CavemanCometh, I wouldn't worry too much. Mr. Richard Cranium just won the prize.
2006-10-29 02:35:32 PM  
Mr. Richard Cranium you were on Whyte Ave?
2006-10-29 02:38:13 PM  
That's only about $6 in real money, right?
2006-10-29 02:43:04 PM  
hehe. nice tag.

i have to go back there in two months and i am nooot looking forward to it. i've spent the last six in barcelona, where every manner of defecation is encouraged. like this isn't going to be culture shock...
2006-10-29 02:49:24 PM  

I was born in Calgary. Now I live in Fark-town (Lexington). Thats amazing... my uncle is a RCMP for calgary...

hehe, mountie.
2006-10-29 02:50:58 PM  
[image from epguides.com too old to be available]
2006-10-29 03:05:42 PM  
FarkinFarker:That's only about $6 in real money, right?

I'm so tired of the whole 'Canadian Money is Useless' crap.
I mean. When USD is only worth 10 cents more than Canadian dollars. And we get free healthcare in exchange.
2006-10-29 03:10:07 PM  
There goes our Stamepde tradition of pissing on the Court of Queens Bench.
2006-10-29 03:10:29 PM  
Calgary sucks.

/Edmonton representin'
//has declared jihad on Calgary
2006-10-29 03:15:53 PM  
"We're going to make them criminals and then point fingers at them and say 'that bunch of losers,'" he said.

Sounds like *GW* at a fundraiser.
2006-10-29 03:33:04 PM  

Not sure what street. It was downtown outside a bar called Club Malibu or something.
2006-10-29 03:40:39 PM  
My friend got kicked out of a bar this weekend in downtown Calgary for "watching" a fight. - I got kicked out for possession of a BBQ lighter - how gay is that?

- it was a cool fight though, all the scrappers were dressed up in halloween customes. one as the clockwork orange dude - ultraviolence!
2006-10-29 03:56:17 PM  
does that include doing it in your own pants? cause, you know, babies do it all the time.

last I checked, the entire population of Calgary was whiney babies...
2006-10-29 03:59:32 PM  
is that 300 US or 300 Canadian?
2006-10-29 04:06:46 PM  
In what states do they hand out fines for 268$?
2006-10-29 04:06:48 PM  
prjindigo: does that include doing it in your own pants?

That's only appropriate for C-Train riders now.
2006-10-29 04:26:45 PM  
I peed on a sign in Calgary that said; "Don't pee here, you are on camera."
2006-10-29 05:26:14 PM  
Posilok: I'm so tired of the whole 'Canadian Money is Useless' crap.

Get over it. If I didn't say it, someone else would have. In fact, I was surprised it hadn't already been done when I posted. It's to be expected in threads involving Canadian currency.
2006-10-29 05:36:15 PM  
Well THAT will change the port-a-potty dynamics at the next Stampeders tailgater.
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