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(Pasadena Star News)   91 year old ex-engineer in a tutu and turban is harassing goverment employees   ( divider line
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2002-07-14 1:03:20 AM  
A new level of terror...
2002-07-14 1:08:20 AM  
Don't all engineers wear tutus and turbans?
2002-07-14 1:09:29 AM  
"right now, his biggest weapon is his mouth," Hoyt said.

yeah until he walks down to the local gun shop.
2002-07-14 1:10:21 AM  
for some odd reason I clicked on the link anxiously awaiting a photo of this 'alleged' harasser...

I'm so disappointed
2002-07-14 1:10:42 AM  
Just another reason to get old quickly. Ahhhh, the excuses age gives you.
2002-07-14 1:11:26 AM  
Wow, so that's what happened to Uncle Eddie! Wait till mom hears about this.
2002-07-14 1:11:35 AM  
I work 2 blocks from there.

I'm gonna' start eating lunch outside.

2002-07-14 1:15:04 AM  
Simmons said nothing during Friday's court appearance, sitting impassively in a black skirt, white slippers and purple blouse.

Oh man. That's priceless.

Methinks he burned up too many brain cells when he was an engineer.
2002-07-14 1:37:57 AM  
Yes! I have seen that man many times! He used to hang out on the Caltech campus all the time (where I was a student). This is priceless.
2002-07-14 1:45:21 AM  
Sounds a lot like "Symptomatic Nerve Gas Guy" who used to hang around the University of Washington. Maybe its a franchise thing.
2002-07-14 2:16:15 AM  
the cops in pasadena have'nt beat him yet. wtf
2002-07-14 2:25:47 AM  
An inventor eh? More proof that you just can't use all of your brain, all of the time..
2002-07-14 3:40:45 AM  
"Old gray mare she ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!

And now, the old gray mare dancers!
"Old gray mare she ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!

(Courtesy of the Simpsons "Hans Moleman")
2002-07-14 3:58:42 AM  
damn, and I was hoping for a picture too :(
2002-07-14 4:40:57 AM  
I like to think I'll get all nutty and whacked like that if I make it 91. Till now, I was just planning on sitting on my porch and screaming "You kids GIT OUTTA MY YARD!!!"

Leave it to this guy to raise the bar.
2002-07-14 5:11:37 AM  
yeah until he walks down to the local gun shop.

This is California. I'm fairly certain that nutballs aren't allowed to have guns here. Of course, neither are regular citizens. Only criminals and the people they try to arrest.
2002-07-14 6:55:20 AM  
saw him in a news article (including picture) stuck to the wall in Cliff's Used Books... I kinda feel sorry for the guy. Apparently, he invented quite a bit of stuff, and then got screwed out of most of the cash.
2002-07-14 6:55:44 AM  
Once again, that isn't Hans Moleman. Hans is a small, peanutty looking guy with constant, intense pain. The guy of which you speak has no name beyond "Crazy Old Man", and the Crazy Old Man Dancers.

Now, if Hannibal Lecter did this, he wouldn't be as scary. Maybe less crazy than he is, but...
2002-07-14 6:58:37 AM  
Only criminals and the people they try to arrest.

Witty, almost didn't catch that.

That said, it's time for me to go home from work. Bye.
2002-07-14 7:50:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-14 11:52:53 AM  
We'll see more of this when Dennis Rodman get older.
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-07-14 1:14:16 PM  
It's a sin that Mr. Simmons is starting to get out of line. He sounds like quite the character, I love old people like that. We have a few "famous" crazy people in our area and in the surrounding areas, and OH GOSH, if you go into Philly they're all over the place. Most aren't dangerous, and are a lot fun to talk to.
2002-07-14 3:52:58 PM  
Makes me wish there were more colorful characters around here.
2002-07-14 7:58:52 PM  

I just read the article about this guy last week at Cliff's. I keep hoping to catch a glimpse of him around Old Town. Oh well, I guess it's too late now.
2002-07-15 8:58:51 AM  
2002-07-15 12:41:19 PM  

You can usually see Mr. Simmons at the hardware store on Villa and Hill. He's in there all the time buying parts for his "inventions" ; the guys that work there have a few funny Simmons tales too.
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