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(Fox News) NewsFlash Small aircraft crashes into NYC highrise. No word on if "terrorists" or "tourists" are to blame because both sound the same when Bush says them   ( divider line
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23925 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2006 at 3:11 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-10-11 3:12:57 PM  
Fox news lies!
2006-10-11 3:12:59 PM  
October Supplies!
2006-10-11 3:13:07 PM  
Time to invade North Korea.
2006-10-11 3:13:11 PM  
the newest catchphrase
2006-10-11 3:13:12 PM  
2006-10-11 3:13:13 PM  
Everybody's talking about it, but nobody knows anything. I'm assuming it's an accident, and I'm frankly surprised it doesn't happen more often in big cities...
2006-10-11 3:13:17 PM  
not this again!
2006-10-11 3:13:20 PM  
I submitted a story with a link.
2006-10-11 3:13:22 PM  
Apparently, it was a helicopter.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-11 3:13:24 PM  
2006-10-11 3:13:25 PM  
It MUST be terrists! No NOES!
2006-10-11 3:13:31 PM  
Everybody Panic in 3...2...1...
2006-10-11 3:13:36 PM  
Hastert finally deciding that he can't take the Foley scandal anymore?
2006-10-11 3:13:39 PM  
Snakes in a mother farking high rise!
2006-10-11 3:13:39 PM
2006-10-11 3:13:40 PM  
Building being evacuated, as per CNN. It appears that only one or two apartments are on fire. Firefighters on the scene and fighting the fire.
2006-10-11 3:13:40 PM  
QUICK! Let's all jump to conclusions!
2006-10-11 3:13:41 PM  
Holy shiat. Now we declare war on North Korea.
2006-10-11 3:13:43 PM  
2006-10-11 3:13:43 PM  
Might be a helicopter, not sure yet. E. 72 Street in Manhattan.
2006-10-11 3:13:44 PM  
God hates Brown People
2006-10-11 3:13:44 PM  
NY1 says it was a helicopter. No other details as of yet.

/can see it from his office on the 36th floor
2006-10-11 3:13:46 PM  
It's on every television network
2006-10-11 3:13:46 PM  
CNN has it but no details yet. Plane or helicopter, three apartments in the building engulfed in fire.
2006-10-11 3:13:46 PM  
CBS News has a live feed
2006-10-11 3:13:48 PM  
Not liking the coverage much. It is 3:13 EST and it looks like the fire is out, but channels keep showing the more dramatic footage of the two apartments in flames.
2006-10-11 3:13:51 PM  
10/11! 10/11!
2006-10-11 3:14:06 PM  
It's in the upper east side, 3 apartment buildings in flames around 72nd street.
2006-10-11 3:14:09 PM 81A82556919F

/no HTML skillz
2006-10-11 3:14:12 PM  
even though I know deep down it's an accident, I can't help but remember that I thought that the last time too.
2006-10-11 3:14:14 PM  
Wow, that's just shiatty. I'm not going to get out my Jump to Conclusions Mat just yet though...
2006-10-11 3:14:17 PM  
2006-10-11 3:14:24 PM  
Anyone in NYC care to comment?
2006-10-11 3:14:35 PM  
Funny on the Yahoo news link, at the bottom they mention "not sure if it was a terrorist attack". WTF!?!
2006-10-11 3:14:47 PM  
It just freaks me out cause 5 years ago the news reported that a small plane, like single engine small, accidentally crashed into the WTC. I really hope it's an accident.
2006-10-11 3:14:48 PM  
Live video at

//too lazy to use HTML
2006-10-11 3:14:49 PM  
Plane? It's a choppa!!
2006-10-11 3:14:49 PM  
I just thought "Wow, this is really no more relevant than a large car crashing into a building at ground level"

But like a bunch of medieval Italians, we're all f*cking fascinated by things that fly. Because 5,000 lbs hitting the 20th floor is much more interesting than 5,000 lbs hitting the lobby.

/pasted from other thread
//guessed wrong green
2006-10-11 3:14:49 PM  
Now that's a blaze.
2006-10-11 3:14:49 PM  
It's Rove's October surprise!
2006-10-11 3:14:49 PM  
They went w/ the fox news link?


Operation 'October Surprise' commencing...
2006-10-11 3:14:49 PM  
Of course, if it had happened in St. Louis, no one would care, right?
2006-10-11 3:14:51 PM  
Not only is there no link yet, there's no story here. This isn't 10/11/2006, and you all can go back to living your lives without massive panic. Unless a second one hits. Then it's time for the OMGWTFBBQ.
2006-10-11 3:14:51 PM  
2006-10-11 3:14:52 PM  
Google map of building's address: 524 east 72nd street, new york, ny,+new+york,+ny&ie= UTF8&z=15&ll=40.767412,-73.953266&spn=0.014399,0.043259&om=1
2006-10-11 3:14:52 PM
2006-10-11 3:14:54 PM  
No, North Korea actually has WMDs and is an actual threat. So we have to attack some other random nation.

I say we take out Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.
2006-10-11 3:14:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-11 3:14:56 PM  
hey mods, can i post wires direct w/o linkage?:

BC-High-Rise Plane Crash, 2nd Ld,0152
Police say small plane crashes into high-rise in New York City
Eds: UPDATES with description of scene, location of building.

NEW YORK (AP) - A small plane crashed into a high-rise on Manhattan's Upper East Side, setting off a raging fire that sent a pillar of gray smoke over the city, police said Wednesday. There was no immediate word on any deaths or injuries.
It was not immediately known if it was terrorism.
Flames could be seen shooting from windows on two upper floors of the 50-story building, near the East River. Burning debris fell from the tower, and a column of gray smoke rose over the city.
Fire Department spokeswoman Emily Rahimi said the aircraft struck struck the 20th floor of a building on East 72nd Street.
AP-WS-10-11-06 1505EDT
2006-10-11 3:14:57 PM  
Aw geez, not this shiat again!
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