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(Denver Channel)   Woman offers up her four-year-old son to pay off balance for a wedding gown   ( thedenverchannel.com) divider line
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2006-10-11 11:05:35 AM  
At least go for the tuxedo and shoes, too, moran.
2006-10-11 11:23:36 AM  
I have to admit, I've never seen a wedding dress street vendor. What the hell is going on in Iowa?
2006-10-11 11:25:46 AM  
Clearly this woman has no idea what a white child goes for on the black market.
2006-10-11 11:26:28 AM  
10 years maximum?!

People have gone up longer than that for smoking s joint...
What is wrong with the world? This whore needs to be hung on
the courthouse lawn if she is convicted.
2006-10-11 12:13:37 PM  
What the fark is wrong with this biatch?
2006-10-11 01:04:34 PM  
Am I the only who would've said that as a joke? I'm pretty sure I've said similar things regarding my little brother, my mom, and now my wife.

Am I to be worried about going to jail over it now?
2006-10-11 01:15:17 PM  
Was the gown white?
2006-10-11 01:26:49 PM  
2006-10-11 01:27:28 PM  
proud to be an American
2006-10-11 01:29:32 PM  
Wow. obviously she's never dealt with a street vendor. She should have asked for much more than a freaking dress. Then again, if her kid was beaten with the same ugly stick, maybe not.
2006-10-11 01:30:06 PM  
With all the Bride & Wedding Fetishists running rampant that's hardly a surprise.
2006-10-11 01:30:30 PM  
C'mon people its not like she couldn't make more kids!

She has a womb that can make babies.

Use what you got! SHEESH.
2006-10-11 01:31:04 PM  
Just a guess here, but I'm willing to bet that she won't be needing that wedding dress once the fiancee hears about this and realizes that she's batshiat crazy.
2006-10-11 01:31:05 PM  
I take it that wedding might not go on. God I hope not.
2006-10-11 01:31:25 PM  
atpgod Am I the only who would've said that as a joke?

No you're not.

/Either this woman is very unfunny or she was serious.
2006-10-11 01:31:42 PM  
from TFA:

During negotiations for the payment of this wedding dress, on at least two occasions, Ms. Gant offered her 4-year-old son as collateral,"

Collateral IS NOT payment but only a security.
2006-10-11 01:32:10 PM  
...she should start a daycare...maybe drive 'em around drunk and give the kids away before the parents get back.
2006-10-11 01:32:22 PM  
The judge should rip out her uterus right in the courtroom.

Should need a license to squeeze out your crotch fruit.
2006-10-11 01:32:29 PM  
All of you that are disguisted either:
a.) don't have children
b.) your children aren't 4, yet
c.) your children are so old you forget the 4s

/granted, the 4s are better than the 3s
//not that I'd give up my son, just sayin...
2006-10-11 01:33:28 PM  
evh wins.
2006-10-11 01:33:46 PM  
"I have to admit, I've never seen a wedding dress street vendor. What the hell is going on in Iowa?"

Idiots Out Wandering Around=IOWA
2006-10-11 01:34:10 PM  
Im sad for her kids...even if they aren't living with that crazy, protective custody/foster care probably isn't much better.
2006-10-11 01:34:21 PM  
I don't see a problem.
2006-10-11 01:34:31 PM  
The gown shop did the right thing. They would have been screwed in the deal. Everyone knows that 4-year olds only go for $1.19/lb.
2006-10-11 01:34:34 PM  
White children in the black market, I couldn't find..

[image from esg.montana.edu too old to be available]

..but I found these two.
2006-10-11 01:35:25 PM  
Would hit it after 8 beers....maybe.
[image from thedenverchannel.com too old to be available]
2006-10-11 01:38:48 PM  
What? She's trying to pawn off a 4 year old white boy?

Doesn't she know that Asian kids are worth the most?
2006-10-11 01:39:08 PM  
I dunno. Does the kid have any skills like opening beers, doing laundry, and picking up dog crap in the yard? If so, I have a dress I could trade.
2006-10-11 01:40:35 PM  
I'll know I've found Mrs. Honest Bender when she agrees that the best way to get married is to go down to the court house, sign the paper work, and have it notarized. Flashy expensive weddings are antiquated and wasteful. Just like diamond rings.
/probably never going to find Mrs. Honest Bender.
2006-10-11 01:40:39 PM  
2006-10-11 01:40:48 PM  
A street vendor in Davenport?!?!
Must've been on the riverfront.


Maybe she should have just gone to NorthPark Mall.
2006-10-11 01:40:51 PM  
She should have tried to trade the 10 year old. The 4 year old is a little too young and would make a cute little ring bearer for her.

(is it rock?)
Mr Foley
2006-10-11 01:41:17 PM  
I would hit it WITH 8 beers!!!
2006-10-11 01:41:50 PM  
REOIV: "She has a womb that can make babies."

No. It's not a clown car!
2006-10-11 01:42:52 PM  
I thought kids go for like $30k -- seems like a bad deal on her part.
2006-10-11 01:43:05 PM  
I'm covering the story for my paper. Go to that Web site for more details and post comments her family has been reading.

Mother to get treatment in jail
By Brian Krans, b­krans[nospam-﹫-backwards]en­i­lnocq­*co­m

DAVENPORT -- A Davenport woman accused of offering to sell her 4-year-old son to pay off a $200 debt will receive mental health treatment while in Scott County Jail.

Marcy Gant, 31, of 3834 1/2 N. Division St., was charged Tuesday in Scott County District Court with one count of attempted to sell an individual, a class C felony. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

Ms. Gant made her first court appearance today before District Court Judge Mary Howes. She had already been receiving treatment from the Vera French Mental Health Center of Davenport, and Judge Howes ordered that to continue.

'I think that's a good idea, because if you were in your right mind you wouldn't be doing this' Judge Howes told Ms. Gant.

In an affidavit filed in court, Davenport police allege that on Sept. 19, a complaint about the alleged offer to sell the child -- to pay off a debt for a wedding dress -- was made to the Department of Human Services.

Davenport police Capt. David Struckman said Ms. Gant bought the dress from a licensed street vendor at the corner of Kimberly Road and Division Street. 'She didn't pay for it right away,' he said.

The vendor, who was not named, mentioned that she was interested in getting involved with the foster care program, police said.

Ms. Gant's sons, ages 4 and 10, were in foster care in Burlington, Iowa, at the time. Capt. Struckman said all he knew was the children were in foster care 'because of Ms. Gant's behavior.'

After making a few payments on the dress, Ms. Gant reportedly still owed the vendor $200, and on Sept. 15, allegedly offered her child to clear the debt.

'Instead of me paying you, why don't you just take my child,' Capt. Struckman said, paraphrasing what Ms. Gant allegedly told the vendor. 'Ms. Gant offered her 4-year-old as collateral on the payment.'

Although no arrangements had been made to deliver the boy, police feared the child could be abducted from foster care, where the children remained as of Tuesday.

Capt. Struckman said it didn't matter if Ms. Gant was joking when she offered her son for sale.

'It's like threatening to kill the president. You have to take something like this seriously,' he said. 'You don't know the mindset. You don't know what would happen.'

After reviewing the case with county prosecutors, police believed they had probable cause to arrest Ms. Gant, he said.

Judges Howes appointed an attorney for Ms. Gant this morning and continued the hearing until Thursday.

Prior to her appearance before Judge Howes, Ms. Gant also had a child custody hearing pertaining to a child in need of assistance, and was told she will receive a notice of adjudication.

Ms. Gant remained at the Scott County jail late Tuesday on $13,000 bond.

2006-10-11 01:43:14 PM  
Ah, once again trouble begins and ends with the wedding dress street vendor. When will people learn?
2006-10-11 01:43:52 PM  
atpgod, DaCricket:

I have to believe this is a joke, too. Maybe the street vendors in Iowa should post signs like those at the airport security lines ("We do not find jokes about bombs amusing. We will assume you are not kidding").

But, surely if she was kidding, we wouldn't be reading about it here.

/don't call me Shirley
2006-10-11 01:44:31 PM  
What a gambler!
2006-10-11 01:45:03 PM  
Stupid tag trumps sick? This woman is obviously mentally ill.
2006-10-11 01:45:50 PM  
Now that he is out of congress. It appears that rep (D-FL) Foley has now become a seemstress.
2006-10-11 01:46:39 PM  
You can't always find a wedding dress vendor on the street but you can usually find a bride.
2006-10-11 01:46:44 PM  
I hate to be the one defending her if she is guilty, but from the article it's not clear that she didn't just say "I'll leave my son here while I get the rest of the money" just so they didn't think she would abscond with the dress. Still deplorable parenting, but not in the same ballpark with bartering him for a dress. Just sayin'
2006-10-11 01:47:00 PM  
I can't have children. I have a wedding dress with the veil and slip to trade. I'll even throw in a pair of white hose I bought as a spare.

If she'll trade the 4 year old for a dress, what is she saving the 10 year old for? Or is he too old for big bucks?
/Wish I had been there
//Maybe a hysterectomy instead of jail time
///No child care costs for the honeymoon
2006-10-11 01:47:14 PM  
Now that's a serious case of Bride Brain.

what does the baby daddy think? Last time I was in Iowa, all i saw were girls that were ugly, pregnant, or ugly and already had 4-6 kids.
2006-10-11 01:48:54 PM  
Thanks citizenkranz. If you had posted that earlier I wouldn't be the one defending the batshiat crazy biatch.
2006-10-11 01:49:05 PM  
2006-10-11 01:49:39 PM  
Her boyfriend was on the news here this am. He says he still is funna represent at da wedding.
2006-10-11 01:49:39 PM  
Here's the local paper's take on this id'jit:
http://qctimes.com/articles/2006/10/11/news/local/doc452c866e7451c7536​84605.tx t

DenverChannel doesn't know the difference between Davenport and Des Moines apparently? I also found my "Still need to pay off that $200 wedding dress but don't have the money? You need to visit kid-into-cash" headline far more hilarious.

/call the waaaaambulance for me
2006-10-11 01:49:49 PM  
For a wedding dress??? I mean for a nice new car or sexual favors from model quality women sure. But a wedding dress! Is the kid retarded? Does he have that webster disease? Something must be wrong with him to offer him for so little...

/yeah I said it
//aisle seat
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