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(Yahoo)   Huffington Post isn't giving us its A game--it took them more than 24 hours to blame Bush for North Korea's nuclear test   ( divider line
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244 clicks; posted to Politics » on 10 Oct 2006 at 12:35 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-10-10 11:24:42 AM  
Well they certainly get an A for effort and a gold star for their creativity.
2006-10-10 12:16:30 PM  
I certainly believe that the Bushies policy of only talking to our friends and refusing any negotiations with our non-friends is a dangerous policy and contributes to the current problems in the world. That said, I'm not sure there is anyone to blame over NK.
2006-10-10 12:53:21 PM  
I blame Truman.
2006-10-10 12:55:34 PM  
Who reads anything from HP?
2006-10-10 1:04:52 PM  
Kim Jong Il is a narcisist who desires displays that give him a perception of legitimacy. And as with most narcisist when he does not get the reinforcement of his self delusions that he desires he throws a tantrum to get attention.

Being the absolute leader of an indestrialized nation makes it so that he is able to throw some pretty impressive tantrums. The way you deal with people like Kim Jong Il is to isolate them politically and economicly, while at the same time petting their ego. This keeps the "child-leader" placated and peaceful while at the same time reducing the leader's ability harm those outside the leader's country.

Bush made a big mistake by choosing to ignore Powell's suggestions on how to deal with North Korea. Because by ignoring North Korea and publicly insulting Kim Jong Il it only serverd to fuel Kim Jong Il's narcisistic need for attention.
2006-10-10 1:05:44 PM  
Each leap of the needle represented a lost opportunity to avoid this crisis.

Man that is some embarrassing writting. Was "like a moth to a flame" unavailable for comment?
2006-10-10 1:10:19 PM  
Yeah, Clinton was being blamed on free republic within minutes.
2006-10-10 1:12:22 PM  
Yeah, because Bush calling him the Axis of Evil, stifiling the trade and aid to his country, invading a similar country in the middle east and threatening another by no means instigated N Korea into developing a nuclear program out of fear of the USA.

Things were much smoother when "b-b-but" Clinton was around.
2006-10-10 1:23:02 PM  
OK, I'm a loyal HP reader, but that was a great head, smitty
2006-10-10 2:18:40 PM  
Rav Tokomi

Good thing they'd been developing a weapons program the whole time and sanctions weren't started until we discovered the secret program in 2002 then, right. Of course, though, things were absolutely peachy while we were appeasing him with monetary aid and nuclear reactors.
2006-10-10 2:45:13 PM  

Being the absolute leader of an indestrialized nation...


2006-10-10 5:11:37 PM  
Gereral Macarthur advocated a nuclear attack on China during the Korean war. He may have had the right idea and would have killed off two birds with one stone.
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