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6280 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Oct 2006 at 1:57 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-10-10 1:59:02 AM  
real men eat it raw.
2006-10-10 2:00:19 AM  
Pumpkin beer... mmmmm. (Weird but OK in season.)
2006-10-10 2:00:41 AM  
Be a cheater, cheater?

I'm sorry.
2006-10-10 2:00:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-10 2:00:53 AM  
31. Eat out pumpkin.
2006-10-10 2:02:33 AM  
yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.. ...yuck.....yuck..... yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.. ...yuck.....yuck..... yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....yuck.....

2006-10-10 2:06:07 AM  
You just slip out the back, Jack-o-Lantern
2006-10-10 2:06:25 AM  
Submitter loses for no Paul Simon reference in the headline
2006-10-10 2:06:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-10 2:08:51 AM  
Kmad, you read my mind. (See above.)
2006-10-10 2:08:57 AM  
One that's probably not on there:

I don't know the name, but there's a Korean dish involving duck meat stuffed inside a pumpkin. It's hideously good.
2006-10-10 2:30:13 AM  
31. Introrectogestion
2006-10-10 2:38:45 AM  
If it ain't hair pie, it better be pumpkin!

[image from too old to be available]

/Already pickup up my holiday supply o' pie fixin's at Costco
2006-10-10 2:46:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-10 2:46:48 AM  

Lol the Zug pumpkin!
2006-10-10 2:47:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-10 3:28:18 AM  
This isn't 30 ways to eat a pumpkin, it's 30 edible things you can make from pumpkin.
2006-10-10 3:30:06 AM  
If my girlfriend was named pumpkin, I'd be really mad right now.
2006-10-10 3:30:54 AM  
Number 34: with my penis!!!!!
2006-10-10 3:30:58 AM  
it should be 30 ways to PREPARE A PUMPKIN FOR EATING. or something like that. did the world stop going to school after 1980 or something?

now if the list was:
1. eat pumpkin with mouth
2. eat pumpkin with feeding tube
3. eat pumpkin with butt

THEN the it would be 30 ways to eat the damn thing.

/needs me coffeeeeee....
2006-10-10 4:31:08 AM  
Punpkin dump cake?
2006-10-10 4:48:47 AM  
You could eat it on a train
2006-10-10 4:58:10 AM  
mmmmm...I loves me some pumpkin soup!
2006-10-10 5:26:19 AM  
You don't need to be coy, Roy.
2006-10-10 5:32:00 AM  
pumpkin seeds + oil + salt + oven = oral orgasm
2006-10-10 6:14:48 AM  
Pumpkin. I could eat a pumpkin for hours.
2006-10-10 7:40:37 AM  
latex oral dams anybody?
2006-10-10 7:52:55 AM  
Just eat it on the bus, Gus
2006-10-10 7:59:05 AM  
Pumpkin croquettes are good, as are pumpkin gnocchi. That's about the extent of my pumpkin gourmet adventures.
2006-10-10 8:04:48 AM  
Cinderella was known to be quite the party reptile, and Fairy Godmother had about enough of it, so she cast a spell over the little tramp.

FG tells Cinderella "You better be home by midnight, because at 12:01, it turns into a pumpkin!"

So, it's Saturday, and Cindy's going out with the Prince again, and FG reminds her of her curfew.

Around 4:30, Cindy staggers in and flops down on the bed. FG confronts her the next morning--"See--I warned you--I'll bet that Prince doesn't want anything more to do with a freak like you!"

Cindy replies--"fark the prince--I've got a new boyfriend."
Yeah, who? asks FG?
Oh, you've met him before--name's Peter.
2006-10-10 8:04:53 AM  
what no shrimp?
2006-10-10 8:18:27 AM  
1.) Roasted chunks of pumpkin with olive oil, salt and pepper. Yum.

2.) Also, Pumpkin Masala- based on Indian cooking - roasted pumpkin in curry sauce. I have it every saturday night from the local indian place.
2006-10-10 8:48:39 AM  
Just slip out the back, Jack /
Make a new plan, Stan /
Don't need to be coy, Roy /
Just get yourself pumpkin seeds
2006-10-10 9:09:58 AM  
PSA: If you are using a typical orange pumpkin for making pumpkin pie, you are doing it wrong.
2006-10-10 9:11:56 AM  
Damn. I thought the headline was some sort of weird sexual innuendo that I hadn't heard before.

Oh well. Next article....
2006-10-10 9:23:02 AM  
Yes, eat me.
2006-10-10 9:28:20 AM  

Yeah, that looks a bit the man whose name I dare not utter.

/ jus' sayin' is all
2006-10-10 9:31:48 AM  
"The problem is that pumpkins are perishable", she said to me.
The answer is easy if you take it gastronomically
I'd like to help you and I'm sure that you will see
There must be thirty ways to eat a pumpkin.

She said it's really not my habit to intrude
Furthermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued
But I'll repeat myself at the risk of being crude
There must be thirty ways to eat a pumpkin
Thirty ways to eat a pumpkin

Pumpkin sauce on a big mac, Jack
Fry it in a pan, Stan
Mix it with some soy, Roy
Just eat yourself some pumpkin.
Scarf it down on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop the kim chee, Lee
And get yourself some pumpkin.

She said it grieves me so to see you in such gastronomical pain
I wish there was something I could whip up to tempt your appetite again
I said I appreciate that and would you please explain
About the thirty ways

She said why don't we both just Google recipes tonight
And I believe in the morning you'll again have an appetite
And then she clicked "I'm feeling lucky" I realized she probably was right
There must be thirty ways to eat a pumpkin
Thirty ways to eat a pumpkin
2006-10-10 9:37:53 AM  
I love the seeds... Boil them in brine prior to roasting and you need not worry about salting later. Boil until the shells turn translucent (i.e soaked through). Surprisingly few recipes suggest this.
2006-10-10 9:41:04 AM  
There must be thirty ways to eat a pumpkin...

Get out a spoon, June
Bake it into a pie, Guy
Don't need to carve it fancy, Nancy,
Just let us eat

Scrape out the seeds, Lee
Oven-roast 'em for me, see
Just make some ice cream, Marjorie
And let us eat

There must be thirty ways to eat a pumpkin...
2006-10-10 9:45:20 AM  
I clicked the link, expecting to see a parody of 50 Ways... and frostcrow delivered! *golf clap*
2006-10-10 10:01:00 AM  
What, no pumpkin seeds?!
2006-10-10 10:04:16 AM  
I like tying up my gf and throwing pulp at her while she's ballgagged and saying "you want to eat it, don't you fatty!"

Then I smoosh the pulp in her eyes makign it salty with her tears.

Then I unstrap the gag and shove it in her mouth.

2006-10-10 10:09:20 AM  
just scoop out the seeds, steve.
Don't use it from a can, stan.
Mix 'er up with a little spice, bryce.
And get a new plan.

So, is that song from the same album as "Me and Juan Sanchez Villa-lobos Ramirez Swordfighting Down by the Schoolyard"?
2006-10-10 10:16:26 AM  
You can stop at pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.
2006-10-10 10:24:23 AM  
I have about a case and a half of homebrew pumpkin beer which will be ready just in time for Halloween and be great for Thanksgiving.
2006-10-10 10:38:59 AM  
Well let's see there's pumpkin-kabobs, pumpkin creole, pumpkin gumbo, pineapple pumpkin, lemon pumpkin, coconut pumpkin, pepper pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin stew, pumpkin salad, pumpkin and potatoes, pumpkin burger, pumpkin sandwich, pumpkin skin suit, pumpkin contact lenses, pumpkin-based religion...
2006-10-10 11:10:21 AM  
I make great pumpkin pancakes and use the leftover pumpkin in my apple-butternut squash soup. I had pumpkin ice cream this weekend and achieved multiple orgasms.
2006-10-10 11:12:45 AM  
pump kin? i thought that's what they did in the deep south.
2006-10-10 5:31:44 PM  
What's the difference between a pumpkin and Woopie Goldberg?

If you absolutely HAD to eat a pumpkin...

/Thank yewww...thank yewww very muuuhhh
//Here all week
///Try the veal
////Tip you waiters
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