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(UK Guardian)   Cheney sued for fraud; story missing from most US papers   ( divider line
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13401 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jul 2002 at 8:43 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-10 08:46:29 AM  
Perhaps it's missing because it's not news?

The story says that it names not only Cheney but 10 other boards members as well. Hmmm...and it just happens to come the day after the Pres' speech.

Anyone can sue if you have the cash. Wake me up if the charges stick.
2002-07-10 08:48:30 AM  
Perhaps it's not in the news because the Judicial Watch folks are professional plaintiffs?
2002-07-10 08:49:24 AM  
It's a typical liberal conspiracy.

Everyone knows that industry self regulation works fine. Large corporations are looking out for the public and shareholder's best interests and are in no way interested in making quick money for upper level executives at any cost.
2002-07-10 08:49:33 AM  
The "liberal" press only reports the news unless it includes blowjobs.

Cheney is a farking crook, the charges won't stick because the criminal administration in the White House condones that sort of activity.

You could tell from the pathetic "speech" Bush gave yesterday.

Just wait, Cheney will be the first one on the pardon list after Bush leaves office.
2002-07-10 08:50:31 AM  
It's not in the papers because it's old news. The SEC looked into this years ago and found no wrong doing.
2002-07-10 08:50:31 AM  
All major American news agencies have also ignored the fact that while Cheney was CEO of Haliburton, they worked with the Taliban to plan a pipeline across Afghanistan. The feasibility study for the pipeline was done by Enron.
2002-07-10 08:50:43 AM  
Time for some find de siecle style ass-kicking.
2002-07-10 08:51:38 AM  

See post above. Judicial Watch = professional plaintiffs.
2002-07-10 08:51:45 AM  
2002-07-10 08:52:25 AM  
Old News and no sense bringing it up again. Consumer confidence isn't at it's best and shiat like this wouldn't help.
2002-07-10 08:53:45 AM  
Scraping-Fetus is more correct than my last comment. I'm half asleep. I got my facts mixed up. Enron did do the study for Haliburtin though.
Many people suspect that the war in Afghanistan has a second purpose. American Oil companies can not complete their pipeline until a permanent stable gov't is in place in Afghanistan.
2002-07-10 08:54:48 AM  
You know what else is missing from US media? Videos of Bush speaking. My cable now carries BBCAmerica news. They carried a great deal of Bush's speech. After about two minutes, I realized that I haven't heard him speak in a long time. Some of it was almost unintelligible. But that could have been just me. BBC, in keeping with their usual form, simply reported the news with complete professionalism.
2002-07-10 08:55:14 AM  
Evil smirking death:

[image from too old to be available]

A pox on Cheney and his House.
2002-07-10 08:55:50 AM  
Politics as usual people. Like I said - anyone can sue if you have the cash. When the American public is all too willing to believe any wrong doing by any elected official the mere accusation is more than enough.

Innocent until proven guilty? Not in this nation of cynics. That's soooo pre-60's.
2002-07-10 08:58:23 AM  
07-10-02 08:54:48 AM Kurst_Putz
You know what else is missing from US media? Videos of Bush speaking. My cable now carries BBCAmerica news. They carried a great deal of Bush's speech. After about two minutes, I realized that I haven't heard him speak in a long time. Some of it was almost unintelligible. But that could have been just me. BBC, in keeping with their usual form, simply reported the news with complete professionalism.

If it wasn't for the BBC, a lot of us Yanks would only get "news" from the lap dog press that competees to see who can kiss Bush'a ass more.

Especially that Peggy Noonan whore.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-10 09:01:17 AM  
Seriously folks, if you go to Judicial Watch's website, they are suing bascically every person and/or entity involved in politics in the last ten years. And it's not some "liberal conspiracy" or anything, they're just sue-happy.
2002-07-10 09:02:02 AM  
So, Dr Moron, shiat like this (potential wrongdoing by the U. S.'s top elected officials) should only be brought up when consumer confidence is at its best?
2002-07-10 09:03:37 AM  
Bush and Cheney are guilty of insider trading and accounting fraud ... now Shrub says he will crack down on Wall Street mischief, what a laugh.
2002-07-10 09:03:57 AM  
Klayman was the first to jump on the Clinton cock-hunt caravan.

Now he's doing something Repubs and conservatives don't like, so he magically becomes "liberal".

If conservatives could bottle stupidity, their production would outstrip Budweiser's in 2 hours.
2002-07-10 09:05:47 AM  
Bush's speech yesterday was pathetic. And the policy they want to implement, where certain high-profile cases will be prosecuted to set an example, without any real structural reform, leaves a gaping hole through which friends of those in power will be able to sail right through and carry on with business as usual, screwing over employees and small investors. Great.
2002-07-10 09:06:08 AM  
How is this "old news"? The suit hasn't even been filed yet. Kind of tough to be old already.
Even if Cheney weren't involved, it would still be a remarkable case, since it is the first in what will likely be a long line of suits of this nature. I know, Enron's getting sued, too, but it's a different case.
This is going to hurt the Republicans in November. Obviously it's timed out for that effect, but beautiful work filing the day after Bush's "Get tough on corporate crime" speech.
Anybody notice both sides of the aisle asked for $338 million extra funding for the SEC, which Bush has chopped to a generous $120 million? If you don't want people looking in your closet, don't give them flashlights, I guess.
2002-07-10 09:07:52 AM  
Millay: Be that as it may, fraud is fraud. The message is the same, even if you don't like the messenger in this case. An ad hominem on your house! ;-)
2002-07-10 09:08:49 AM  
And where is compulsive liar Ari Fleischer to arrogantly dismiss this with his imperial tone? Why isn't he telling us everything is fine and we shouldn't be asking these questions, like he usually does?

The whole phony administration is a cabal of gangsters and thugs. With the possible exception of Colin Powell, every single one from George Dubya on down belong at the end of a rope. I'll settle for public humiliation and impeachment. Preferably prison. I'd love to see Cheney, Bush, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld shackled together on an Alabama chain gang.
2002-07-10 09:10:04 AM  
Well, there is a spot in regular rotation on (some of?) the radio news networks. They must have somehow escaped the massive pro-Bush conspiracy.
2002-07-10 09:10:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-10 09:11:32 AM  
Dick Cheney was then CEO of Haliburton Corporation, a pipeline services vendor based in Texas. Gushed Cheney in 1998, "I can't think of a time when we've had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian. It's almost as if the opportunities have arisen overnight. The good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States. Occasionally we have to operate in places where, all things considered, one would not normally choose to go. But we go where the business is."

Pure, unadulterated, hyposcrisy
2002-07-10 09:12:40 AM  
As mentioned above, it isn't in the news because the
watchdog group mentioned are little more than the usual suspects; professional partisan litigators (for the record I voted for Gore in 2000, and will not be voting for W in 04).

That said, it is precisely because the lawsuit is designed to be sensationalist that it makes news in British press, the Guardian in particular. What I don't get is that the Guardian screams its yellow headlines everyday: No one can defeat the Taliban, The Coalition is breaking up tomorrow, Jenin Massacre, and so on and so on. That they get both the big picture and the details consistently wrong seems to leave the British News consumer unphased. Pity.

I think the US is stunning and fascinating, I just can't understand why the British press thinks so too. Has the UK become so junior-varsity that they have no news of their own? I know the euros have much invested in the EU's "Lets get together to try to take the US down cause we never could alone", but must the UK press be so eager to volunteer for the role of EU propagandist?
2002-07-10 09:13:29 AM  
The unsubstantiated word is that Cheney also sold oil refinery equipment to Iraq while he was CEO.
2002-07-10 09:15:59 AM  
Let's see if I can make this simple.

Inquisitor: Mr. Cheney, you made millions of dollars in the stock market. Can you explain this?

Cheney: Yes sir. You see in a free market economy, the goal is to make money. That's what the smart people do. The idiots sit around and whine about the people who were smart enough to work for their money.
2002-07-10 09:18:30 AM  
What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

We'll see how the republicans like it when their president and vice-president are hounded to death ... bring back Kenneth Starr!!!

You know that Cheney has some skeletons in his closet ... one look at those beady eyes tells you that.
2002-07-10 09:18:46 AM  

Ad hominem? Well, in that case...

"URGENT March 8, 2002

The Honorable John Ashcroft

Attorney General of the United States

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 5133

Washington, DC 20530

Re: Political IRS Audit of Judicial Watch and Bush Justice Department Misconduct.

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

On January 29, 2001, Judicial Watch forwarded to you and your staff a complaint which requested a criminal investigation of attempts by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) during the Clinton administration to audit Judicial Watch, its clients, and a number of other conservative groups and individuals. After receipt of delivery of the complaint to your office, officers of Judicial Watch and its legal counsel met with Mr. David Israelite, your Deputy Chief of Staff, in lieu of the requested meeting with you. At the time, we were told that you were not available for meetings. Later, we were referred by Mr. Israelite to Mr. Michael Chertoff, Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division.

During the meeting with Mr. Chertoff, we were assured that the Criminal Division would seriously consider our request for investigation. However, to date we have not received any indication that an investigation has been initiated. To the contrary, after one year of waiting, we have been ironically subject to further retaliation by the IRS, which continues to be run by a Clinton appointee, Commissioner Charles Rossotti. As you must know, Mr. Rossotti is the subject of a Judicial Watch criminal complaint as well for his actions in doing business, as IRS Commissioner, with his own company, AMS. See Exhibit 1. In the closing days of the Clinton administration, Mr. Rossotti received a waiver from the President, which sought, ex post facto, to absolve him of his criminal conflict of interest. This waiver had certain parallels with the pardons issued by President Clinton in and around this same time period."
2002-07-10 09:18:58 AM  
And Joseph Charles is suing President Bush (both of them) for stealing his internal organs with laser surgery machines, but you don't see that story in the newspapers either.

For much the same reason.
2002-07-10 09:18:59 AM  
The key is to make money LEGALLY.

But the "party of law and order" thinks the rules don't apply to them.
2002-07-10 09:22:35 AM  
Ironbar--The "liberal" press only reports the news unless it includes blowjobs.

Is that why I heard it on the news this morning?
2002-07-10 09:22:50 AM  

Law and order indeed:

JUDICIAL WATCH v. COMMISSION ON U.S. - PACIFIC TRADE & INVESTMENT POLICY - Civil Action No. 97-0099. Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request and then a lawsuit against the Commission to find out how Charlie Trie, an Asian-American friend of Bill Clinton and John Huang, came to be appointed to it, at around the time he laundered over $600,000 of Chinese Communist cash into President Clinton's legal expense fund. The commission made recommendations to President Clinton's trade policy toward China.
2002-07-10 09:23:59 AM  
Famous Last Words Dept.:

"we will avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the White House. We will set a new tone"
--typical malarkey from early in Bush's residency
2002-07-10 09:26:06 AM  
07-10-02 09:22:35 AM MacPhistoGDS
Ironbar--The "liberal" press only reports the news unless it includes blowjobs.

Is that why I heard it on the news this morning?

Yeah, I'm hoping that simpering idiot, Ari, the Truth Fairy, holds a press conference today to do his usual lying and question-evasions.
2002-07-10 09:28:10 AM  
I miss that always-forthcoming Mike McCurry.
2002-07-10 09:29:44 AM  

You should read my post about the insanity defense in the Ruger thread from yesterday lest to think I'm "nuts" about the insanity defense. Ha ha! "Nuts"! Oh.
2002-07-10 09:31:31 AM  
Explain to me again how those who are now saying "Old news, move along, nothing to see here" are the same ones who marched up and down yelling "Whitewater, Whitewater, Whitewater!"
2002-07-10 09:32:34 AM  
If you check out this Yahoo article, it even acknowledges that they are being sued over accounting practices that follow GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)for construction businesses. GAAP are the guiding standards for accounting. You get into trouble when you DON'T follow them. Halliburton is classified as a construction business/oilfield services.

This is gonna go no where.
2002-07-10 09:34:30 AM  
2002-07-10 09:35:33 AM  

Because Democrats think making money on investments constitutes "even the appearance of impropriety," and it Republicans thought it would be funny if they called Democrats on it...repeatedly.
2002-07-10 09:41:49 AM  
Oh, and here I thought it was overwhelming hipocrisy...
2002-07-10 09:44:40 AM  
"Oh Whitewater, keep on rollin'......
Paybacks are a biatch.
2002-07-10 09:45:35 AM  
07-10-02 09:35:33 AM Millay
07-10-02 09:31:31 AM Dogbone
Explain to me again how those who are now saying "Old news, move along, nothing to see here" are the same ones who marched up and down yelling "Whitewater, Whitewater, Whitewater!"

It's just weak-ass BS. If you put a conservative on the spot by asking pointed questions about the administration, and you come to one that they can't answer, they sputter and you get the same tired replies.

"Cheney? Fraud? Uhhh...uhhhh...Lewinsky! dress!"

They can't explain away the "appearances of impropriety", so they have to bring up a president who hasn't been in office for two years.

Conservatives are soooooooo predictable.
2002-07-10 09:50:06 AM  

I need to get that "Arguing on the internet is like winning the special olympics" pic, and this thread would be a good place to post it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend a hand. You'll be my bestest friend forever.
2002-07-10 09:53:22 AM  
07-10-02 09:50:06 AM Esteban Galapagos

Why are you bothered? You aren't even participating. Nobody is forcing you to read the thread.

Just itching for a chance to be the cool guy and call everyone stupid?
2002-07-10 09:53:26 AM  
So are liberals, Yossarian.

On the count of three, everybody think for yourselves.

2002-07-10 09:53:30 AM  
I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that he was a board member at Enron and got a 40 million bonus after working there for only a short time (On the time scale of months). Right afterwards, he ran for vice presidency... so it's pretty recent stuff.

- Kelly
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