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(Chron)   3 Middle Eastern men tip topless dancer, tell her they're Arabs planning to blow up local military base.   ( chron.com) divider line
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2002-07-10 01:02:19 AM  
Hell yeah... This should be "Hero" instead of dumbass. I'll bet its the 1st time strippers get a "Hero"
2002-07-10 08:46:22 AM  
That's quite a tip.
2002-07-10 08:46:55 AM  
If arabs can't get a lapdance without being arrested, then the real terrorists have already won.
2002-07-10 08:49:49 AM  
ahh the power of boobies

2002-07-10 08:51:22 AM  

Of couse, on the other hand, they could have jipped the stripper on her tip and she decided to throw them under the bus. Who knows.
2002-07-10 08:53:42 AM  
First rule about Al Qaeda club, don't talk about Al Qaeda club.
2002-07-10 08:53:47 AM  
hey Rabb, maybe they drive SUV's.
2002-07-10 08:53:58 AM  
it never ceases to amaze me the crap guys throw out just to get a lil' slice of pie

2002-07-10 08:54:07 AM  
So nice to know that the enemy is a bunch of retards. Silly arabs.
2002-07-10 08:55:22 AM  
"If arabs can't get a lapdance without being arrested, then the real terrorists have already won."

You obviously didn't read the article...It said they told here they were planning to blow up a local military base. shiat, i'm white caucasian and if I walked into the same titty-bar and said that, they'd (the owners, the people who called the police) would have done the same thing reguardless of skin color. Come on, common sense?
2002-07-10 08:55:53 AM  
GToober lmao..... hahahahaaa lol....
that was good

*pops in The Cure:killing an Arab

2002-07-10 08:56:29 AM  
.....er, Goober too...
2002-07-10 08:56:56 AM  
The local red necks hanging out at the bar should have investigated this Texas style before they called the police.
2002-07-10 08:57:27 AM  
Spamzilla: lol, check out the 55 MPH thread

2002-07-10 08:58:48 AM  
They've been reported to have said that. Where does it say they actually did say it ?
2002-07-10 09:00:16 AM  
There's that "teroristic" word again.
2002-07-10 09:01:37 AM  
Who knows who said what, when the FBI isn't farking up, they're ignoring their field agents' work or tipping off the mob.
2002-07-10 09:03:21 AM  
I just think they're being profiled as a terrorist because they're arab and said they were going to blow something up, when will the police and FBI stop these witch hunts
2002-07-10 09:04:44 AM  
I'm sure the dancer just pulled it out of thin air to get those horrible men throwing all sorts of money at her to...go away.
2002-07-10 09:06:37 AM  
I just think they're being profiled as a terrorist because they're arab and said they were going to blow something up, when will the police and FBI stop these witch hunts

When you Americans stop being a bunch of weenies who assume that your country is invincible.
2002-07-10 09:09:40 AM  
Oh, that's just great. Very great. They happen to be from my hometown of San Antonio: home of what used to be six military installations half a decade ago. You know, I think now is an excellent time for me to move somewhere to a country that lacks an army so that no one will push around...

...like Canada.
2002-07-10 09:11:01 AM  
Goober: LMAO -- There's an SNL skit in there somewhere. Maybe you should submit it.
2002-07-10 09:13:35 AM  
The arrests were made late Monday at the XTC Cabaret Club

Rollin' + Strippers = Terrorists who need backrubs and talk to much?

I got nothin'. God night everyone, I'll be here all week.
2002-07-10 09:14:06 AM  

You think the FBI would be interested in you if you made the same threat? You give to much credit to the FBI. If you made that comment, it would be a joke, an Arab makes it an suddenly all the security of a military base vanishes and they are enemy number 1.

Hell, they were enemy number 1 when they walked into the bar, or woke up that day, or bought a Coke.

Sure its good they were caught, and its stupid that they told a stripper. But, Lackland AFB has no need for added security from strippers, it is the home of one of the elite ranger schools, which may have made for a rather humorous attack scenario.

"Three Arabs attack home of USAF rangers, hilarity ensues."

Don't ever make the assumption that all races are treated equal by American law enforcement. Not even Americans will believe that one...
2002-07-10 09:15:55 AM  
Hey R,

You survive the floods okay? Had friends in SA that watched there air conditioner float away over the weekend.

Have things returned to somewhat normal down there?
2002-07-10 09:19:36 AM  
Where are the pics? We need pics of this hero at work!
2002-07-10 09:22:18 AM  
"Don't ever make the assumption that all races are treated equal by American law enforcement. Not even Americans will believe that one..."
yea, just ask Rodney King...

2002-07-10 09:24:34 AM  
The men in custody were reportedly wearing "Bad Idea" Blue Jeans.

(As in, "Hey, I'm in Haiti and I have $10 and an hour to kill before my flight, maybe I should sleep with this crack whore.")
2002-07-10 09:37:16 AM  
Vegasj--Rodney King is a jerk. I'd have beaten him, too. Maybe not as badly, but a good whack or two anyway.

And what's up with these Arabs and strip clubs? For people who don't like women, they sure do hang around those joints a lot.
2002-07-10 09:39:45 AM  
Ah yes, the "evil d00d confesses to strippers the night
before" scenario. Same story attached to McVeigh and the
911 terrorists; hell, those guys even brought their Korans
to the titty bar with them.
2002-07-10 09:41:34 AM  
((Insert obligatory Timothy McVeigh comment here))
2002-07-10 09:45:33 AM  
I read the article and came to the same conclusion that alot of people on this thread did:

Why do white people keep oppressing people with dark skin?

Can't a person go into a titty bar and threaten to blow up a military base without 'the man' coming down on him?

damn crackers.
2002-07-10 09:54:52 AM  
[image from freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com too old to be available]

Suppose for a minute that these were just three Ackbars out for a good time, getting drunk, and ogling over American boobies. How insanely stupid and/or drunk would they have to be to "joke" about blowing up military bases?!

Never mind, I guess the question sort of answers itself...
2002-07-10 09:56:43 AM  
Were I an Arab I think I'd avoid any reference to blowing or getting blown or even up in any public place or in my bug infested home. Or even near a bug infested stripper; strippers are more american than apple pie or even Mom. Hey wait, Mom get off that stage.

Yeah, it's racist to hold males of arab decent driving vehicles with out of state plates near a military base who were heard to have ade comments about blowing things up.

The stripper is lying, they're stupid terrorists, or they're stupid non terrorsists and can spend a few days in jail learning that that $hiat isn't funny. Strippers never lie.
2002-07-10 09:59:27 AM  
Strippers, America's last line of defense.
2002-07-10 10:11:28 AM  
The Meatmen said it best back in the 80s...
2002-07-10 10:12:06 AM  
I live in San Antonio as well and it's all over the news down here. Just to be safe,I'm glad the manager called the cops, but I would be willing to bet that alochol had a thing or two to do with it. XTC is a bar where you bring in your own alcohol, so it is quite common to see people quite wasted there. On a side note, I have been to that bar before..talk about a dive
2002-07-10 10:16:46 AM  
osama bin drinkin'.
2002-07-10 10:23:10 AM  
Get a rope.
2002-07-10 10:24:05 AM  
This broad is already more successful than all the American security agencies put together.
2002-07-10 10:24:31 AM  
god I hate hippies...
2002-07-10 10:26:09 AM  
Hookemjason: so are the strippers skanks?
2002-07-10 10:29:00 AM  
Did anyone ever think that maybe the stripper is a racist/patriot/jingoist and made the whole thing up just to get the arabs in trouble? I'm sure it hasn't been ruled out by the investigating officers.
2002-07-10 10:33:44 AM  
yep, (actually readin comments--what a maroon) several people actually stated that, but the rest are probably all racists. Most Farkers are ignorant racists FVCKS. Oops were you trolling?
2002-07-10 10:40:37 AM  
She totally misunderstood: They just wanted to smuggle some pipebombs in her.
2002-07-10 10:40:51 AM  
maybe it's a diversionary tactic.
2002-07-10 10:41:00 AM  
terroristic= fake word

I thought they just asked the stripper if she was drunk. Then all the club employees overreacted.
2002-07-10 10:46:42 AM  

"When you Americans stop being a bunch of weenies who assume that your country is invincible."

Actually, when it comes right down to it I don't really think that anyone here in The States thinks we're invincible, nor do I feel like we felt invincible before 9/11. The problem was that we had the liberal left in the White House (Clinton) for so long, who couldn't successfully execute bin Laden (even after multiple attempts).


Good point about Lackland AFB there in SA. Don't forget about Ft. Hood though, which is not too far away either. As far as I can tell, everyone involved did exactly what they should have done (except for the three urine colored men who "reportedly" said they were going to blow up military bases). Let 'em rot in the Bexar Co. Jail for being farking stupid if nothing else.

As you were...
2002-07-10 10:47:33 AM  
AburKadabur, I was thinking the same thing.

Look at it this way: if you were going to do something bad, I mean really bad, would you tell anyone? And take the chance that you might get caught before you even get to do whatever it is that you are going to do?
2002-07-10 10:50:24 AM  
Ug...here we go...

*grabs popcorn*

Those idiot towel heads...farking morons...no wonder they all live in shiat hole 3rd world nations and wipe their shiatty ass with their hands...MORONS!
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