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(SeattlePI)   Dustin Diamond explains sex tape, saying his friends film their exploits, exchange the tapes and keep score, awarding points for certain acts. And according to him, these are "profile" people   ( blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com) divider line
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32629 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Sep 2006 at 8:13 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-29 12:36:26 AM  
Ugh. Just the thought that Screech has a sextape is making me want to vomit.
2006-09-29 12:45:37 AM  
Ha ha!

That being said, I don't really want to watch Mr. Belding drop the soap.
2006-09-29 12:49:38 AM  
In a prepared statement delivered by his lawyer, Diamond said "Look at Me! I'm still relevant! I have a life! Women shag me! Please pay attention to me! Hello! Is this thing on! I'm over here! I'm a big star! Pay me more notice! Validate me!"
2006-09-29 01:14:27 AM  
Dustin Diamond explains sex tape, saying his friends film their exploits, exchange the tapes and keep score, awarding points for certain acts. And according to him, these are "profile" people it's attention-whoring at it's worst, folks.
2006-09-29 01:19:24 AM  
It's the first time I've wanted a sex tape to be shot in the dark without night vision.
2006-09-29 01:19:33 AM  
MY g/f and I had no idea what a dirty snchaez is. when we looked it up online my g/f threw up, (litterally, I have to say I was nto too far behind).

But now after Dustin doing it, he is going to fight distrbution tooth and nail. He accoplished what he wanted 15 min more of fame, no matter how discusting.

Years ago, louie b mayer sad there is no such thing as bad publicity, well he did not have to deal with a dirty sanchez-ing actor!
2006-09-29 01:59:10 AM  
Hot Karl > Dirty Sanchez
2006-09-29 08:17:57 AM  
I wonder if THIS is going to make me care about his house.




2006-09-29 08:18:46 AM  
If he is doing ass-to-mouth with Lisa Turtle, I'll buy 10 copies.
2006-09-29 08:19:54 AM  
Well, that's two of the "Saved by the Bell" cast that have appeared nude on video.
2006-09-29 08:23:49 AM  
First he lied about his house being taken away, now he is lying about this.....next he is going to take responsibility for killing JonBenet Ramsey.

He looks creepy enough to have done it
2006-09-29 08:24:21 AM  
A point system for acts they accomplish, eh? Sounds like they should still be back in that high school.

/Unless, of course, the points can be traded in for frequent-flyer miles.
//Calling Delta to see how many miles a Dirty Sanchez will earn.
2006-09-29 08:25:25 AM  
Angry Dragon > Hot Karl
2006-09-29 08:25:41 AM  
This thread is just fine without pictures.
2006-09-29 08:26:23 AM  
Saved by the Smell: The Colon Years!
2006-09-29 08:26:26 AM  
Undertow101: Mexican Moustache > Hot Karl
2006-09-29 08:26:58 AM  


This thread is just fine without pictures.

Yes, yes it is. ARRGH.
2006-09-29 08:27:29 AM  
Am i the only one that would watch it?
2006-09-29 08:28:03 AM  
"We've been doing it for a while, and we didn't think it was a problem. Apparently, it is a problem."

Why are these people always so apologetic once they get caught making sex tapes? Why can't one of them just say, "Look, we made the tape. We're consenting adults. I'm not sorry and I don't feel bad about it, so go fark yourself".
2006-09-29 08:28:16 AM  
Angry Pirate > Mexican Moustache
2006-09-29 08:29:51 AM  
overfiend, yes but apparently no one is willing to pay for it.

I thought screech was pathetic because of the house thing, and this... well, it's official. He needs to die in a raging fire.
2006-09-29 08:30:30 AM  
Dustin who?

/really, never heard of him
//did look him up on wikipedia
///never watched SBTB
2006-09-29 08:32:15 AM  
I have to admit, I'm a little curious to see what kind of tail a Z-list non-celebrity like Screech can land. Not curious enough to go anywhere near a tape involving a nude Screech and a Dirty Sanchez, but curious.

/I bet they're fugly
//Goddamn this guy is an attention whore
2006-09-29 08:32:33 AM  
Why is this toolbeat in the news?
2006-09-29 08:32:57 AM  
Read an article not a long time ago. The acto posited that those sex tapes were just a way for has-been and never-were to get under the public light. I'm feeling that he was right. Like Tom Sizemore for instance. A critic's review of his "performance" was one of the funniest thing I read online recently.
2006-09-29 08:33:20 AM  
[image from i13.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-09-29 08:33:58 AM  
Is a Cleveland steamer signficantly different than the Hot Karl?
2006-09-29 08:34:04 AM  
Wow DD is on Wiki for Dirty Sanchez entry see for yourself:

2006-09-29 08:34:31 AM  




/seriously. go away, you little man.
2006-09-29 08:35:05 AM  
The angry pirate is good, but the Houdini and the Helen Keller are funnier.
2006-09-29 08:36:19 AM  
2006-09-29 08:38:08 AM  
Same here... never saw the show, didn't recognize the name still don't care.
2006-09-29 08:38:34 AM  
I'll never understand the sense of accomplishment and pride men get when they manage to degrade themselves and another human being by sticking some part of their body in a chick's ass and then her mouth. I mean, if they're into that, cool, but it takes a majorly insecure guy to view sex as a chance to do disgusting things to a woman and then think it's funny.

If you want to do disgusting things because it's sexy and you enjoy it, that's another matter. I'm not saying you gotta be in love or anything, but at least not trying to stick turd in the mouth of the person you're having sex with seems like a basic standard of conduct to me.
2006-09-29 08:38:38 AM  
Dear Screech: I hated your shiat when I was 9. I hate your shiat now, more than 15 years later. Please go back to the rock you were living under. No one cares anymore.


/PS: fark you.
2006-09-29 08:39:11 AM  
LOL, Defamer.com headline from the other day: "Horseman of the Sex Tape Apocalypse About To Deliver Screech Scat Video"
2006-09-29 08:39:46 AM  
strawberrry shortcake>angry pirate>mexican mustache>dirty sanchez>man humping a turtle
2006-09-29 08:40:16 AM  
Alabama Hot Pocket > anything else.
2006-09-29 08:42:19 AM  
the spiderman > all
2006-09-29 08:43:44 AM  
Me and my SO like anal sex like most people, but fecal matter is not really something that we like to incorporate in our sex life.
2006-09-29 08:44:09 AM  
I'm going to be laughing all farking day now.
2006-09-29 08:44:44 AM  
2006-09-29 08:44:55 AM  
I love me the ol' "Snowmobile". How many points would it get me?
2006-09-29 08:45:04 AM  
All over Hollow-wood, former b-listers are calling their agents:

Erik Estrada: "I still have the cuffs and the sunglasses. Can you check on Jenna Jameson's availability?"

Pauley Shore: "I'm thinking goats - but tasteful. You know, something set in the Mediterranean, Budd-dy."

Erik Estrada: "What do you mean she said no? I was Ponch, fer farksake! Goats? Do we have to pay them?"

Adam Rich: "I'm thinking we'll call it 'Eight Inches Is Enough.'"

Erik Estrada: "What do you mean the goats won't work with me? They're spooked by the hairpiece? Well fark them. Yes, I am aware of the irony. Stop laughing!"

Corey Hiam: "Look, I'm not picky. I'll take anything. You say Erik Estrada is calling? Yeah, I'll hold."
2006-09-29 08:47:34 AM  
The amazing whoop-de-do > anything you think you know about
2006-09-29 08:48:42 AM  

2006-09-29 08:49:15 AM  
Hey, hey, Erik Estrada is awesome.


[image from declension.org too old to be available]
2006-09-29 08:49:35 AM  


see article 2
2006-09-29 08:50:47 AM  
I thought Screech would be more of a 'Lucky Pierre' kind of guy.
2006-09-29 08:52:31 AM  
2006-09-29 08:52:37 AM  
pfff...inform me when the Tiffany Amber Thiesen (sp?) sex tape comes out.

THAT, I will watch, several times
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