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(OC Register)   Stanford band suspended after shows that included circling the field before a game in a white Ford Bronco with bloody handprints on the door, and a halftime show called "What If David Duke Became President of Stanford?"   ( divider line
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2006-09-27 11:41:56 PM  

Jealous much?

I'm a Stanford student and its more depressing than ever to have a miserable football team without the band - at least with the band we are entertained.

They are coming back in a few weeks - too bad it won't change anything. The guys who did damage to the shak (mostly graduated seniors) were kicked off the band, fined, etc. There is no reason to punish the rest of the band.

And to those calling them no-talent hacks - duh, thats the point, they are still hysterical and we Stanford students need to unwind every now and again you know?
2006-09-27 11:43:36 PM  
Doktor not sure, but we did do the Coat Hanger formation during an abortiona half time show ;)

Heres some more fun info from Wikipedia...

Irreverence has been a mainstay of the band throughout its over 40-year history. In the 1970s, one halftime show lampooned Cal student Patty Hearst's kidnapping with a formation called the "Hearst Burger": two buns and no patty. The band gave a tribute for the anniversary of Jayne Mansfield's death, by announcing over the PA the urban legend of how she had been decapitated in an automobile accident. Then band then played the song "Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Body." The band is also reputed to have performed a "Tribute to abortion" halftime show featuring a coat hanger formation.[citation needed]

Members can be often seen in the stands with their trousers dropped (usually at the end of a close game). Obscene gestures and rude remarks towards opposing fans and teams are common themes within their shows. It is rumored that network television sports producers are instructed not to televise the band.

The LSJUMB has been disciplined for controversial performances on several occasions:

* In 1986, the University suspended the band from traveling to the UCLA football game scheduled on November 8th, 1986 after incidents in previous games that season. On October 11th, 1986, there occurred the infamous incident of public urination following the home football game against the University of Washington. (Although many swear that this incident occurred during the halftime show, actually two band members were caught urinating on the field after the game, when the stadium was nearly-empty.) During the halftime of the home USC game on October 19th, 1986, the band spelled out "NO BALLZ". For the next game they performed an anagram show and spelled out an anagrammed four-letter word ("NCUT"). However, the "NCUT" was actually supposed to be "NEUT"-- some wayward trombones changed the "E" to a "C" without permission. This final infraction is what cost them the Los Angeles trip. After the suspension was served, the band appeared at the Cal game wearing angel halos in an attempt to apologize and get invited to travel with the football team to a bowl game. The band attended the Gator Bowl that year, amid very close scrutiny.

* In 1990, Stanford suspended the band for a single game after their halftime show at the University of Oregon criticized the logging of the spotted owl's habitats in the northwest United States. Governor Neil Goldschmidt (D-OR) issued a decree that the band not return to Oregon for several years; the band did not return until 2001. [1] After the spotted owl incident, all halftime shows were reviewed and approved by Stanford's Athletic Department.
* In 1991, the University of Notre Dame banned the LSJUMB from visiting its campus after a show at Stanford where the drum major dressed as a nun (who had been attacked by a fan of Notre Dame) conducted the band with a crucifix instead of a baton.
* In 1992, the Athletic Department pressured the LSJUMB to fire its announcers after one used the phrase "No chuppah, no schtuppa" (see schtupp) at a San Jose State University game halftime show.
* In 1994, the Band was disciplined after nineteen members of the band skipped a field rehearsal in Los Angeles to play outside the L.A. County Courthouse during jury selection for the O. J. Simpson trial. The band's song selection included an arrangement of The Zombies' "She's Not There." Defense lawyer Robert Shapiro described the incident to the media as "a new low in tasteless behavior."
* In 1997, the Band was again disciplined for shows lampooning Catholicism and the Irish at a game against Notre Dame. The Band put on a show entitled "These Irish, Why Must they Fight?" Besides the stereotypical Irish-Catholic humor, there was a Riverdance formation, and a Potato Famine joke.
* In 2002 and 2006, the Band was sanctioned for off-the-field behavior, including violations of the University alcohol policy.
* In 2004, the Band drew national attention and Mormon ire for joking about polygamy, which was practiced by some Mormons until 1890. This occurred during a game against Brigham Young University. The Dollies appeared in wedding veils and the announcer referred to marriage as "the sacred bond that exists between a man and a woman... and a woman... and a woman... and a woman... and a woman."
* In 2006, the band was suspended by Stanford administrators when their former "Band Shak" was vandalized. The Shak, a trailer that served as a temporary home for the band, was already in a decrepit state before it was found with broken windows and profanities spray painted on the walls. Administrators believed members of the band were responsible for the damage, as members of the band had believed the shak was set to be demolished the next day. The incident occurred after the band moved into a new $2.8 million Band Shak. [2]

The band's hijinks were given a wider audience when they became the subject of the "Not My Job" segment on National Public Radio's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! on September 9, 2006.
2006-09-27 11:57:42 PM  
When I was a lad, I saw the Stanford band in the Rose parade. They wore blazers, white pants, and Mickey Mouse hats.
2006-09-28 12:14:34 AM  
I love the LSJUMB. Back in the '90s when they had talent.
2006-09-28 12:20:25 AM  
Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band checking in.

We do some crazy stuff on occasion, but we can't hold a candle to these guys.

/but our uniforms are WAY cooler
2006-09-28 12:44:10 AM  
The attitudes that blew up and then farked the dotcom bubble are the same attitudes on display with the Stanford band. Same people.

/just sayin

//went to Stanford

///take my dog to work in a van down by the river
2006-09-28 1:09:35 AM  
Remember when they formed a penis on the field and marched in and out of the tunnel. They used fire estinguishers at the climax.

Univ of Oregon Fighting Duck Marching Band in the 80s.
Four years playing, three years volunteering.
2006-09-28 1:37:26 AM  
They have that esoteric sense of humor that appeals to themselves and no one else - general student body included.

I have to agree, but that's what happens sometimes when you put a bunch of band nerds in a room every week and lock them in there until a show is written. Other times, you get comedy genius. Personally, I happen to like the edginess and juvenille antics. You don't? Nobody's forcing you to pay attention during halftime.

Just popping in to agree, Scramble bands suck. Big Ten Marching Bands! Woo!

You see, this is the mindset of the typical college football fan. The kind of people that can just as easily be entertained by watching marching formations as they can by staring at screen savers for hours on end. Jackass.

The whole "we're different and unorganized so we're better" thing really doesn't apply when you are evaluated by your ability to function in unison as a whole.

Not every band is a precision marching band. So, yes, it does apply. Having a well-written, humorous show is the criterion by which scramble bands should be evaluated.

I'm glad there are so many positive comments in this thread, particularly about the scramble bands, the pep bands, and the Southern-style marching bands. Don't drink any of these douches' haterade.
2006-09-28 1:59:03 AM  
If the band is banned during the Big Game, Cal fans will have less losers to boo. The Stanfurd Bland summed up EVERYTHING we hated about those cocky, rich assholes who could fark around and get B's, network with some rich prick and get a job just because you can laugh at poor people jokes.

/Go Beers
2006-09-28 2:06:35 AM  
Rev. Trashy, your name precedes you. Please tell me you're going to be at the Homecoming game on Saturday.

The diaphragm show was the Columbia University Marching Band, as "Knockin'" is one of our signature pieces. It wasn't at a Catholic school, though it was Children's Day at the Yale Bowl.
2006-09-28 3:26:21 AM  
This is absurd.

I cannot seriously believe that *anyone* who claims to have any sort of taste is comparing marching bands. That's like being a connoisseur of American macrobrews, or talking about the acting ability of soap opera actresses. Marching band music isn't real music, and the only people who things like DCI appeal to are people who are either involved in them, or wish that they were.

News flash: real musicians don't wear plumes and rolled-heel shoes. They don't run out onto a football field to fill time while everyone goes to get more nachos. Marching bands, like "flair" bartenders or amateur magicians, may be amusing to watch, but they're certainly not practitioners of any high art.

Also, where the hell are we getting all these people who think being intentionally offensive is a bad thing? This is a website that started out as a showcase for giant squirrel testicles, not a refuge for the sort of people who called the FCC on a nipple they never actually saw on television.
2006-09-28 7:08:39 AM  
sharkeyca: The Stanfurd Bland summed up EVERYTHING we hated about those cocky, rich assholes who could fark around and get B's, network with some rich prick and get a job just because you can laugh at poor people jokes.

College rejection letters are a biatch, eh? Better luck next time. In the meantime, please stand by for the Waaaambulance.
2006-09-28 9:19:52 AM  
The Stanford band sounds like the UVA scramble band before they got permanently banned.

Bands change as the football team changes. Where I went the band evolved from just above a scramble band to a true band as the football team got exponentially better and therefore more attention. But now the current band is mostly the "pulse" of crowd at the games
2006-09-28 9:59:39 AM  
I don't care what their nickname is, Ohio States marching band is boring in the stands. When your most fun tune is "Hang on Sloopy" its time to get some new material...


And while script Ohio is cool, its cool once. Maybe twice... but then I've seen it. From a marching band perspective, its really not too difficult... hell, they had 90 year olds doing it at their home opener this year. Follow the leader, follow the leader, don't crash while you cross through, follow the leader.

It's always the "smaller" bands that seem to be a lot more fun. I'd take a good ol' funk show, or a swing show for a college campus (Don't EVER do Rocky Horror or say, the Thong Song...) over Marches of John Philip Sousa.

This post is far too long for an old thread that few people will see.
2006-09-28 10:04:39 AM  

Such a closed mind.

It really wouldn't bother me except you had to go and bring drum corps into this...

Are you saying that because they perform their music perfectly on a field, with dynamics, pitch, tone, and precision that they are less legitimate than someone who sits in a suit on a concert floor?

I'd really love to hear why you think so. I have plenty of music major friends, who also march corps, that would love to disagree with your ignorant statements.
2006-09-28 12:37:23 PM  
Oh, I wish I had joined this thread earlier. Of course, UMass and JMU were mentioned within the first few posts. (I know who you are Kiribub!!)

Stanford is about a classless as Harvard when it comes to bands. I remember a halftime show in 1988 in which Hah-vahd (trying to get under the skin of 300 UMass band members) did a halftime show about chess and the Olympics, and South Africa couldn't join since "they didn't know how to play blacks".

No brawl ensued - we just went out and played the hell out the halftime show. Oh, and it was great how the fans were booing their own band, and cheering for us.

Good times.
2006-09-28 3:25:42 PM  
You filthy lemmings *need* the Stanford Band.

/ remembers "Tribute to Prophylactics" when Notre Dame visited one year
// class of '92, LSJUMB was awesome.
2006-09-28 8:51:20 PM  
Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby, in a statement, said: "We want a strong, creative and vibrant band. We believe that tradition of creativity and originality can be preserved in a way that doesn't lead to irresponsible acts and supports student-athletes, rather than drawing attention away from them.

What a prick.

/band geek
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