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(Some Cincinnati Guy)   Theme: What foods are unique to your area that you can't get in other parts of the country? Included is something goetta-licious. (pronounced get-ta)   ( divider line
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2002-07-13 05:08:47 PM  
Neon9 'Cock of the Walk' - that place rocks! it's right on Barnett Reservoir. very cool. my parents lived in Ridgeland for three years, and they raved about that place. there were only a few things on the menu: fried catfish, hush puppies, corn on the cob, and french fries? i think that's all you could get. and it all came in buckets! yum!

oh, mississippi cracked me up for the amount of fried things you could get there: okra, chicken, pickles, corn on the cob...what can't you deep fat fry there?!

as for boston (where my parents are now), i absolutely love Legal Seafood. i know it's expensive, but damn that's good fish.
2002-07-13 05:11:33 PM  
In Austin -
Jamie's Spanish Village for Tex Mex the way it was before the northerners moved in (Red River across from Stubbs BBQ -which is also great)
The Salt Lick - hell of a drive, but damn good bbq - BYOB, you see groups with their own coolers out there every night.
For hamburgers, it was Holiday House when I was growing up. We went to the one on Barton Springs. It was a special treat to go to the on on Airport that had the huge fish tanks. After Holiday House was no longer around, we went to Dan's. I didn't eat at McDonalds until I was 10.
There used to be a fun/annoying place called the Magic Time Machine (where Landry's on the Lake is now) that had expensive food, people dressed up in costumes and theme tables/booths. For a kid it was outstanding!
Mom and Dad talk about Lungs Chinese Kitchen (long gone).

*sigh* And to think I was almost looking forward to having Taco Cabana for dinner tonight.
2002-07-13 05:21:31 PM  
Ottobot: Blue crab is my favorite. The most work but the sweetest meat.

In Fla., we have stone crab claws, which I can only describe as the macadamia nut of crab eating. While nothing compares to blue crab for taste, these claws, harvested off of the stone crab one at a time allowing the crab to grow a new one back, are easy to eat and are better than lobster, IMO. Very pricey though.
2002-07-13 05:31:17 PM  
I like "harvested". It goes down better than "torn" or "ripped".
2002-07-13 05:44:26 PM  
I used to have to travel so I'm going to spread mine out.

In San Francisco, if you don't go down to the wharf and get a bread bowl of lobster bisque, you're a damn fool.

In New York, the soup nazi really does make soup that will make you weak in the knees. If you go to New York and don't have his lobster bisque, you're a damn fool.

In Iowa, for whatever reason (probably close to cows), the mexican food is unbelievable. Tasty Tacos was a good one, Taco Casa was another one. If you go to the Younkers building downtown, you gotta have a rarebit burger in their dining room. It's a welsh rarebiatcheese poured all over a hamburger, eaten with a fork. Very good.

In Florida, there is a restruant called Bonefish Grill (just got bought by Outback, so look for it going nationwide), they have an appetizer called Salt Rock Shrimp. I don't know what all is in it other than lime, garlic, olive, sun dried tomato, and shrimp. Whatever it is it is nearly as good as anything the Soup Nazi makes.

That about covers the whole country.
2002-07-13 05:46:53 PM  
Man, Skleenar, you're right, that was just too politically correct of a description. "Plucked" works well, somewhere between "ripped" and "harvested".
2002-07-13 05:58:17 PM  

As an aside--the best way to cook dungeness crab is to clean it just before cooking. The best way to clean it is to quickly flip it onto its back, and before it can grab on to anything, you smash it in the belly with something like a hammer handle. This stuns/kills the crab (I haven't ever checked for a pulse) which allows the next step. You then grab all of the legs+claw on one side in one hand and do the same on the other side with the other hand. One quick twist and voila! hands full of crab meat and a shell full of crab guts. You still may have to pick the gills off of the legs, but it's a lot quicker than any other way I know of.

God, I hope Kylie isn't reading this thread.
2002-07-13 06:01:17 PM  
Iowa - Sterzing's Potato Chips. At least, I haven't seen them elsewhere.
2002-07-13 06:26:34 PM  
Wisconsin: Cheese Curds. Yum.......**Squeek!**

(Come on cheddar heads...ya'll know what I talking about)
2002-07-13 06:27:47 PM  
In NE Ohio, nothing beats a DiRusso's sausage sandwich with a papercone full of french fries and vinegar at the Canfield Fair. Also (from the past, sadly) Isaly's pizzaburgers and the frozen custard at the downtown (Youngstown) Strouss' store. Oh, and Wise potato chips! And Rolling Rock beer (before they went national).

Nothing beats Wisconsin beer brats.

Tucson has the best Mexican food north of the border (and maybe south). Most non-franchise places are great. For a great change of pace from Sonoran style, try La Parilla Suiza - best tortilla soup on the planet.

Been in Houston a few years - haven't eaten out much - don't care for Tex-Mex (not dissin' it - just not my style of mex food) one thing I did learn - Pappasito's is American food, not Mexican food. Maybe I'll try Casas, mentioned in two earlier posts.

I wonder how many road trips this post thread will inspire?!
2002-07-13 06:40:18 PM  
Fort Worth TX has some wicked taquerias. Not Tex Mex bullshiat. Melis on W. Vickery. Eat any part of the cow you want.
2002-07-13 06:50:31 PM  
Taco John's started out in Wyoming in the 1960's, and I encountered it in Montana in 1969. It's been spreading, slowly, ever since, but I think the food could take Taco Bell hands down. It's a similar concept - fast-food "Mexican" food really cheap. But it's *good*!!! Anybody who likes Taco John's, vote now!
2002-07-13 07:03:23 PM  
Seattle. Dick's Drive-In. Best Goddamn burger there is. And you don't get to do that pansy-ass "I don't want any pickles on my burger" crap either. You take your burger the way they make it, you pay cash, and you get the hell out of there. No checks, no credit cards, no "hold the onions, please." F*ck you. Eat your burger.
2002-07-13 07:05:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-07-13 07:13:15 PM  
07-13-02 12:45:52 PM Rpopstar
in cleveland : stadium mustard.... it is dark brown and as far as i know, once you leave the cleveland area it simply doesn't exist, even though it's sold and/or served everywhere here...

in akron there is a drive-in chain [flash lights for service] that have unique [and delicious] hamburgers

Every time I go back to NE OH to visit family I have to stock up on Stadium Mustard (the only good thing about going to see the Indians at Cleveland Stadium in the 70s) and also a visit or two to Swenson's drive-in is neccesary. Great place for Farkettes to see college boys trotting around taking orders......

Another Akron must have is a frozen custard from Stickland's

Here in the PA/MD/DE corner people eat scrapple (yuck), water ice (yum), crabs, cheese steaks. In downstate DE I have read of people actually eating muskrat at restaurants... gah!
2002-07-13 07:16:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Perogies...... damn fine eatin'
2002-07-13 07:17:58 PM  
Here in good-ole Northeast Mississippi, we have a hamburger called a "slug burger". Rumor has it that it got it's name from the fact that they used to cost a nickel. It's made with a little hamberger meat mixed with some kind of soybean meal. Sounds disgusting, I know. But they are delicious. They are deep fried, like everything in the South; a little crunchy on the edges, soft in the middle. Come standard with pickles, onions, and mustard. Unlike Bonobo62, they can take the pickles and shove them up their arses, but I'll take the rest, thank you.

They are so popular, that this weekend is the annual Slugburger Festival, complete with carnival, crafts, and music, and white trash.

MMMM MMM......
2002-07-13 07:18:15 PM  

We had one of those in Moscow, Idaho for a while. (When I was doing time in Pullman)

We used to play Taco Roulette--Get a bag of Tacos: 1 each for everyone road tripping it back to Pullman after a night's drinking. Only catch was, we'd order 1 taco with their HOT sauce. That stuff would ruin your day--nearly nuclear.

The fun was seeing who would get stung. I could never get one of those down, even drunk off my ass and starving.
2002-07-13 07:21:59 PM  
I didn't want to read every entry, so it might be a repeat. Sabatini's Pizza in Exeter, PA is the best pizza I have EVER had. If you have had Sabatini's do vote for this.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-13 07:24:08 PM  
One word : "Muffaletta"

It's a toss up to me as to which one is better; from Central Grocery down on Decatur Street or over at the Napoleon House in New Orleans, my old home town.
2002-07-13 07:29:21 PM  
It's been said before by others in the Baltimore area, but there is nothing like sitting down with friends or family to eat steamed blue crabs in the summertime. I'm of the opinion that you can never have too much Old Bay seasoning hon!

So who tied your panties in a knot this morning, Soundcow? Howcome the hate for Baltimore? It's as good as anywhere else.

Egg custard snowballs rock too.
2002-07-13 07:39:47 PM  
West Virginia=RAMPS.

mmmmmmm, good!!

One taste of ramps, and you'll wish it was springtime (ramp season) all the time!!
2002-07-13 07:51:04 PM  
Okay, I know there have been a few Buffalo, NY entries, and I think we have the whole Buffalo Wings and Beef on Weck stuff covered, but how can you forget Mighty Taco, the Buffalo chain of Mexican fast food?

Now, I have tried Taco Johns and I've eaten plenty of Taco Bell, but the one thing I miss the most after moving from Buffalo is the amazing Mighty Taco...anyone from Buffalo will tell you Mighty Taco is by far the best Mexican fast food there is. And you can wash it down with a nice glass of Aunt Rosie's Loganberry drink, another Buffalo original.

My three necessities upon returning to Buffalo are, in order:

Duff's Suicidal Chicken Wings
Mighty Taco
Anderson's Roast Beef on Weck.

Another favorite are the Chicken Finger Subs you can find at almost any pizza joint now in Buffalo (and yes, I agree that the pizza in Buffalo is uncommonly good and compares with Chicago). It's basically chicken fingers drenched in hot sauce like wings, on a sub roll with lettuce, tomato, onions and smothered in blue cheese mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Also, for all the Binghamton people (where I went to college), besides the Spiedies have you ever had a Beef Patty with Coco Bread and Cheese (and plenty of hot sauce) at Kennedy's Fried Chicken on Main St.? My god, that is the one thing I miss the most from Binghamton, NY. Basically, the place is owned by an Arab guy, who serves up the standard fried chicken fare but also a deep fried patty thing that is a crust with a meaty substance as filling in the middle, and he puts it in this cocobread pocket and melts cheese on's hard to explain but damn they were so good after a night of drinking, even though you spent the better part of the next day suffering on the toilet afterwards...I'm just wondering if you can still get those...I've seen the beef patty things in other Arab-owned pizza places around the country since then, but never served up with the cocobread and cheese.
2002-07-13 08:35:17 PM  
White Widow tea.
Stuff gets you a great body high 2 hours later.
2002-07-13 09:21:27 PM  
It's all about the wine here in the Niagara region (Ontario).
2002-07-13 09:29:04 PM  
Mexican food here in Southern CA. They might have mexican food in a lot of places but it *sucks* in anywhere else other than Texas and southern California. Trust me on that one.
2002-07-13 09:30:18 PM  
someone from NY (up-upstate) send me some of the croghan bologna and some cheese curd and I will glady overpay for shipping. i was born and raised up there and miss those two things alot. yeah and genny cream ale. (/b>Nodhg hit the nail on the head on those three things. also I miss old vienna. but texas has some fine microbreweries and I have friends that brew so beer is good...

for san antonio, mexican food. number one place used to be blanco cafe. now its my kitchen. everything from scratch.
2002-07-13 10:01:30 PM  
Cameo Pizza in Sandusky, OH. The BOMB!!

Real Slush Puppies! Not sone crappy slurpee shiat. An honest-to-dog Slush Puppie Brand SLUSH PUPPIE. Stuff your water ice where the sun don't shine.
2002-07-13 10:18:05 PM  
Hoagies and Grinders, Hoagies and Grinders. Navy beans, Navy beans. Meatloaf sandwich..

Sloppy Joe, Slop-Sloppy Joe, yeah. Sloppy Joe, Slop-Sloppy *poot*
2002-07-13 10:32:51 PM  
2002-07-13 10:37:02 PM  
In between working in the yard,and checking this thread for everybodys'local favorites,I've been noshing all day...
2002-07-13 10:44:39 PM  
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (Lou Malnati's being one of my faves).

[image from too old to be available]

And, Philly Farker's all know about Pat's Cheesesteaks. Hands down, best ever.
2002-07-13 10:54:00 PM  
Montreal's got Poutine... fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. The fricking best.
Also smoked mest sandwiches here are second to none. And bagels that were dropped from heaven.
2002-07-13 11:28:02 PM  

I'll second you on the notion that Texas and Southern Cali are tops in Mexican food, given the obvious number of Mexicans living in both places, but, surprisingly enough, Milwaukee, WI has some respectable Mexican fare. I'm not from there, and have never lived there, and so I have no reason to be anything but impartial. Believe me, I was shocked at first, but I once dated a girl who was from there and had amazing Mexican food on several occasions from different restaurants. I guess Milwaukee has a disproportionately high number of Mexicans for a non-Southwest locale. But damn, I was pleasantly surprised to find authentic Mexican food and stiff Margheritas in a Midwestern city! By contrast, my current home of Minneapolis-St. Paul is typical and blows by comparison.
2002-07-14 12:18:32 AM  
if you ever in myrtle beach gotta be drunk and go into akels.......doesnt matter what you get its all breakfast food anyway....tastes good coming up too.....mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
2002-07-14 12:31:56 AM  
Wisc: Frozen Custard mmmmm fattening

Milw/Wisc: Breakfast at Webbs (many locations) after a hard night O' drinkin'
mmmmmm greasy
2002-07-14 12:50:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Anybody ever heard of California Pizza Kitchen? They put together these pizzas that sound absolutely terrible, but once you try them... damn. You're looking at their Thai Chicken Pizza there. They've got a bunch of other "interesting" varieties, like Philly Cheesesteak, Peking Duck, B.L.T., Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and a bunch of others.

It sounds really weird, and it's definitely a different taste, but it's sooooooooooo good.
2002-07-14 12:57:01 AM  
Portillos, I'm so glad that they are a chain operation here in Chicago. Italian Beef, chili dogs, and cheese fries. YEah, I thought ketchup was good on fries, but cheese is much better.

Yeah, I've had cheese fries from Steak and Shake, and it doesn't compare to Portillos cheese fries.

NOw that I think of it, I like Zippy's too, similiar to Portillos. They have waffle fries, something about the waffle shape makes a good fry.
2002-07-14 01:02:11 AM  

Where do I start?

Gumbo (anything but okra. Okra sucks), boudin, cracklins, andouille (real deal, not that store bought crap), turduckens, ALLIGATOR, jambalaya, etouffee (crab, crawfish, shrimp, it's all good), boiled blue crabs, blackened redfish, cochon de lait (suckling pig cooked in the ground), boiled crawfish, tasso.

That's just a start. It's gonna suck moving away for a job.
2002-07-14 01:02:13 AM  
Paczkis are awesome, when done right they are better then the crap served at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin DOnuts. Paczkis also are only served on fat tuesday. I think the recipe for them calls for lard or some other unhealthy fat to make them. MMMMM, could go for some paczkis right now and pasties, yeah.
2002-07-14 01:29:30 AM  
Mint concretes late on a sunday night. Yum.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-14 01:32:28 AM  
deep fired twinkies, pickled okra, hot pickled merlton and the most bad ass of them all " blackberry cobbler with blue bell vanilla bean ice cream." That is some good eating!!!
2002-07-14 01:48:06 AM  
Texas is the only place you can find TexMex. Don't argue with me either. You've never eaten TexMex unless you've been to Texas. Anyone ever eaten at Mercado's in Tyler, TX? That is some GREAT food there.

Blue Bell ice cream....enough said. I feel sorry for those of you out of reach of this Brenham, TX treat. Dayumm good ice cream.

And of course, I can't mention Texas without mentioning chicken fried steak. MMMMMM......served w/ white cream gravy, ketchup, mashed potatoes with the skins still on, fried okra and iced tea.

Oh yea, you are supposed to drink tea with ice and sugar! Crazy yanks.
2002-07-14 01:55:19 AM  

Dick's Drive-in
- Best fast food burger in the world! Best french fries.

Romio's Pizza - Best pizza in Seattle. Just don't order extra cheese unless you have a death wish.

White Center Pizza - A tiny, hole-in-the-wall, dive of a place that serves the absolute best canneloni and mannicotti in the world!

Bangkok Thai (Puyallup) - Who'd have thought that the best Thai food in the Puget Sound area would be in Puyallup?

Unnamed Gyro place in the Broadway Market - OK, it probably has a name, but hell if I know what it is. They do have the best Gyros though
2002-07-14 02:40:32 AM  
Shame on you, Too-Tall. You mentioned the toasted rav but failed to mention several staples of the St. Louis area:

1) St. Louis Style Pizza - Pizza with wafer-thin crust (not that pseudo-thin crust they use at Papa Johns and Pizza Hut) and provel cheese replacing mozzarella. Some would compare it to cheese and crackers, but people like that generally don't have long life expectancies in this city.

2) The Slinger - Farkers should be famaliar with this particular culinary delight: on a platter stack hash browns, 2 eggs, the breakfast meat of your choice (ham / bacon / hamburger / sausage), cheese, onions and slather it all in orange, diner chili. Delicious! It's the perfect 3am meal for the hipster, intoxicated by any number of things, who isn't allowed in the clubs anymore.
2002-07-14 03:12:46 AM  
From central CT (namely Meriden), the steamed cheeseburger. Yeah, it sounds like the Simpsons' "steamed hamg", but they're incredibly good. Basically every greasy spoon in that area sells 'em, too.
2002-07-14 03:15:45 AM  
I'm from Corpus Christi, home of Whataburger a bajillion kick-ass taquerias and fresh shrimp the size of your frickin' fist.
2002-07-14 04:17:40 AM  
Good food in southern CA:

Original Tommy's - chili burgers, chili fries, chili hot dogs, chili tamales....MMM! Nothing like big, greasy burgers with a ton of thick chili inside to give you heartburn....but they're GOOD, I swear! Most are open 24 hours, too.

In-N-Out Burger (they're all over the state now, but the first one opened in so cal). You gotta have the Double-Double! Evolve555 posted a picture of one if you want to know what it looks like.

About 20 years ago, this place gave out bumperstickers that read

They stopped giving them out because too many people cut off the "b" and "r" before putting them on their cars.

El Rey - in South Central L.A. near the Coliseum. Home of the Garbage Burrito. 'Nuff said.

El Tepeyac - in East L.A. I often make a 50-mile round trip just to get one of their HUGE burritos. These monsters are about 8" x 10", come in a tray, and one can feed an entire family. It takes DAYS for me to eat one!

Sharky's Mexican Grill - all over southern CA - great fish tacos!

In northern CA:

Murder Burger - in Davis, near UC Davis. Damn good burger!
2002-07-14 04:35:32 AM  
Duisburg - Germany

Currywurst, Pommes-Schranke

that's a special sausage with french fries, ketchup and mayonaise...
2002-07-14 02:07:38 PM  
While I'm suffering in exile here in Colorado, I'm originally from Birmingham, Al. For the absolute best rock your world BBQ gotta go to Bob Sykes. It's hickory smoked, dry rubbed, genuine pit BBQ. Beef, pork or chicken. The sauce isn't that nasty ass syrupy sweet crap, but a thin tangy, spicy vinegar based sauce that is awesome. Also the coleslaw is top notch. And don't forget the homemade pies.
Chocolate French Silk and Lemon Icebox are the best!!!
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