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(The Sun)   Trailer trash male doll to be launched in the US. Contains phrases such as "Fifteen of them beers and yer still ugly."   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2006-09-27 06:58:36 AM  
I'm thinking of an animated show that takes place in the mystical land of Colorado in which children swear and look at society in an introspective yet still appropriately immature fashion whilst swearing.

Guess what it is.
2006-09-27 07:06:09 AM  
Um... battletoads?
2006-09-27 07:08:07 AM  
Powerpuff Girls?
2006-09-27 07:09:19 AM  
2006-09-27 07:09:37 AM  
Who needs dolls when we have millions of Trailer trash running around alive and in person.
/ Want to bang trashy trailer Barbie
2006-09-27 07:10:07 AM  
They mentioned "12-inches" so at least he has one redeeming quality
2006-09-27 07:11:38 AM  
Crap, these things are real
2006-09-27 07:14:40 AM  
Hey look, action bills.
2006-09-27 07:14:49 AM  
Is it just me or am I wrong to say that if this was Jamal The Brotha or Leona the Sista dolls, then it would be national headlines and Al Sharpton among others would be up in arms?

Why is it ok to do something like this against poor whitey, yet, if its done to any other so called 'race' it would be considered racist???
2006-09-27 07:17:42 AM  
A button in his chest lets him say phrases, including: "Fifteen of them beers and yer still ugly."

AND great song lyrics like:
Cowboy baby
With the top let back and the sunshine shinin
Cowboy baby
West coast chillin with the Boone's Wine
2006-09-27 07:19:50 AM  

Why is it ok to do something like this against poor whitey, yet, if its done to any other so called 'race' it would be considered racist???

Because most white people don't have a reason to care. If enough did, things like this wouldn't be done. I fail to be outraged; if you are, you're in the extreme minority of white people who find this offensive.
2006-09-27 07:20:30 AM  
Welcome to hoaxland.
2006-09-27 07:21:15 AM  
Actually I find it quite retarded. lol. Just makes me a tad upset that there isnt a Jamal doll to go with it.
2006-09-27 07:25:36 AM  
Greasy Vest?

WTF is that?

C'mon, do your research and get the terminology right. That be a wifebeater there he's got on!
2006-09-27 07:25:39 AM  
[image from i9.tinypic.com too old to be available]

[image from i9.tinypic.com too old to be available]

2006-09-27 07:14:49 AMCelticFrost BLOKHEDZ ?
2006-09-27 07:25:58 AM  
American Chav
2006-09-27 07:29:27 AM  
Are white trash as heavy on the highly visible brand names as chavs ?
2006-09-27 07:30:34 AM  
Vanilla Ice doesn't know how to do Teh Shocker.
2006-09-27 07:44:29 AM  
Spanky, no... the climate is better on this side, so shirtless is the way to go (see any episode of COPS).
2006-09-27 07:56:04 AM  
Didn't Southpark already think of this?
Alabama Man!
2006-09-27 07:57:19 AM  
Nice to see Cletus Federline finally trying
to make money on his own
2006-09-27 08:06:11 AM  
hey...i should sue them. i wrote that song years ago.
2006-09-27 08:09:08 AM  
the british Chav is closer to the american attractive and successful Caucasian-American

american White Trash are closer to the british Pikey.
2006-09-27 08:20:37 AM  
Wait!!! K-fed has a doll now????!
2006-09-27 08:21:16 AM  
[image from images.tvnz.co.nz too old to be available]

2006-09-27 08:30:40 AM  
2006-09-27 07:56:04 AM tyler22

He drinks and bowls; he bowls and drinks!
2006-09-27 08:38:27 AM  
Is it just me or am I wrong to say that if this was Jamal The Brotha or Leona the Sista dolls, then it would be national headlines and Al Sharpton among others would be up in arms?

Why is it ok to do something like this against poor whitey, yet, if its done to any other so called 'race' it would be considered racist???

Because you can only pick on poor white people these days... because... you know... all white people are supposed to rich or something...

/Left wing Bigots? Really? Really.
2006-09-27 08:43:50 AM  
biglot Dam, there's a Canadian version too?
2006-09-27 08:44:09 AM  
I wonder if this was inspired by the "Dumber Dolls" episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Easily one of their best episodes.
2006-09-27 08:45:22 AM  
Hey kids. Do you like Chinpokoman?

You'll love Alabama Man

[image from milkandcookies.com too old to be available]
2006-09-27 08:48:00 AM  

The vast majority of bigots I know are democrats. Anecdotal, but true.

And in regards to the headline- it takes a thirty-pack of MBL before you can disregard the black rotten patches in their teeth. So after fifteen I believe the condition moves from 'guarded' to 'conversational'.
2006-09-27 08:50:44 AM  
Hey, I resemble that!
2006-09-27 08:57:18 AM  
Alabama Man anyone?
2006-09-27 09:14:37 AM  
looks like my brother in law except he got a haircut.
2006-09-27 09:15:09 AM  
I assume the creators of this doll have visited Tennessee.
2006-09-27 09:17:58 AM  
I love it! I - honest truth - have a cousin named Jerry Wayne. I know what to get him for Christmas (heh heh).
2006-09-27 09:25:48 AM  
I prefer the trash talking turlene.
"make it a double, I'm drinkin fer 2"
2006-09-27 09:39:58 AM  
I came in here for the K-Fed jokes, and I wasn't too disappointed.

"Popozao popozao"
2006-09-27 10:25:09 AM  
/Left wing Bigots? Really? Really.

Huh? What the hell does making fun of white trash have to do with being "left wing?" Well, aside from the fact that most poor white trash are republicans for some god unknown farking reason....

Oh wait, just answered my own question. Never mind.
2006-09-27 10:51:31 AM  
I came up from poor white Appalachian trash. My grandfather is a sharecropper's son, and quit school at the age of nine to work on his family's farm. I was the first person in my family to graduate not just college, but high school. I know this sounds like sarcasm, but I'm dead serious here.

I have rednecks in my family who inhabit a veritable animal necropolis, including a full-sized stuffed albino deer my uncle shot because he liked the way it looked.

I come from a long line of yellow-dog Democrats, and my own mother is ashamed that I registered Republican.

Stereotyping doesn't offend me. My uncle is a walking Southern stereotype, minus the voting Republican part. But I enjoy being the exception to the rule (minus the voting Republican part), because when it comes to stereotyping Southerners, people have a tendency to make jackasses out of themselves while they do it.

And once in a while when a true bigot comes along, they're fairly easy to spot and dirt-simple to decimate in a debate.
2006-09-27 11:07:17 AM  
Alabama man!
2006-09-27 11:12:57 AM  
These crappy dolls look like they'd fall apart just by opening the box.

Can't we get quality novelty dolls?
2006-09-27 11:32:14 AM  
2006-09-27 11:37:36 AM  
Alabama man!!!
2006-09-27 11:38:54 AM  
It's like a cross between a Happy Time Harry doll, and Ronnie Dobbs.

David Cross should demand royalties.
2006-09-27 11:55:19 AM  
Celtic the problem with a Jerome the Brotha line would be all the variants of "Baby Mama" you'd have to find to get the complete set.

\Thanks stewardess,
\\But no blanket,
\\\It already seems hot here
2006-09-27 12:09:34 PM  
As a white guy who likes to make fun of rednecks as much as anyone, they have a point that if there was a Jamal the 13 year old baby daddy or Paco the illegal gardener, it'd be quite a different story. Luckily I'm incapable of getting offended by anything.
2006-09-27 12:19:24 PM  
Alabama Man! He's quick, he's strong, he's happ'nin'. You can take Alabama Man to the bowling alley, where he drinks heavily and chews tobacco. He can bowl, he can drink, he can drink and bowl. Alaba-ma Man. When his wife asks him where he's been, just use the action button and Alabama Man busts her lip open. (Shut up, biatch!). Wow! He beat the wife and sleeps it off. Alabama Man!
2006-09-27 12:20:54 PM  
[image from anonymus2.supereva.it too old to be available]
I wanna be just like Alabama Man!
2006-09-27 12:23:22 PM  
You know Mugato that's a weird point. Why is it permissible to make fun of someone(at this point let's say an ethinicity) if they a portion of said group does not get offended? I know it's not ok to make jokes in our office of certain natures, even if "noone" gets offended, but it seems like there is some unwritten rule that whitey shouldn't get upset by this type of humor, ever. I dunno, how many "Cracka" jokes do you think Dr. King had in his repetoire?
2006-09-27 12:36:15 PM  
Cool, when does the n*gger doll come out?
2006-09-27 02:06:35 PM  
Several years ago, I had a friend who lived in a trailer park next to the freeway here in my small town in California. She had just come through a divorce, and lived there with her daughter. One day I stopped by with her ex-husband to pick up his daughter for the weekend. His daughter wasn't ready when we got there -- she was middle-school-age then, and therefore took longer to get ready than probably Jessica Simpson does before a show -- so we had a little time to kill.

We sat near the driveway entrance into the trailer park, and there were a couple of little girls, maybe five or six years old, helping each other making mud pies across the way. It was the kind of scene that melts your heart to see, and we watched them and remembered a little bit what it was like to be that young and care free.

Our nostalgia was interrupted by a couple of guys walking past the entrance, who looked in and made some joke about "trailer trash" and about how mom and dad were probably sister and brother.

The two girls flinched, but said nothing, and I could see shame descend like a shroud. The girls stood up and tried to wipe the mud from their hands, but that only made the two guys laugh as they walked away.

The way we treat poor people in this country is shameful. I've heard Jay Leno use the term "trailer trash." This is appalling to me.
2006-09-27 02:38:37 PM  

Good tale. People should think about generalizations.
2006-09-27 05:14:29 PM  

Damn. Just damn. That's depressing as hell.

2006-09-27 06:23:38 PM  
2006-09-27 12:36:15 PM Contrabulous Flabtraption
Cool, when does the n*gger doll come out?
When yo daddy signs on the dotted line.

/ Word to yo welfare check
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