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(Daily Sparks Tribune)   Woman exacts revenge on former classmate who stole high school boyfriend. Why is this on Fark? She was a nurse, and this was following a surgical procedure   ( divider line
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30640 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2006 at 11:44 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-25 10:08:11 PM  
From the picture, I don't think that girl exactly "stole" her boyfriend, more like "caught him after he ran screaming from his girlfriend".
2006-09-25 11:50:44 PM  
someguydude: From the picture, I don't think that girl exactly "stole" her boyfriend, more like "caught him after he ran screaming from his girlfriend".

I thought the exact same thing.
2006-09-25 11:52:29 PM  
Damn, she needed a face lift herself.


The scary thing is that it took 5 years to catch her...
2006-09-25 11:52:36 PM  
Naw - you never know -- Joyner (the one who died) had lots of cosmetic surgery. Hill could have been the better looking of the two.
2006-09-25 11:57:13 PM  
After looking at the two of them I don't think that any guy that would go out with Hill, Joyner would have been interested in. Sounds like scapegoating.
2006-09-25 11:57:39 PM  
Henson, a member of the cold case homicide squad, said prosecutors asked his team to look at it.

Detective on the case?
[image from too old to be available]

2006-09-25 11:59:37 PM  
There's no WAY the woman on the right is 45. Methinks that's a high school photo.

But I can respect a 30 year grudge.
There's a guy from high school who wouldn't make it off my operating table alive.

Convincing him to get on it however, could prove difficult, as I support computers for a living.
2006-09-25 11:59:48 PM  

"Naw - you never know -- Joyner (the one who died) had lots of cosmetic surgery. Hill could have been the better looking of the two."

I guess I only see the bad examples on the internets. But I do think it's at least debatable that plastic surgery makes you look better. Except for boobies on women who are wearing clothes. Those fake boobies look great in a sweater.
2006-09-26 12:00:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-26 12:01:34 AM  

Police: Ex-schoolmate poisoned during having mini-face-lift


Police: Ex-schoolmate poisoned during having mini-face-lift


/done with the internets for the night
2006-09-26 12:03:22 AM  
following a surgical procedure? More like DURING the procedure....
2006-09-26 12:03:49 AM  
I'd hit it

/with a baseball bat
2006-09-26 12:04:12 AM  
someguydude: From the picture, I don't think that girl exactly "stole" her boyfriend, more like "caught him after he ran screaming from his girlfriend".

I was thinking the same thing. Damn, that's an ugly pic.
2006-09-26 12:04:19 AM  
hmm. so, female farkers: do women hold grudges this long, usually?
2006-09-26 12:04:31 AM  
Sandra's left eye kinda scares me.
2006-09-26 12:06:34 AM  
Ahhh, this made me feel warm inside :D
What goes around... comes around.
2006-09-26 12:13:19 AM  
Wonder how many more health care farkers there are out there?
2006-09-26 12:13:59 AM  
hmm. so, female farkers: do women hold grudges this long, usually?

Nah, it's just she had to have been fat and ugly, and lost the only boyfriend she ever had.

Me thinks maybe the boyfriend may have been only in her head. LOL
2006-09-26 12:14:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-26 12:17:56 AM  
hope she gets injected. My cousin was a good woman.
2006-09-26 12:22:15 AM  
Fentanyl is a tricky drug and has a side effect that isn't widely known. It's called "woody chest syndrome" and for some strange reason unlike every other narcotic from codeine to etorphine it can cause the muscles of respiration to spasm and if they're not relaxed with another potentially fatal drug succinyl choline, which paralyzes every muscle and has been used in a number of murders too, you die as surely as if a 40 foot long anaconda was wrapped around you.

If you saw Discovery Channel's American Casino and you remember Michael Tata, the little gay executive director of the Green Valley hotel, he died after episode 5 from sublethal doses of vodka and a fentanyl sucker, which is a prescription form of the drug, and this was the probable mechanism of his death.
2006-09-26 12:25:54 AM  
From TFA:
A source familiar with the circumstances of the death told the Observer that Joyner and Hill did not get along in high school and that Joyner did not recognize Hill when they met at the plastic surgery center years later. The source said a grudge had been festering for years.

So, where was the boyfriend part? Could it be that the submitter embelished things to get a link approved? Surely not.

/and don't call me Shirley
2006-09-26 12:26:44 AM  
Maybe she had a crush on her...or maybe, most likely, the pretty girl was a royal biatch to the fat chick.
2006-09-26 12:27:13 AM  
Yeah, this headline lacks truthiness.
2006-09-26 12:33:15 AM  

Say it with me... reading comprehension
2006-09-26 12:38:24 AM  
Fat chick could easily have been the pretty one that long ago - 25 years is plenty of time to gain that much weight, and the other one's had plastic surgery.

And no, sane people, women included, don't hold grudges for decades over stuff that happened in elementary school.
2006-09-26 12:42:14 AM  
That's a damn long time to hold a grudge, only to end up in prison. With that much hate, she probably could have had a better life as a lesbian.
2006-09-26 12:45:41 AM  
hmm. so, female farkers: do women hold grudges this long, usually? I wouldn't say so. And I can tell you that my father went home to piss on his Uncle's grave 15 years after the fact and my Grandfather refused to aknowlege his brother-in-law's existence for three years (and they lived in the same town), so it's definately not a woman thing.
2006-09-26 12:52:36 AM  
Thanks Oscar Tamerz: I liked that show Casino-GVR and always wondered what that twisted little dude died from...they never said on the show so I figured it was something disgusting.BTW, what is a Fentanyl sucker?
2006-09-26 12:55:19 AM  
So, she was killed while undergoing "surgery for fun"?

Methinks if she wasn't such a superficial moran, she wouldn't have these problems.

A good, fatal beating would teach her a lesson.
2006-09-26 12:59:45 AM  
I’m all for some good humor but misleading headlines are irritating.
2006-09-26 01:16:29 AM  
Damn! I'm reading this just in time for a high school reunion. Maybe I should think things over carefully before buying those plane tickets...Do grudges really last that long?
2006-09-26 01:19:54 AM  
isn't that the same police area where the woman was arrested for arson-murder of her son because they police proved that a space heater was left in a closet turned on... with a broken fuse, unplugged and not within reach of an outlet when lightning struck a power line in the house and the fire started in the attic?

I have to say she's innocent, even if there was some premeditation and even intent, she's innocent.

If you're farking stupid enough to go under the mask of some woman who's one true love you farked out from under her, you're gonna die.
2006-09-26 01:25:20 AM  
DonnaDMK: Do grudges really last that long?

[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-26 01:25:35 AM  
Now...THAT'a what you call a grudge. I have to give it to her. The ugly girl got her
2006-09-26 01:30:22 AM  
I love how they had a botox ad to the right of the news story about an face-lift gone bad.

/Man, you guys in the marketing department are sharp!
2006-09-26 01:36:20 AM  
Fentanyl's "wooly chest" side affect is actually very rare. It wouldn't be unreasonable for her to have been given Fentanyl. And it's just as easy to murder with Fentanyl as Morphine, which depresses your respritory rate and can bottom out your BP.

It could be that the nurse OD'd the Pt, or the Pt might have just had that listed side effect. Problem was, it wasn't reported. Although, nurses can get tired enough to miss something like that. How many shifts did they run? Overtime? Short-staffed?

Without seeing the evidence, there's no way to tell. My gut feeling, though, says she's innocent.
2006-09-26 01:57:04 AM  
I could kinda see myself doing something like that.....
2006-09-26 02:21:22 AM  
That's the way to play it, wait til they completely forget.. then.. BOOM STRIKE THEM DOWN WITH A VENGENCE!
2006-09-26 03:21:11 AM  
Be careful of how you treat people.

/karma is a biatch.
2006-09-26 04:24:04 AM  
notice, the murderer is 'active in church'.

I'm not highly impressed by the moral core that she has gained by being a christian.
2006-09-26 05:00:24 AM  
Careful who you piss off.
2006-09-26 05:25:55 AM  
No guy (or girl!) is ever worth a grudge. Especially not some bloke you fancied in High School for fark's sakes. They all grow up to be pot-bellied, bald weirdos anyway. It's the one's you never fancied that turn out good enough to eat!!
2006-09-26 05:34:17 AM  
To add to the "scarier" tone of this, FOX and Friends was saying yesterday that the chick sat there and watched the lady die and ATE COOKIES!!! I couldn't find that article to post. That would have been priceless...

\Still, WTF?
2006-09-26 07:18:47 AM  
The nurse wishes to inform you that Vendetta, using the ancient tongue, the art of Kanly, is still alive.
2006-09-26 07:52:10 AM  
Police would not talk Friday about a motive.

I was scrolling as I read that and thought it said, "Police would not talk to Fark about a motive."
2006-09-26 08:46:22 AM  
A plastic surgeon named Peter Tucker?

I'm surprized nobody has commented about that yet...
2006-09-26 09:07:42 AM  
She was eating biscuits, not cookies..... It's teh south for Godsakes!
2006-09-26 09:08:41 AM  
A few years ago before having a surgical procedure, the surgical nurse came in to meet with me. I recognized him as a guy I used to know in high school. At that moment, I was glad that I was never mean to anyone in high school. You never know whose hands your life may be in one day in the future. Let that be a lesson to all you young farkers.
2006-09-26 09:52:59 AM  
The center's staff performed a series of life-saving procedures, and Joyner was rushed to Mercy Hospital, Henson said. She died five days later, when doctors ended life support.

If you really stretch it they might have been life-sustaining, but I think they fell a good deal short of life-saving.
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