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2006-09-24 05:37:20 PM  
I wish Kari Byron would haunt my junk...
2006-09-24 05:37:25 PM  
who is Adam Savage?
2006-09-24 05:38:02 PM  
didn't RTFA, but was it written by Clark Kent?
2006-09-24 05:39:54 PM  
Are there really Mythbusters that haunt Fark? I thought it was just a rumor.
2006-09-24 05:40:09 PM  
I guess ya'll aren't Mythbuster fans.

If I lived in San Francisco, I'd love to know about this place. As it is, I just go to the university's surplus store.
2006-09-24 05:42:42 PM  
Oh well, so much for my theory that the brother of a sex columnist let people in on where to get heroin....
2006-09-24 05:51:54 PM  
There's a kickass place like that in Wichita. It's called The Yard, and whenever I'm doing any kind of weird construction project, it's where I go first. All kinds of salvaged materials, new old stock, military and industrial surplus, etc. For a while they had about a half-dozen complete restrooms taken out of Japanese 747s. Crazy.
2006-09-24 05:52:39 PM  
Urban Ore rules

/that is all
2006-09-24 05:54:22 PM  
There is this small town just south of you where a man has collected a brazillion gas pumps and their globes.

Just inside the TX border.
2006-09-24 06:04:09 PM  
Yeah man. I was walking past Urban Ore and saw tons of awesome stuff inside the other day.

/B-town represent.
2006-09-24 06:04:17 PM  
Avicenna: I wish Kari Byron would haunt my junk...

She haunts mine every Wednesday night
2006-09-24 06:04:19 PM  
[image from keystar-r-s.com too old to be available]

Unavailable for c-

2006-09-24 06:05:48 PM  

2006-09-24 06:07:32 PM  
30 minutes and no Kari pics? What, are you guys getting tired of her?

/not me
2006-09-24 06:07:33 PM  
There's a small town in North Carolina that I'll bet has a similar sized collection of old timey gas pumps and other antiques.

Old shiat like that kicks ass.
2006-09-24 06:15:22 PM  
[image from elfqrin.com too old to be available]
2006-09-24 06:17:34 PM  
[image from babytrollblog.com too old to be available]

[image from i26.photobucket.com too old to be available]

[image from i33.photobucket.com too old to be available]

And the possibly NSFW butt shot.
2006-09-24 06:21:12 PM  
Kudos on the butt-shot.
2006-09-24 06:23:27 PM  
Funkmaster Frank I LURVE all that shiate!

Does your's have a web address, 'cause mine is just an old farker that would have no clue!

/Needs me some old timey gas!

/Tired o' making me own!

/Really wants a Sinclair ORIGINAL Dino

[image from imagecache2.allposters.com too old to be available]
2006-09-24 06:24:55 PM  
Damn, Altoid Wow and really nice!
2006-09-24 06:27:06 PM  

It's late and I'm tired and I suck at guessing anyways but looking at the first two pics ...

From a good C cup to a small B cup ... That's a crime...
2006-09-24 06:28:13 PM  
The Junk Haunter.

2006-09-24 06:32:17 PM  

If memory serves, she modeled for that butt picture before she was actively participating in the show outside of an intern-like role. The picture was used to model a fat womans butt to test a myth concerning airplane vacuum toilets.

Needless to say, the picture had to be heavily modified.
2006-09-24 06:35:05 PM  

It's late and I'm tired and I suck at guessing anyways but looking at the first two pics ...

From a good C cup to a small B cup ... That's a crime...

Could just be a matter of camera angle. Either way, complaining I am not.
2006-09-24 06:38:01 PM  
Altiod Complaints fer teh butt pic..
Me neither!
2006-09-24 06:45:03 PM  
Guess who altoid is.

Ill give you three guess's.

\\mythbusters kick ass by the way
////sorry to out you adam,but you type how you talk.
2006-09-24 06:45:24 PM  
I don't see any under your name...

2006-09-24 06:52:39 PM  
Scroll down a little for some Kari FHM video fun...
2006-09-24 06:54:39 PM  
FHM photo shoot.

/I'd hit it
//However, it's not like she's phenomenal or anything. Hooked nose, pockmarked face
///Better than average, I guess.
////I guess it's the fact that she's on a guy show
[image from static.flickr.com too old to be available]
2006-09-24 06:58:18 PM  

I reject your reality, and substitute my own.
2006-09-24 06:59:45 PM  

Bravo sir. I knew all you guys needed was a little motivation.
2006-09-24 06:59:52 PM  
FTFA: "You don't have to be the sort of alt-Berkeley gardener who puts a toilet planted with geraniums on the front lawn to like shopping at Urban Ore."

So alt-Berkeley gardeners are getting their garden motif ideas from Central Pennsylvania and West Virginia now? Those couldn't possibly be ironic garden motifs, could they?

It would be cool, though, if those alt-Berkeley gardeners started decorating with Virgin Mary in the Half-Bathtub. But aht there it would probably feature Buddha, the Maharishi, or Barbra in the half-bathtub. Anything to make a statement though, right?

Regardless, in Picksburgh, it's Construction Junction ftw.
2006-09-24 07:02:12 PM  
Urban Ore is a great store, you don't have to be a dirty hippy to love the place. It's almost imposible to walk out of there empety handed. The item you want to buy is just an excuse to get in there and look around.
2006-09-24 07:02:37 PM  
you had me at Weeners
2006-09-24 07:03:37 PM  
Avicenna=farker Adam Savage?
2006-09-24 07:10:23 PM  
Last one, I promise.

[image from knickerlace.wordpress.com too old to be available]
Full size.
2006-09-24 07:16:51 PM  
Isn't the NSA supposedly airing their first ever commercial on Mythbusters in the Baltimore and DC area? Thus busting the myth that the NSA stands for "No Such Agency." Sorry, but this a rumor I heard from some guys I know that work at a cable company
2006-09-24 07:20:02 PM  
carmody: There's a kickass place like that in Wichita. It's called The Yard, and whenever I'm doing any kind of weird construction project, it's where I go Boobiesums: There is this small town just south of you where a man has collected a brazillion gas pumps and their globes.

I'm confused. Wichita, KS, or Wichita Falls, TX? If it's in Wichita, I'm going to have to schedule a trip to check that out.
2006-09-24 07:20:28 PM  
Kari is one of the most sublime beauties on TV. God bless heart-shaped arses.
2006-09-24 07:22:26 PM  

NSA has always stood for "National Security Agency," and the government made no secret about it. The "No Such Agency" definition was more of a running joke than a myth.
2006-09-24 07:36:11 PM  
Anyone know if there's a place like this in Los Angeles?
2006-09-24 07:43:47 PM  
Nice Baloons
2006-09-24 07:45:53 PM  
No, the NSA isn't running ads during the show. But the CIA is.
Showing how cool this little 'bug' flying around in and out of people's houses, businesses, and asking people if they want to work for 'the spy company' or something of that nature. made me want to throw a brick through my TV. But then I couldn't watch Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.
2006-09-24 07:46:00 PM  
[image from shetlandrugby.com too old to be available]
2006-09-24 07:46:03 PM  
The words "Adam Savage's Junk" just leaped off the screen and I was repulsed.
2006-09-24 07:47:17 PM  
Thread needs more Kari Byron boobies.

//Seahawks won woo
///Way too much beer for a non playoffs game.
2006-09-24 07:49:31 PM  
Urban Ore is absolutely fantastic, and anyone with home or apartment can find the greatest stuff there.

Who is Adam Savage?
2006-09-24 07:49:44 PM  

Love the show, man.
2006-09-24 07:55:12 PM  
OMG, i saw somebody reasonably famous on the internets. quick, to the blog-copter. i must refill my self-respect supply.
2006-09-24 07:55:49 PM  
I love how a mere mention of MythBusters brings on the flood of Kari pics.

/yeah she's hot
//but not quite "worship her" hot
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