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(NewsNet5)   Six-year-old suspended 10 days for bringing squirt gun to school. With pic of bright orange plastic squirt gun. Hooray for zero tolerance   ( newsnet5.com) divider line
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2006-09-20 06:33:05 PM  

Ultimately, the point is that the RULES you are defending are absurd.
2006-09-20 06:34:14 PM  
also, I have no argument with teaching kids that guns are wrong coontill they join the army and see an arab??) but thats not the same thing as here.
2006-09-20 06:36:57 PM  
Yet another non-issue for homeschoolers and schools like these .
2006-09-20 06:47:21 PM  


I'm pretty sure the American revolution thingy was against the rules.
2006-09-20 06:59:47 PM  
Zero tolerance policies make for zero intelligence.

Kid should've had the toy squirt gun crushed in front of him, had it explained to him that even toy weapons aren't allowed in school and gotten sent home for the day.

the loss of the toy combined with a lecture and a scolding when mom or dad got dragged out of their daily activities would be far more effective that criminalizing the boy.
2006-09-20 07:00:25 PM  
Did anyone else get this ad on the page?

[image from images.ibsys.com too old to be available]
2006-09-20 07:16:06 PM  
Dahnch: How about suicide rates?

So, by those numbers, our suicide rate is 10% higher than yours, roughly one more person per 100,000 dying to suicide.

You'll find that the violence rates in the US are rather a bit higher than that.

I'd rather have it be slightly more depressing up here, rather than so cutthroat people are killing each other in droves.
2006-09-20 07:16:56 PM  
krode go back to North Korea

2006-09-20 07:21:57 PM  
Y'know, I had the same thing happen in the first grade when I brought my squirt machete to school.
2006-09-20 07:32:19 PM  
Zero Tolereance policies are retarted, I mean seriously 10 days for a 6 yr old bringing a water pistol to school IMHO STFU DIAF
2006-09-20 07:41:30 PM  
That little dude looks like a thug.
2006-09-20 07:55:52 PM  
2L33t4U2PWN: ts not hurting ne1 n beside my sisters frend brout a squrtgun 2 skool 1 time n peed in it


Why a person would work that hard to make themselves look like a stupid fool, I'll never understand.

Cup_O_Jo: Granted 10 days is harsh but that is THE RULE.

However, the rule is stupid. Seriously, the schools are supposed to be teaching kids. How do you teach kids by kicking them out of school?

"Remember kids, stay in school. Break a rule, any rule, and we'll kick you out."

Brilliant plan.
2006-09-20 08:10:05 PM  
PC retards and social engineering busy-bodies have taken over the world since I was six.
2006-09-20 08:17:18 PM  
Here's a solution to the problem.

We keep zero tollerance... but with one small modification.

Any gun or gunlike object will be taken from the offender, pointed at their forehead at a distance of 3 feet... and the trigger pulled.

After two shots, the gun is returned to them and they can do with it what they want for the day.

If it's a real gun... the problem is solved and will not re-occur. All that will be needed is clean up costs. Okay okay.. fine, no bullet to the forehead, they just get carted off to jail or whatever. Still, problem solved.

If it's a squirt gun.. the kid is a little damp... but otherwise able to go about having fun with it squirting others and being a kid.

If it's a paintball or airsoft gun the kid will have a sore ass forehead for a while.. but will be okay.
2006-09-20 08:17:39 PM  
If it were a white kid, there would be no suspension.
2006-09-20 08:25:20 PM  
I have zero tolerance for zero tolerance policies.

/squirt guns don't kill people
//water kills people
2006-09-20 08:39:46 PM  
The pussification of America rages onward.

2006-09-20 09:25:39 PM  
So what about girls can they have hairspray cause that shiat can be used as mace? Trust me I know.

/water please
//oi' it burns
2006-09-20 09:37:59 PM  
zero tolerance=zero intelligence

Seriously. A zero tolerance policy implies there's no one fit to make a judgement call about something. The people in charge are to stupid!

/And we give them our children.
2006-09-20 09:50:57 PM  
The year after I left my middle school-

Backpacks were banned in classrooms. If you're seen with one in the hallway after school begins, you're subjected to a whole lot of questions about what you're doing and why you have your backpack etc.
Wearing a solid colored tee shirt banned, on account of gangs.
Wearing anything remotely 'gothic' (as determined by the stupid vice principal who runs everything) gets you sent home.
Remotely 'threatening' acts- suspension.
All guys shirts must be tucked in, even if they're the sort that look asinine tucked in.

Various other stupid things. I feel especially sorry for the little sixth graders, marching around with binder stacks as tall as they are. And then several of the classes don't have class sets of books- so they carry those around, too, in those nasty book covers that are 'required' and make it ten times harder to keep a grip on your stuff.

Oh, yeah, and a chain is wrapped around the handles of several of the doors for 'security' reasons. When I was up there with my JROTC unit, and the principal had to come out to unlock the chain and then the door, I asked her if that wasn't a fire hazard and she goes, "No, because if there's a fire one of the teachers will open the doors."

Did I mention that these chains were on the outside?
2006-09-20 10:08:41 PM  
Look, those of you who complain?

I bet you've NEVER voted for school board trustees in a municipal election, have you?

You think these city elections are just minor, penny-ante minor-league stuff that has no relevance in your life?

Do you realize that the "big league" politicians actually have LESS impct that those "local yokels" who spend your property taxes on fancy city hall buildings instead of fixing the school roof?

Look, if you don't get out there and vote out these simplistic, one-size-fixes-all solution touting MORONS, public schools will get worse and worse.

Look guys, LISTEN to your candidates. If any tout zero tolerance as a magical solution to all social ills, the DON'T VOTE FOR THAT WASTE OF OXYGEN. Find a candidate with common sense. If there are none to be found, then, RUN YOURSELF!!!!
2006-09-20 10:40:08 PM  
When I was in 5th grade, some kid brought a gun with blanks to school and shot it as he left the building at the end of the day. He was back the next day; don't think he got in any real trouble. They would send him to GITMO or something these days.

/U.S. of Asshats
2006-09-20 11:18:02 PM  
these people are stupid
zero tolerance=COMPLETE and TOTAL IDIOTS

how about thinking for yourself?
what kind of CRETAN complains about this toy squirtgun?

HOPE some thug lays these people to waste

/yup, time to start killing "zero tolerance" people
2006-09-20 11:48:05 PM  

Should we ban cars because some people abuse them by getting drunk and kill others? You say that bats are necessary to play baseball - well I'll counter and say that a gun is necessary to shoot holes in a paper parget.

I agreed with everything you said except for this quote. I really am sick and tired of people trying to claim a gun is no more leathal than a car or a Barbie doll in the right hands. A gun's primary purose is a weapon. It may have secondary, more recreational purposes to it, but the reality is that the gun was invented to end life. The reality is that anything can be used to be anything. Both an unloaded gun and a cucumber could be used as a dildo, does that mean we should classify them as sex toys? You have to look at the primary purposes of objects, and the primary purpose of a gun is to kill.

I have no problems with gun ownership, but please stop this BS that a gun is no more a weapon than a hammer. Because if you cannot admit that a gun is a weapon, then imo you are too retarded to even see a gun on TV.
2006-09-20 11:59:33 PM  
Both an unloaded gun and a cucumber could be used as a dildo, does that mean we should classify them as sex toys?

Hells yeah! That would be one very interesting game of Russian Roullette!!

But seriously, you are right. Guns are made to kill. Squirt guns are made to make people wet. Suspending this 6-year-old is overkill. Make him stay in for recess. That would be enough.

Now if he brought in a real gun, loaded or not, the punishment would make more sense.
2006-09-21 12:45:00 AM  
Just looking at the name Tawann reminds me of that guy who got shot, Dom Perignon Champagne. Now there is a classic name.
2006-09-21 12:56:58 AM  
even when I was a kid back in the somewhat less freaked out and paranoid 80's we weren't allowed to bring squirt guns, water balloons, or anything like that. In fact we didn't bring any toys to school, except on show and tell day and then we got to bring in our latest G.I. Joe's or Transformers. that was it. 10 days is a bit much I think just putting it in the teachers drawer for the day and then sending a note to the parents would suffice. The parents should better watch what gets taken to school by their kids. It's not just for safety its so your kid don't come home crying because someone jacked his new he-man doll.
2006-09-21 01:26:11 AM  
When I was a kid (eons ago) and if Halloween was on a school day, we were allowed to wear our costumes to school. The only exception was that we had to remove any masks that obscured our vision in class, other than that, it was anything goes. When I was in 3rd grade, I came to school dressed as Annie Oakley (some of you may know who she was), complete with a fringed fake leather dress, cowgirl hat, holsters and a pair of realistic looking cap pistols. No one blinked an eye. If someone showed up a school like that now, they would be permanently expelled, no matter their age.
2006-09-21 02:57:18 AM  
2006-09-21 04:16:30 AM  
Isn't there some sort of clause in the Constitution that says you can jam random objects up the ass of principals when they do this?
2006-09-21 09:14:10 AM  
The kid brought a toy to school that was meant to interact with other children in a detrimental way (i.e. get them all wet, make some of the sissies cry.) I think he'd have been in nearly as much trouble if his intention was to hike water balloons at them.

Sure, the shape of his toy probably had a bearing on the magnitude of his punishment, but should we even being giving kids toys that in any way emulate firearms these days?

I think 10 days was a bit OTT, but the child's mother should probably aim for slightly more educational toys, and ensure he doesn't waste his school hours playing with them.
2006-09-21 10:36:53 AM  
[image from global-air.com too old to be available]
2006-09-21 12:54:18 PM  
Wow, Pocket Ninja and Chiggity Chza are 2 unlikable babies!
2006-09-21 02:02:24 PM  

So, by those numbers, our suicide rate is 10% higher than yours, roughly one more person per 100,000 dying to suicide.

You'll find that the violence rates in the US are rather a bit higher than that.

I'd rather have it be slightly more depressing up here, rather than so cutthroat people are killing each other in droves.

Violence rates are a bit tricky. It really depends on law enforcement and reporting issues, many of which are political. The incident in TFA will most likely be put in the stats as a weapons incident. I doubt most Canadians are afraid of the "weapon" in this case.

My point is that stats are easy to twist into whatever point you want to make, which is exactly what the media and politicians do.

Niether suicide nor homicide are in the top ten leading causes of death in the US from 1999-2003. I would expect similar results for Canada, but haven't checked.

Interestingly enough if you look at the top ten list for all ages, it closely follows the top ten list for the 65+ age group. That tells me that most people in the US die from old age.

If you look at the breakdown a little closer we could take the top three out of the top ten very easily. Just kill everyone on thier 35th birthday. The leading cause of death would then be manditory termination. Also, Canada would probably have an immigration problem.

2006-09-21 02:16:03 PM  
Next up: suspension for bringing a caulk gun to school.

Hey, it's a gun, right?
2006-09-21 03:03:39 PM  
Boooooo Zero Tollerance

Hoooraaaay beer!!!
2006-09-21 06:14:33 PM  
I have no logical solution to offer on how to keep the guns out of schools. If anything maybe schools should start offering some type of curriculum for social behavior. Since, obviously the parents are not teaching their kids how to act.

My friend brought a gun to school and I knew he had it.
Needless to say he got caught and expelled. Later on after his expulsion he was caught trespassing on school property and this time was found with a knife on him. This kid could have been a star athlete but instead he chose the path of crime and dirt. Became a daddy at the age of 19 went to jail at the age of 20 and I lost contact with him because I had better things to do.

was the gun your "friend" carrying bright orange, 2 inches long, and shot water?

was the knife your "friend" carrying blue, and made from bendable rubber?

no, they wernt, and he SHOULD have been expelled for that, but bringing a 2 inch bright orange plastic water gun to school should NOT warrant suspension or expulsion, because unless you are RETARDED you KNOW its not REAL

and i put "friend" in quotes, because from what you wrote, he looked more like an aquantance than a friend
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