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(Denver Channel)   Good news: You're getting trial by jury. Bad news: It's happening on 9/11. Not looking good: The courthouse is near Ground Zero. Say goodbye: Your nickname is "Taliban"   ( divider line
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2006-09-10 09:08:14 PM  
Karma is not going well for that guy.
2006-09-10 09:15:05 PM  
confidential informant began calling Nunez "Taliban" because of his looks.

So he looks like an Arab as well? Talk about not being able to catch a break.
2006-09-10 09:33:57 PM  
Great headline.
2006-09-10 09:47:02 PM  
so... what'd he do?
2006-09-10 09:48:44 PM  
if pretending to be a cop so you can steal drugs and money from dealers is illegal, then take me to jail. or to some drug dealer stupid enough to fall for it.
2006-09-10 10:15:39 PM  
Meh, the jury won't ever hear that nickname, so it doesn't really matter. It is kinda amusing, though.
2006-09-10 10:20:35 PM  
That's unfortunate.

the jury won't ever hear that nickname,
Are you sure? If they are discussing him on the tapes that might be presented, wouldn't it be relevant if they do refer to him as "Taliban"?
2006-09-10 10:22:31 PM  
stebain: That's unfortunate.

the jury won't ever hear that nickname,
Are you sure? If they are discussing him on the tapes that might be presented, wouldn't it be relevant if they do refer to him as "Taliban"?

The judge has agreed to make adjustments in courtroom references to the defendant

I dunno how they'll do it, maybe they'll just edit the tapes or something. Or maybe only go over transcripts that have been changed.
2006-09-11 01:08:18 AM  
The charges against D'Angelo Nunez have nothing to do with terrorism. Instead, he faces a conspiracy charge accusing him of plotting with others to steal drugs and money from drug dealers by posing as law enforcement officers.

B-b-but drugs ARE terrorism!
2006-09-11 01:11:40 AM  
More likely that:
1. Jurists (whatever they're called, I can't remember) will all think eachother is biased.
2. But won't admit that, since it's judgemental
3. And will try to compensate for everyone else's bias by adding their own reverse bias

Or everyone will be frothing at the mouth like dogs when they hear the syllables 'towel-a-ban'.
2006-09-11 01:14:17 AM  
Welcome to Terrorized America, kids.

All jury trials are now 'guilty until proven so'
2006-09-11 01:15:47 AM  
karma karma karma karma karma karmakarmeleon!

/i am the taliban!
//give me all your drug money!
2006-09-11 01:16:04 AM  
Couldn't the defense request that the trial not be held on 9-11, but say, a week or so later after all the "5th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks" is a memory?
2006-09-11 01:16:51 AM  
so even stealing illegal drug money robin-hood style is supporting terrorism

/just thought of that
2006-09-11 01:20:54 AM  
Good news: At least you've got great grounds for appeal
2006-09-11 01:25:20 AM  
His idea, IMO, of stealing drugs and money from drug dealers while posing as a law enforcement officer is brilliant.
2006-09-11 01:30:33 AM  
but your mother, this guy has been arrested for a reason. the truly brilliant ideas will never come to light, since they are so brilliant.

\don't take pointers from a failure
2006-09-11 01:46:53 AM  
don't take pointers from a failure

Maybe there are other people that haven't gotten caught. This guy might just be the slowest one in the pack.
2006-09-11 01:59:47 AM  
dammit i knew it seemed suspicious when i got busted with a pound of weed and my .45 on the back seat, and all the cop gave me was a seatbelt warning, seemingly written on the back of a stop+shop receipt...
2006-09-11 02:38:06 AM  
First guy to ever get the death penalty for an illegal left turn.
2006-09-11 03:41:48 AM  

Welcome to Terrorized America, kids.

All jury trials are now 'guilty until proven so'

I don't know where you've been hiding, but it's been like that for quite some time now.
2006-09-11 04:39:21 AM  
sheesh I nearly forgot it's american-national-outpouring-of-grief day (observed).
2006-09-11 04:53:47 AM  
no no no, It's Tally man, I'm here to oount the bananas
2006-09-11 06:53:36 AM  
actual headline from "the source" hip-hop magazine: "Did C-Murder get a fair trial?" something tells me these two will be cellmates.
2006-09-11 08:10:12 AM  
STick a fork in him. He's DONE.
2006-09-11 08:22:16 AM  
Durka durka drogas cabron...

/Goodnight, funny maing.
2006-09-11 10:26:54 AM  
Well... at least the judge recognizes that the nickname would probably REALLY hurt his "fair trial".
2006-09-11 10:39:14 AM  
This sounds like there's a punchline somewhere.

wait for it...
2006-09-11 11:18:40 AM  
Only one "judicial system is corrupt by the power elite" post? C'mon, Fark, I thought we were better than that...

It's only 10, and I've already heard more lamenting about "The Man" at my liberal arts college than I ever need to hear. I love how these rich white kids talk about how the rich white class is oppressing everyone. Anyways, back to reading about how I as a woman am being oppressed!
2006-09-11 02:24:37 PM  
Drug Dealers: "Excuse me, police. Someone's posing as you to steal our drugs and money."
Police: "Let's go stop these bad guys the drug dealers are talking about."
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