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8226 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2006 at 8:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-09-08 1:24:11 AM  
Another famous Aussie in the same week?

2006-09-08 1:28:19 AM  
I don't freakin' believe it.

Also, he's not Australian.
2006-09-08 1:29:44 AM  
2006-09-08 1:35:58 AM  
Thanks No_47, found that link too.

Peter Brock was born in Hurstbridge, Victoria on the 26th of February, 1945, so he is Australian.

/I'm a Kiwi
2006-09-08 1:36:11 AM  
No_47: Also, he's not Australian.

Are you sure about that?
2006-09-08 1:36:59 AM  
Ok. I surrender.

I'm gonna drive home at 180km/h in his honour.
2006-09-08 1:43:33 AM  
he was killed by a stingray...what are the odds?
2006-09-08 1:46:01 AM  
I heard only 17 people have ever been recorded to die by stingray. Never heard of Peter Brock but..

2006-09-08 1:49:16 AM  
He's Australian.
2006-09-08 1:51:07 AM  
Someone should post a photo of a kiwi fruit or a kiwi bird, or Mad Max, or something.
2006-09-08 1:51:19 AM  
happened at "midday", hit a tree, that was only 2 hours ago. he died doing what he loved, so many do.
2006-09-08 1:57:12 AM  
2006-09-08 2:06:21 AM  
Sun God: Someone should post a photo of a kiwi fruit or a kiwi bird, or Mad Max, or something.

I don't usually apologize for making insensitive comments. But, I apologize for that one.
2006-09-08 2:14:25 AM  
Paul Hogan has been sequestered to an underground bunker as a precautionary measure.
2006-09-08 2:32:46 AM  
When they're talking a Daytona Coupe, are they talking a vintage Daytona, or is this a newer model I'm not familiar with?

RIP Peter
2006-09-08 2:40:52 AM  
Dairypope: Check the page. Theres a picture of the car that should make it clear.
2006-09-08 3:36:07 AM  
Ahh, I only followed TFA link. Assuming that's pretty much in its original form, that car and the Shelby Cobra have been some of the deadliest cars out there, they just had too much power for the bodies. I know of a couple of fatalities in the Cobras when they used to hold the races at Del Mar, CA.

They're both absolutely beautiful and incredible machines, but they're also not the safest things out there.

It's kinda like the Group B rally cars...gobs of power attached to lightweight bodies that aren't known for gripping around corners. It takes superhuman abilities just to keep them in line at the limit, and even superhumans still make mistakes, only mistakes in those cars tended to be disasterous.

Still, if we were all so lucky to go doing something we love...
2006-09-08 3:38:01 AM  
And again, I didn't bother to pay enough attention, it was a 2001 Daytona Coupe, which should have had pretty modern safety systems.
2006-09-08 7:39:35 AM  
This had me worried for a sec - I know a guy called Peter Brock, but he's from Dundee and isn't a racing legend. Phew.
2006-09-08 8:53:41 AM  
and he is...?
2006-09-08 8:53:50 AM  
Now that I've heard of him for the first time ever, he will be missed.
2006-09-08 8:54:25 AM  
Paul Hogan has been sequestered to an underground bunker as a precautionary measure.

On the other hand, Yahoo Serious has been issued free Bungee Jumping coupons.
2006-09-08 8:55:39 AM  

and he is...?

Some guy that could drive cars quite quickly, according to the article.
2006-09-08 8:55:42 AM  
Why? Why?
Why couldn't it be Yahoo Serious?
2006-09-08 8:58:35 AM  
If I never heard of him, he ain't a legend.

/I keed!
//still never heard of him
2006-09-08 9:00:59 AM  
The article said he retired in 1997...he really should have stuck to that plan.
2006-09-08 9:02:40 AM  
Sun God

Someone should post a photo of a kiwi fruit or a kiwi bird, or Mad Max, or something.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-08 9:02:50 AM  
2006-09-08 9:04:18 AM  
I know this sounds bad...

But I found the story on the right to be more interesting. The Health and Living story about girls in lycra just seemed to grab my attention. If girls wore loose fitting clothing, nobody would watch gymnastics.

Needs pics.. to prove my point.
2006-09-08 9:05:22 AM  
2006-09-08 9:07:00 AM  
ComicBookGuy, King_Groovy,

look him up, maybe?

I used to love the V8 Supercars in my younger days, when Brocky was racing with HRT and Larry Perkins kept winning Bathurst.

Reckon he'll be buried on the Mountain?
2006-09-08 9:07:25 AM  
Whoopdee shiat. People tend to die every day.
2006-09-08 9:09:04 AM  
OH racing the only sport that is more boring to watch then golf.
2006-09-08 9:11:54 AM  
2006-09-08 9:14:46 AM is this?
2006-09-08 9:17:12 AM  
Wikipedia scares me.

I picture some caffeine guzzling, insomniacs, fingers in the ready, 24/7, waiting for the next famous death...

"Bob you got that out 2.4 seconds after brain activity ceased, good farkin' work!!!"
2006-09-08 9:17:20 AM  
Apparently now is not a good time to be an Australian Celebrity...

Perhaps the Aussies got so many kittens killed that the rule has been switched to prominent citizens?
2006-09-08 9:19:43 AM  
OH racing the only sport that is more boring to watch then golf.

It's boring to watch before you golf? Is it boring to watching if you don't golf?

2006-09-08 9:21:24 AM  
Peter Brock could drive a race car in a way that was almost surreal, like Fangio, Moss, Senna or Shumacher.
I remember a Bathurst 1000 ( in the mid 90's that he won. It rained late in the race and he was still out on slicks, but he ran a couple of laps that will never be seen again. His control, speed and poise behind the wheel that day transended mere driving.
He was also known as one of the first drivers to hold an interview, mid race in the car. I remember one such interview when, as he was doing 180 mph down the back straight (Conrod Straight), he had his arm out the window like he was on the way to pick up the milk.

Video featuring Brock in his old car around Bathurst:
(1:41) features Brocky in the car

Hot lap of Bathurst (not Brock) if your interested:

A great driver who will be missed.
2006-09-08 9:21:28 AM  
These things always happen in 3's, so lemme guess which famous Aussie is next. Anybody for Mel Gibson? Nicole Kidman? Ahhh ... here he is... Russell Crowe. Someone is going to hit him in the head with a phone. You just wait.
2006-09-08 9:22:13 AM  
BeerTits: If girls wore loose fitting clothing, nobody would watch gymnastics.

Needs pics.. to prove my point.

Find any pic of a women's basketball game. QED.
2006-09-08 9:24:01 AM  
Keith Urban next??

please oh please oh please
2006-09-08 9:24:02 AM  
2006-09-08 9:27:43 AM  
2 Aussie legends die in 1 week. Who's next? John Howard?
2006-09-08 9:33:39 AM  
Good story about Peter's involvement in the Daytona Coupe

RIP, Brock, you crazy sonuvagun.

(he did have some nutso ideas to - the whole "magnets to align the fuel molecules" silliness. Helluva driver, though.)
2006-09-08 9:34:18 AM  
I think all Australians should immediately stop doing what they love doing. Clearly it's bad for your mortality.
2006-09-08 9:35:15 AM  
Abe Vigoda's Ghost

2006-09-08 9:37:55 AM  
Kylie is still in remission right?
2006-09-08 9:38:08 AM  
If I'm not mistaken, he's survived by his son, Edel.

\Obscure, anyone?
2006-09-08 9:38:40 AM  
Jesus Christ, the Aussie Icons are dropping like flies... everyone knows that death comes in threes, so who's next?
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