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(eBay)   Couple to eBay the right to name their baby... Fark Armstrong to be born Feb. 27th 2003 (-Fb not confirmed father at press time)   ( cgi.ebay.com) divider line
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2002-07-04 02:07:27 PM  
Last year it would have been Enron Andersen Worldcom.
2002-07-04 02:07:41 PM  
Let's get a pool going so we can have the kid named 'My Parents are Idiots.'
2002-07-04 02:07:52 PM  
what idiots... but this could end up being fun :)
2002-07-04 02:08:36 PM  
Religion=ignorance: I was about to suggest the exact same name.
2002-07-04 02:09:26 PM  
How about "Bucket-Head" or "Doodie-Pants?" Maybe for a middle name?
2002-07-04 02:11:17 PM  
They're building their own ranch home but need help with a "college fund" for the kid? Sounds fishy to me. This money is going straight to their crack fund.

I'd name him George, after our illustrious President. That's worse than any made up name I can think of. Try explaining THAT to your kid.
2002-07-04 02:11:23 PM  
I've always been partial to SLAPNUTS myself.
2002-07-04 02:11:36 PM  
Name him 'Hugh Jass'
2002-07-04 02:12:27 PM  
"Location Florida
Country/Region United States /Tampa-St. Petersburg "

Need we say more...
2002-07-04 02:12:46 PM  
2002-07-04 02:13:10 PM  
I think its a great idea if you have a couple set of grandparents. Let them fight it out on-line to see who gets to pass their name on to the kid.
2002-07-04 02:13:16 PM  
Hey...the bidding's at $202.50....looks like the college fund will send the poor kid to Duke.
2002-07-04 02:13:23 PM  
I'm partial to the name "Cletus"
2002-07-04 02:13:37 PM  
Let's name him "Caps Lock"
2002-07-04 02:13:39 PM  
"Tampa" tag in the works as we speak...
2002-07-04 02:13:47 PM  
I was always partial to Fagina... if all else fails though, cleatus..
2002-07-04 02:13:50 PM  
I got it. Jesus Donkeypenis is the perfect name.

Course, I think Alf would be great too.
2002-07-04 02:14:50 PM  
How about Satan
2002-07-04 02:15:14 PM  
Heywood Jablowme works fine.

Of course, I wouldn't mind a tiny army of Nick Darks conquering villages and prefectures. Kill my pretties, kill!
2002-07-04 02:15:17 PM  
Megatron Andersen
2002-07-04 02:15:30 PM  
Actually, I want to name it Robotic Richard Simmons.
2002-07-04 02:15:44 PM  
I like "underscore".
2002-07-04 02:16:01 PM  
apparently the parents like selling their apparently mass stock of jungle hammoks and sweedish mess kits...

How about tarzan?
2002-07-04 02:16:15 PM  
Stretch Armstrong!
2002-07-04 02:16:28 PM  
Nah, let's really creep out the parents and name the kid after me. Male: Cranglesmack. Female: Cranglesmackette.
2002-07-04 02:16:43 PM  
The ad says - looking to add a cow or two in the near future.
If it's a girl lets name her Heifer. That won't cause any emotional problems at all.
2002-07-04 02:16:44 PM  
No wait...The Artist Formerly Known as Robotic Richard Simmons
2002-07-04 02:17:32 PM  
Name the kid "Item # 1746979757"
2002-07-04 02:18:17 PM  
I support the idea of a fark pool, then we could hold a 3 day vote for the best name.

I'm personally in favor of Osama Spin Laden, which happens to be my DJ name.
2002-07-04 02:18:21 PM  
unfortunatly, you only get to choose his first name, it has to be one word, and it cant be vulgar... lame
2002-07-04 02:18:38 PM  
Max Power
2002-07-04 02:18:43 PM  
The Kid Formerly Known as Item # 1746979757
2002-07-04 02:18:49 PM  
Forsythe P. Jones, you beat me to it...
2002-07-04 02:19:02 PM  
I vote for CLOWNBOAT or with Radiobiz; SLAPNUTS is a pretty decent one. If I had a sufficient amount of funds, CLOWNBOAT would be that kid's name, I swear it.
2002-07-04 02:19:34 PM  
TKO haha. I love it. Reminds me of the bloom of technology as well as the holocaust. The kid'll be dead by age 8--self inflicted crematorium wound after his stocks fall drastically.
2002-07-04 02:19:42 PM  
We need voting turned on...
2002-07-04 02:20:27 PM  
Carrot Top!
2002-07-04 02:20:31 PM  
How about "Dilhole"? That has a nice ring to it.
2002-07-04 02:21:02 PM  
curse the kid for life by naming him "Pansy" or "Fairyboy."
2002-07-04 02:21:03 PM  
Lets pool our money, and name the bastard Farty McCraplice.
2002-07-04 02:21:18 PM  
2002-07-04 02:21:46 PM  
It doesn't say anything about hyphenated names though.

The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As Robotic-Richard-Simmons
2002-07-04 02:21:57 PM  
2002-07-04 02:22:06 PM  
Why doesn't this have voting?!!?

Amanda Hugginkiss.
2002-07-04 02:22:12 PM  
Did it say what the last name was?....Because if its Hertz, or Hunt, or Cox, there's some good options.
2002-07-04 02:22:31 PM  
Satan and Osama have got to be the front runners.
2002-07-04 02:23:01 PM  
Did you read the page? Most of the names suggested would be disqualified:

nothing offensive
only one word.. etc..

I was thinking something like xyzzy. Or, quxzqzyberzmyju.
2002-07-04 02:23:27 PM  
just name it "shiathead" and get it over with
2002-07-04 02:23:45 PM  
Mike Hunt, Moe Lester, Hugh Jass, the list goes on.

Fark Armstrong... sounds good to me.
2002-07-04 02:23:50 PM  
"Labia" is a nice girl's name.
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