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(Chron)   "Conspiracy theories flourish in politics, and most of them have no more basis than spring training hopes for the Chicago Cubs"   ( divider line
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146 clicks; posted to Politics » on 07 Sep 2006 at 2:23 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-09-07 1:32:59 PM  
Do they mean like the invasion of Iraq? WMD's and all that?
2006-09-07 2:37:10 PM  
"Can the conspiracy theories and stick to the facts."

That would require the media to be something other than sensationalist.
2006-09-07 2:38:21 PM  
Why we got to bring the Cubs into this, man?
2006-09-07 2:42:45 PM  
I'll agree with this guy that Plamegate was a little over blown. But at the same time, if someone corraborating regime "intelligence" (read: propaganda) gets outed, people would be having their heads stuck on pikes. This entire administration has been nothing but shady from the start, and it wouldn't suprise me to see a ton of crap be released in the decade following said administration.
2006-09-07 2:46:07 PM  
KiwDaWabbit: Why we got to bring the Cubs into this, man?

Yeah, no kidding. Have some pity, for chrissakes.
2006-09-07 2:47:43 PM  
The equation is: Too many news outlets + too little news + people like a good conspiracy = hype conspiracies to fill space and pull an audience.
2006-09-07 2:57:11 PM  
"Some of us media folks owe Karl Rove an apology."

Hope he's not holding his breath.
2006-09-07 2:57:58 PM  
Entity Known Only as Fred: I'll agree with this guy that Plamegate was a little over blown.

In related news, the surface of the sun is a little warm.
2006-09-07 2:58:31 PM  
While the majority of conspiracy theories are baseless hysteria conjured up by someone with less intelligence than a stoned bumblebee, that doesn't mean there are no conspiracies. The key is to do one's own investigation into the topics to determine whether there is, in fact, enough evidence to consider them plausible. Most of the time there isn't. But occasionally one strikes gold.
2006-09-07 3:07:52 PM  
This article really bothers me. The reason is that he calls for an appology for Rove, but none for Plame.

Many have called outing a covert CIA agent as treason. What happened to her, the CIA, and our country is much worse than the public speculation about Rove's guilt.
2006-09-07 3:20:51 PM  
I think that black people should apologize because we all know that George Bush does care about black people.
2006-09-07 3:22:46 PM  
Wow so all the consperisies are true.

/162-0 next year. I swear.
2006-09-07 3:39:50 PM  
Technically, a conspiracy doesn't have to be a secret, you know. Two guys planning something, even overtly, is still a conspiracy. The word comes from roots meaning "to breathe together."

Semantics aside, when a presidential administration works night and day to conduct as much as possible of "the people's business" behind closed doors, what do they expect the public to think? A government that operates in the dark is practically a Petri dish for conspiracy theories.

I'm ready for the next set of inscrutable turds to take office...just for a change of pace.
2006-09-07 4:20:18 PM  
Crazy conspiracies are thrown around to discredit the concept of conspiracies. That way, when an actual conspiracy is discovered, it can easily be laughed off as yet another crackpot who needs to put the crackpipe down and open a window.
2006-09-07 4:51:45 PM  
Yes, apologize to Rove, as he likely only had a semi-direct involvement! Nevermind Plame and the doubtless others who were compromised, no one should apologize to them.

/what did everyone expect from a Texas newspaper?
//glass parking lot
2006-09-07 7:17:11 PM  
The only reason I would even consider following sports is so I could understand headlines like this.
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