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(CNN) NewsFlash Saddam Hussein's stepson arrested in Miami for visa violation- was here to take Avation classes   ( robots.cnn.com) divider line
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2002-07-04 01:25:19 AM  
If anyone is interested, the NY Times has picked up the story through AP. It is quite a bit more detailed.
Sorry, no html, lazy tonight.
2002-07-04 01:25:50 AM  
Seeing as how Bush let the Laden family slip out of the country during the complete air travel lockdown the week of 9/11, I don't see why we should bother keeping this guy here.

Oh yeah...Bush doesn't have any business ties with Hussein.
2002-07-04 01:25:51 AM  
I had this same problem when I was the leader of UNITA. The nefarious pope, John Paul Allegedly 2nd, sent HIS stepson to buy diamonds from me. I had him arrested, probed and then shot.

My advice to George Walker 2nd: do the same.

I've been dealing withthese sneaky farking russians for years.
2002-07-04 01:26:21 AM  
Alexandra: Now that brings back some memories. I think one of the lyrics was "Old Uncle Sam's feeling pretty hot, gonna turn Iran into a parking lot" or something like that. That and the "Hey Iran!" Mickey Mouse flipping the bird.

Davide: Also, Stalin's daughter emigrated to the U.S. as did Nikita Krushchev's son.
2002-07-04 01:26:40 AM  
he knew better.
since he is a "jet" pilot...think of how many US pilots lost their lives to this kind of shaffkey.
come here. train here. kill us.
prison little man.
2002-07-04 01:27:02 AM  
No NY Times links, please, Danvon.
Sorry, no desire to go through the subsription process, lazy tonight.
2002-07-04 01:27:16 AM  
And yeah, it's a coincidence that he came to America to get recertified...coincidences all around.
2002-07-04 01:27:20 AM  
he entered illegaly, and you all panic...... but he probly just flew over and wanted to sign up, and just made an honest mistake......
2002-07-04 01:28:38 AM  
Let's expel him to Iraq, but to make it up to Saddam, let's invite him to Florida and give him some courses on how to fly a plane.

Then we can shoot it out of the sky.
2002-07-04 01:29:43 AM  
Hey Anubix, why don't you read the article. They busted him on an expired visa (although they probably especially looked at Arab people with flying lessons) then figured out the rest. Don't be such a f*cktard next time.

PS: Drew, Mods, anybody, please give me Unicode support so I can get my $#252 on...
2002-07-04 01:30:32 AM  
Everyone... don't let the media take you running too far. Saffi is a practicing flight engineer for an airline in New Zealand. Entering "illegally" could just mean that his former student visa had expired, or that his recent paperwork was out of date. Saffi in previous encounters has generally been mum about his relation to Saddam "Mein Fuhrer" Hussein, whose mistress (not wife) gave birth to the boy. He already has a valid license in flying 747s and is just back to recertify.

I'm not necessarily saying his actions aren't shady, but I am asking people to wait and think before completely swallowing what the press spouts.

2002-07-04 01:31:18 AM  
Who do we round up first?

The INS or Saddam's children? What happen to scrutiny of terrorists nations espcially the Axis of Evil ones?
I'm glad we caught him and I hope he's the only one.

It's time to unleash an unfettered Ashcroft & Co. After all the Palmer Raids had a calming effect.
2002-07-04 01:33:23 AM  
Geezusss!! What's with all this guilt by association shiat? Okay, his stepdad is Saddam. My stepdad's a dick too. So what? I guess he's already been found guilty in these forums.

The story just broke so let's wait until ALL the facts come in before we all start getting all riled up and gun-crazy.
2002-07-04 01:35:33 AM  
Okay, his stepdad is Saddam. My stepdad's a dick too. So what? I guess he's already been found guilty in these forums.
Who, Bonsoir, your dad or Saddam?
2002-07-04 01:35:59 AM  

2002-07-04 01:36:13 AM  
He entered on the Visa Waiver Program. Citizens of about 28 countries do not need a visa to visit for personal reasons. For short training courses he probably needs one. But they have this situation about 300 gazillion times a day, and it isn't headline news.
2002-07-04 01:39:21 AM  
yeah right freaking idiots! I bet ya anything the guy is of no relation to Saddam. Wow its just like a movie...we catch one of our "enemies" sons on the eve of our independance day...kinda funny that our lovely government has been trying to drum up support for going to war with Iraq for the last 5 months. They gotta do something the give you "patriotic" fools a reason to keep following their "War on terrah". Keep flyin those flags...believing what you see on tv...we're all circlin the drain now anyway.
2002-07-04 01:41:50 AM  
His fake passport said his name was Scott Evil.
2002-07-04 01:42:10 AM  
I agree with Bonsoir. I seriously doubt this guy even talks to Saddam. He lives in New Zealand, probably because Saddam has a nasty habit of killing possible succesors to the dictatorship. The only question is: why did he fly halfway across the world to go to flight school? Surely they have airplanes (and even flight schools!) in New Zealand.
2002-07-04 01:42:15 AM  
One down. 10 million illegals to go.
2002-07-04 01:42:59 AM  
They are making a trophy out of the guy because he WAS related to Hussein, loosely. by marriage. He is a citizen of NZ, not Iraq. It sounds like he thought he filled out the right paperwork, but they are screwing him to the letter. This is like the IRS arresting you because you filled out the 1040EZ when you were supposed to fill out the 1040A.

Jesus, what a bunch of uncritical sheep. Just open your mouth and swallow down the bile that the mass media has prepared for you. No need to think about it. No need to contemplate the ramifications of a government that is now routinely picking up people to be held indefinitely without trial.
2002-07-04 01:44:14 AM  
"Seen during the transfer, Saffi was wearing a dark blue short-sleeve polo shirt, khaki shorts, white socks and dark sneakers, and was carrying a gym bag."

Now THAT is some great writing! I am now fully informed about the situation and feel I can make a rational decision about this subject. Because he was dressed like a GAP dork he must be killed on sight!

That is All.

2002-07-04 01:44:55 AM  
this is scary stuff.......
2002-07-04 01:45:00 AM  
I think it'd be great if, as a government, the folks over in DC interrupted every broadcast of fireworks and simply said: "Well, folks, for some more fireworks, please look east out your windows and note the bright lights off the horizon. That would be Bin Laden and Hussein's "hideouts" being annihilated...with them in it! Happy Fourth!"
2002-07-04 01:50:18 AM  
William Gaines and EC Comicis are the founding fathers of comics. All the rest are imitations.

And those comics never depreciate.
2002-07-04 01:50:30 AM  
Ok, seriously, what's scary and sick is how everybody's reacting to this. He's the STEPSON. That means he's not related in any way, except his idiotic mom married Saddam. He probably wants fark-all to do with Saddam. Secondly, he was in the country to RE-certify his license to fly 747's. I don't think most terrorist organizations would be looking for certified pilots to fly their planes for them. Also, this means that the guy can in all likelihood already fly a 747. Yes, September 11 was bad, and I sympathize, but Christ, you have to quit assuming everytime a squirrel farts there's gonna be another terrorist attack.
2002-07-04 01:51:44 AM  
oops wrong thread, Happy 4th, kill Saddam blah, blah, blah
2002-07-04 01:54:48 AM  
yeah - but - did you see the size of the balls on that squirrel?
2002-07-04 01:58:06 AM  
Tomorrow : "Saddam Hussein retaliates and makes Texas go bye".

2002-07-04 01:58:23 AM  
didn't we already off some of his family...might as well finish the job....
2002-07-04 01:58:50 AM  
yeah, what is scary is everyone's reaction to this article.. and total lack of attention span. Seriously *read the article*.. he's a pilot.. he has a job as one. Where exactly is the news story here? Doesnt Saddam have like 140 kids in one fashion or another?
2002-07-04 01:59:16 AM  
Ya know, killing some of the dorks who wear GAP would make a difference
2002-07-04 01:59:18 AM  
Well Flibber, I kinda agree, but the article made no mention of terrorist links (except Saddam, who isn't really a terrorist, just a despot), the people in here just connected the dots themselves. I think the biggest reason to suspect this had nothing to do with terrorism is that there wasn't even a whiff of an allegation in the news report -- the allegation would either be totally misplaced, or so taboo and accurate that they clamped the media immediatley, which is hard to do. Even if there is no relation, I still see how this is an intelligent move. We don't hold him hostage, of course, it's just symbolic.
2002-07-04 02:02:51 AM  
interesting.... but we all know how well behaved Sadams son's are... biological or not. I say, the CIA says he admitts to being here and up to no good, just more reason to bo0t Sadam
2002-07-04 02:06:41 AM  
wow... check this out guys.... via google...

"Khurshid Anwar:: 21st Entry/68th ('71-'77) Munir:: flight­cadet[nospam-﹫-backwards]ooha­y*c­om :: Lahore, Pakistan "

here's a long list.... looky how many from Jersy... interesting

2002-07-04 02:06:56 AM  
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jbc [TotalFark]
2002-07-04 02:09:25 AM  
Not surprised at all. There are other children of heads-of-state who have little regard for our laws. (See: Bush, Jenna and Barbara)
2002-07-04 02:14:33 AM  
OK so the INS isn't culpable in this one. Ban Air New Zealand from entering US Airspace. He works for them, and he illegaly entered the country, and he's linked to Saddam. Cut Air New Zealand off until they excercise some common sense in their hiring practices.
2002-07-04 02:33:39 AM  
Some people are definetly jumping to conclusions. I mean, it's not like Saddam raised this guy, his mom didn't get involved with Saddam until he was in his 20's. Plus he has a family and has been working for an airline company for sometime. That's definetly different than any of the September 11th hijackers. Although it does seem a little fishy, i don't think this guy was planning any terror attacks.
2002-07-04 02:49:45 AM  
Is it really so surprising? I expect to see an article like this everyday. THE BEAT GOES ON.....
2002-07-04 02:55:26 AM  
Farmer Ted-Happy Birthday
I've had a few meeself..
2002-07-04 02:56:03 AM  
I am pissed at the Bush administration.

Instead of warning us about this guy, they went and stopped him.

Where are the warnings about the Step children of Dictators?

Stay tuned
2002-07-04 03:00:41 AM  
Saffi is an engineer for Air New Zealand in Auckland.

Saffi was interviewed by the FBI at a Doubletree hotel in Los Angeles, according to Goldman, and Saffi told agents he was on a layover before flying to Miami for a 747 re-certification class at Aeroservice Aviation Center.
2002-07-04 03:01:16 AM  
Saddam Hussein's stepson should be tortured thoroughly by Donald Rumsfield.
2002-07-04 03:01:25 AM  
Totally amazing. This guy thinks he can come over here and go to the same flight school to fly another 747 into who knows what and our crack FBI team is not going to catch him?

What? He already had a pilot's license?
What? He's doing this for his job and everyone knew this ahead of time and ok'd it?

Well I did notice that no one from the FBI posted they spend their days reading fark when they are supposed to be working so that must mean they are out trying to do something constructive, even if it's only the flimsiest attempt at public relations.

In other news the public is also hanging that biatch Martha Stewart as payback for all the recipes that never worked and origame projects that turned out like ****. I say fry her.
2002-07-04 03:05:51 AM  
If it's so easy to go to flight school "somewhere else",why didn't Atta and his minions learn in a country where they spoke the language and risked no suspicion?
2002-07-04 03:07:29 AM  
everyone here is way too melodramatic. Everyone assumes that this guy was trying to train for a terrorst attack without even reading the artivle. The guy works for a New Zealand airline - maybe THATS why he was taking a flight class.
2002-07-04 03:09:19 AM  
It wasn't even a flight class, it was just a re-certification class. Just more media panic to stir up the masses.
2002-07-04 03:09:59 AM  
Er re-certification test.
2002-07-04 03:20:38 AM  
What the fark is wrong with you people? He's done exactly 1 thing wrong, and that's violate something with his visa. And he's related to saddam. So farking what? Bush is all buddy-buddy with Osama's brothers and sisters, does anyone care? No.

Ohh, and he was taking flying lessons, just like the sept 11th highjackers! Just like millions of other people! OMG! Why, he must be guilty of maybe possibly thinking of planning flying it into a building!

To hell with the whole lot of you.
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