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(CBS News)   "Police hope to expose serial flasher"   ( divider line
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3072 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2006 at 8:23 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-09-06 5:18:48 PM  
I guess the police are just upset that the flasher hasnt been flashing them. Another example of an attempt at clever headline writing gone wrong.
2006-09-06 8:25:28 PM  

2006-09-06 8:25:43 PM  
Not ironic?
2006-09-06 8:27:23 PM  
What is this, greenlight everything Best of the Web listed today?
2006-09-06 8:28:12 PM  
Oh please don't.
2006-09-06 8:29:42 PM  
Once again, does this count as 'irony'? This seems more like a witicism, if anything.

/"You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."
2006-09-06 8:29:50 PM  
The ironic tag is used so much on Fark these days that it is no longer ironic that people are using the ironic tag for things that are not ironic
2006-09-06 8:32:26 PM  
Not ironic. Just a clever little play on words.
2006-09-06 8:32:51 PM  
The Funny and Witty tags need love too, that Ironic tag is too much of a whore. For every five uses, two are actually irony, the rest are wit.

Still, I love that title.
2006-09-06 8:35:29 PM  
If you flashed some women, and they pointed and laughed, would that give you more incentive to try harder, or just pack it in and give up? That'd be a weird situation to find yourself in, flashing people who're pointing and laughing.
2006-09-06 8:40:53 PM  
2006-09-06 8:43:54 PM  
yea, but this one's eating my popcorn...

2006-09-06 8:49:38 PM  
Strange definition of a flasher they've got there.

"Authorities said a young woman was robbed and fondled at gunpoint on the 2000 block of Boston Street in North Philadelphia on August 31. Several hours later, police believe the same suspect exposed himself to a woman on an elevator near 12th and Chestnut Streets."

Flashers are harmless. This guy doesn't seem to be.
2006-09-06 9:11:50 PM  
Scifience: Strange definition of a flasher they've got there.

Well if you read it the way I did, they have a flasher and an attacker and they're tying the two together to rile up the people but don't actually believe they're the same person.
2006-09-06 9:13:01 PM  
He's an assistant coach with the Detroit Lions... Mystery solved.
2006-09-06 9:14:48 PM  
it's like RAYEAIIIN, on your wedding day.....
2006-09-06 9:22:49 PM  
"Officials said they do not have enough of a description to form a composite sketch of the suspect."

Any of you artistic Farkers want to help? ;-)
2006-09-06 9:30:13 PM  
Officials said they do not have enough of a description to form a composite sketch of the suspect. If you have any information, contact Philadelphia Police.

Duh? They're looking at his WEENER, not his face!

/got to get some of those special running shorts...
2006-09-06 9:33:32 PM  
"Police hope to expose serial WEENER flasher"

/makes a better headline...
2006-09-06 9:47:39 PM  
The tag is supposed to describe the article, not the headline. Besides, the headline is a pun.
2006-09-06 10:04:24 PM  

i‧ro‧ny1 /ˈaɪrəni, ˈaɪər-/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ahy-ruh-nee, ahy-er-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
-noun, plural -nies.
1.the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply,

So, considering the circumstances, it actually applies here. The headline implies a meaning opposite to the intended meaning.

2006-09-06 11:08:58 PM  
2006-09-06 11:32:25 PM  
What, are headlines writing themselves these days?
2006-09-06 11:45:14 PM  
This thread is useless without pics...
2006-09-06 11:53:10 PM  
2006-09-07 9:00:53 AM  
Why can't there ever be a hot woman serial flasher?
2006-09-07 9:34:50 AM  
Why can't there ever be a hot woman serial flasher?

There are. Only you have to seek them out. And pay a guy to let you within eyeshot. And wait for them to do an "exotic" dance.

I think it's sad that men are willing to pay women who are willing to show themselves.

Maybe there should be some business model created where women are willing to pay men who are willing to show themselves to cover up.
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