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(Time)   "Loose Change"--the (in)famous 9/11 conspiracy theory movie--was originally a fictional screenplay, but its authors convinced themselves while writing it that the conspiracy theory was true   ( divider line
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2006-09-06 10:05:10 AM  
The Matrix is real, yo.
2006-09-06 10:05:30 AM  
Clearly the government controling the media again. CLEARLY!

//Where'd my tinfoiil hat go?
2006-09-06 10:05:40 AM  
Everyone just needs to go back to work....nothing to see here.
2006-09-06 10:05:56 AM  
Who wrote this thing, James Frey?
2006-09-06 10:06:25 AM  
Loose Change? More like loose cannons.
2006-09-06 10:07:59 AM  
Is that the one with some kid doing the voiceover?
2006-09-06 10:07:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

A Mr. Eco is here to talk about copyright issues....
2006-09-06 10:08:12 AM  
is this not 15 entries down the page?
2006-09-06 10:08:34 AM  
Is this really that surprising?
2006-09-06 10:08:38 AM  
"And could Hani Hanjour, the man supposedly at the controls, have executed the maneuvers that the plane performed? He failed a flight test just weeks before the attack."

I guess when it came to crunch time boy got skills
2006-09-06 10:09:31 AM  
My Prediction: This thread = hot topic.
2006-09-06 10:10:46 AM  
Done and please
2006-09-06 10:11:44 AM  
1. Make fictional 9/11 conspiracy movie with hip music and random things put together to look like they're relevant.
2. Sell DVD
3. Profit
2006-09-06 10:12:17 AM  
is this not 15 entries down the page?

No no... that was a link to the FIRST page of the article. This is a link to the SECOND page! It's completely different.
2006-09-06 10:12:40 AM  
If you add up 9 + 1 + 1 it equals 11. Which looks like 2 towers. I am so gonna make a movie about that.
2006-09-06 10:13:14 AM  
Submitted by Peat.... Re Peat.

Have another Heinny there mods, 1 more won't hurt!
2006-09-06 10:13:41 AM  
Bigfoot did it. In a UFO.
2006-09-06 10:14:15 AM  
"And could Hani Hanjour, the man supposedly at the controls, have executed the maneuvers that the plane performed? He failed a flight test just weeks before the attack."

Hmm...lowering altitude, hitting a target about eight times as wide as the average runway. Who but an ace could do such complex maneuvers?
2006-09-06 10:14:18 AM  
Quickly, somebody submit the third page of the article.
2006-09-06 10:14:23 AM  
Thats all fine and dandy, but why would we invade Iraq if we were looking for Al-Queda? If the government created this conspiracy, we should have atleast blamed the right people that we wanted to attack for the fake bombing/terrorist act. The war was about weapons of mass destruction, it would have worked better if the government dropped a nuclear bomb on something.
2006-09-06 10:14:30 AM  
The Mod's are high again.
Can't belive this was greenlit.. twice.
2006-09-06 10:15:32 AM  
Loose Change is a funny flick, it attempts to prove government involvement in the September 11th attacks, however they never make any realistic attempt to link the United States government with the actual attacks. If anything, the only thing they can draw suspicion upon is the actual knowledge of attacks.

2006-09-06 10:17:56 AM  
Can't belive this was greenlit.. twice.

Alright, now I can get my posts in early.
2006-09-06 10:18:19 AM  
Loose change is a silly movie. Nobody really believes it... do they?
2006-09-06 10:19:42 AM  
One of the reasons this flick did so well is the incredible hatred for this administration. If you hate something enough, you will start to believe all sorts of things about the object you hate.
2006-09-06 10:20:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-06 10:20:11 AM  
Svengali4Life: Loose change is a silly movie. Nobody really believes it... do they?

I work with people with freakin' Doctoral degrees who believe this movie. *shakes head* Some people...
2006-09-06 10:20:30 AM  
Worth a viewing if you haven't seen it.

Whether it's credible or not, it at least raises interesting questions, an encourages you to think a bit more critically about September 11th.

Loose Change (pops)
2006-09-06 10:20:52 AM  
The first greenlight wasn't good enough?
2006-09-06 10:21:20 AM  
The problem with Loose Change is that Dylan Avery is trying to sound like an activist badass. It would be more thought provoking if it's creators weren't so biased. They don't just cover the usual unanswered questions, they get way too detailed into so many different events leading up to and during that day. Some of the connections they make based on the slightest circumstantial evidence are just too far stretched and overreaching.

/doesn't believe the official government story
//these kids had the right idea but got too carried away
2006-09-06 10:21:48 AM  
I think the Bible started that way, too.
2006-09-06 10:22:03 AM  
I sure wouldn't consider anything as "positively Dan Brownesque" as a compliment. Hack, hack, hack.
2006-09-06 10:22:19 AM  
You all won't be laughing when the white helicopter runs wild on you
2006-09-06 10:23:27 AM  
I don't think there will be any satisfying explanations for that horrible day.
2006-09-06 10:24:26 AM  
docsigma: I've worked with people with Doctoral degrees shook their heads to flick away drool.
2006-09-06 10:25:03 AM  
People don't want answers that make them uncomfortable. They were raised as children on fairytale bedtime stories and they have never grown beyond that desire for a simple story of good and evil and the charming prince rescuing the princess.

I suppose with all of the "increased homeland security" they might have added more than two grainy security cameras on the exterior of the Pentagon?

The 9/11 Truth movement asks a lot of questions that the Bush administration has the answers to (e.g., video of the Pentagon hit that the FBI immediately confiscated). The government chooses to let these questions fester into conspiracy theories instead of provide definitive evidence. It shouldn't be hard to figure out why.

Loose Change makes some leaps of logic in an attempt to tidy everything up, and in this I think they fall short. However, any careful study of the collapse of WTC Building 7 must lead the observer to some hard questions that FEMA and NIST are still struggling to address with any credulity.

Believe what you want. But if you have an inkling of curisity, carefully examine the "fat bin Laden" videotape the Pentagon passed off as "authentic" of an obvious fake bragging about the 9/11 attack. Or, I guess you can believe all you hear from Washington if it allows you to sleep better at night.

2006-09-06 10:25:35 AM  
I can move things with my mind. But only if no one is watching me.
2006-09-06 10:25:41 AM  
headline was to article as stuffed bra is to getting to second base
2006-09-06 10:26:24 AM  

Who are those guys?
2006-09-06 10:27:51 AM  
2006-09-06 10:28:21 AM  
But there's a big problem with Loose Change and with most other conspiracy theories. The more you think about them, the more you realize how much they depend on circumstantial evidence, facts without analysis or documentation, quotes taken out of context and the scattered testimony of traumatized eyewitnesses. (For what it's worth, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has published a fact sheet responding to some of the conspiracy theorists' ideas on its website, The theories prompt small, reasonable questions that demand answers that are just too large and unreasonable to swallow. Granted, the Pentagon crash site looks odd in photographs. But if the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile, then what happened to American Airlines Flight 77? Where did all the real, documented people on it go? Assassinated? Relocated? What about eyewitnesses who saw a plane, not a missile? And what are the chances that an operation of such size--it would surely have involved hundreds of military and civilian personnel--could be carried out without a single leak? Without leaving behind a single piece of evidence hard enough to stand up to scrutiny in a court? People, the feds just aren't that slick. Nobody is.

Time Magazine is just another tool of the administration to control the sheeple.
2006-09-06 10:28:32 AM  
fernanernie: "And could Hani Hanjour, the man supposedly at the controls, have executed the maneuvers that the plane performed? He failed a flight test just weeks before the attack."

I forget who in the 9/11 commission hearings pointed this out, but it was well said that the 9/11 hijackers didn't have to be great pilots--they only had to be good enough to crash the planes.
2006-09-06 10:28:33 AM  
Loose Change raises many questions. More questions than the US government has answers for.

The US government has lied to the rest of the world many times. So as long as government exists, so will conspiracy theories.

/Funny how history keeps repeating. Much like this article.
//Is someone going to submit page three?
2006-09-06 10:28:39 AM  
The reason everyone hates this administration is because of the disasters that are happening all the time. Say what you want, that Bush doesn't create hurricanes, that he isn't at fault for hijacked planes, that he couldn't have known there were no weapons of mass destruction. But at some point you really have to wonder whether if a great president would have prevented any of these tragedies from getting out of control, or from happening in the first place. Would someone like FDR have immediately marshalled the entire countries resources to get the hurricane Katrina survivors out of New Orleans and given food and shelter. Would someone like Clinton led an administration that would heed the warnings of Richard Clarke before 9/11 and catch the hijackers before that day. Would someone like George Washington avoided getting entangled in mideast conflict. This is why Bush is hated.
2006-09-06 10:29:10 AM  
elchip Who are those guys?

The Clinton's murdered the first guy when he walked in on them having a 4-way with Paula Jones and a second dog. The second guy took a fall for them, allegedly over some real estate, but we all know it was because Bill was caught with his pants down, and a Puerto Rican hooker on her knees. ANd Kenn Starr found all this out, so they forced him to quit and work at Pepperdine.
2006-09-06 10:29:56 AM  
Repeat post for a repeat, anyway, to everyone promoting the garbage that is Loose Change, one question:

Why did the people who made Loose Change (in the first edition)state that the passengers on Flight 93 were heroes (in fact ending their "movie" with "Lets Roll") to claiming in the second edition that those same passengers were taken off the plane in Cleveland and disappeared?

Watch for Loose Change III, Electric Boogaloo, coming to your mom's basement soon.

/seriously, it is garbage
2006-09-06 10:30:29 AM  
Or, I guess you can believe all you hear from Washington conspiracy theorists if it allows you to sleep better at night.

Fixed that for ya.
2006-09-06 10:30:58 AM  
If the Government is doing anything to cover-up any aspects of 9/11, they are only doing it to protect the citizenry from things that are too complicated for those not in the know to understand. Fighting Terrorism is a high-stakes game and I trust that President Bush is doing all he can to help keep us safe.
2006-09-06 10:31:06 AM  
My god. Did you know that NINE ELEVEN is an anagram of JEWS !?!?!?!?! You know, like all the JEWS that evacuated the WTC on the day of the attack.
If you don't believe me, you're a sheeple that's believes the lies of BUshiatLER.
2006-09-06 10:31:43 AM  
I forget who in the 9/11 commission hearings pointed this out, but it was well said that the 9/11 hijackers didn't have to be great pilots--they only had to be good enough to crash the planes.

Exactly. I don't need to be able to play football well, only well enough to lose 14 of 16 games to be an Indianapolis Colt.
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