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(Some Guy)   An exceptionally difficult presidential quiz   ( divider line
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1914 clicks; posted to Politics » on 03 Sep 2006 at 12:37 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-09-02 11:56:57 PM  
It's the same answer for all the questions; all of them have never been in my kitchen.
2006-09-03 12:02:19 AM  
It's probably something like a listing in order of electoral votes cast on some of those lists.
2006-09-03 12:13:23 AM  
more like a riddle than a quiz farking answers?

its a teaser...thats it...teaser
2006-09-03 12:27:13 AM  
Time to look at porn.
2006-09-03 12:53:42 AM  
The first one was a list of presidents I never took a shot at.

/Brb, someone is knocking at my door...
2006-09-03 1:17:22 AM  
wow, they're not kidding thats hard.
2006-09-03 1:19:07 AM  
Seen it before. It is easy to make those lists by first making up an obscure fact. Like order of height, then reseaching it, and then asking what does this order mean. It is a bunch of BS. Or, to make it clearer, getting the list of posters so far and placing them in order by number of posts, then asking what the list means, or what we have in common, etc.

Pure B/S
2006-09-03 1:20:52 AM  
The answer, of course, is "penis size".
2006-09-03 1:24:23 AM  
Scandalous [TotalFark]

The answer, of course, is "penis size".

If that were the case shouldn't Hillary be in the mix?
2006-09-03 1:27:12 AM  
1: All were secretly women.
2: The order in which they performed on America's Got Talent.
3: The coach and starting lineup of this year's Liverpool FC squad. (Oh, I'm on to you, Steven Gerrard-- IF THAT'S YOUR REAL NAME.)
4: If you take the first letters of their last names in this order, they spell VFTRBHCHABCTFGCWPTKHBPMHRCJLGERHNJ. The significance of this sequence of letters: It tells you that a cat is typing on your keyboard.
5: Taking the numberical positions in which they served as President, you will find the winning numbers for the two most recent Powerball drawings.
6: The order you will see the Presidents in the Gettysburg wax museum after I visited, shall we say.... after hours. Bwahahaha. (As for explaining why Eisenhower and Dubya, and Teddy and Carter share positions... I give you... FRANKENPREZ!)
7: The order you'll see the Presidents in a Washington wax museum after I took a flamethrower to the entire interior. To see nine Presidents come together lie that... it's inspiring. (And if you take the kids, slightly disturbing.)
8: They were all replaced with Pod People.
9: Their cup size. Which cup, I'm not entirely sure.
10: Their placing on Presidential Survivor (there were some mass vote-outs along the way). Asterisked presidents were part of the original With Us tribe, who played opposite the Against Us tribe.
2006-09-03 1:31:34 AM  

A perfect 10/10. Well done.
2006-09-03 1:41:56 AM  
I'm guessing #9 is public opinion, lowest to highest.
2006-09-03 1:45:53 AM  
It's a popular quiz by James Taranto. Here's one:


Here are the answers to that quiz.
2006-09-03 1:48:04 AM  
OK, who else around here is reading Ken Jennings' blog? He just brought this up recently.
2006-09-03 1:50:52 AM  
I think the answer to the first one is that all their first terms started in a year ending in zero. Not sure about the rest.
2006-09-03 1:55:23 AM  
Man, Gosling ruined it by posting all the correct answers!

2006-09-03 2:10:11 AM  
8. Their names end with a letter other than N.

Oh WOW! That is just FASCINATING!
2006-09-03 12:40:34 PM  
That made my head hurt.

/and my ass twitch.
2006-09-03 3:08:02 PM  
that is the worst quiz i have ever seen...

first there are no answers(thanks sungod for posting)
second, all of the facts are completely useless.. so useless jeopardy wouldnt waste an answer on them..
third i dont mind hard quizzes, it makes me feel smarter or stupider in comparison to other farkers... but this is just ridiculous... the only one i even had a guess at was the first one cuz i knew most of their birth states, just didnt realize it was a 'west of mississippi question...

going to find some pr0n or talk wifey into afternoon
2006-09-03 5:23:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-04 3:55:59 AM  
I'm like 99% sure that this was in The New Yorker a few months ago.

Oh, Fark.
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