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29438 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2006 at 5:38 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-01 06:46:54 PM  
Florida America's Wang
2006-09-01 06:47:00 PM  
That link that omegaminus provided to Sheppard Software is worth following. Try Europe Level 3 if you want to be angered trying to figure out where in the hell Macedonia goes.

/still got a 96%
2006-09-01 06:50:58 PM  
70%...not bad for a stoned Canadian I think...so much easier up here, 10 provinces, and some territories....?
2006-09-01 06:52:50 PM  
Midways Defender
100% 0miles 183sec.

Hey, does that mean that you're getting laid this weekend?
2006-09-01 06:53:05 PM  

[image from i110.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-09-01 06:54:37 PM  
96% 4 miles 285 secs

Maryland screwed me.
2006-09-01 06:55:06 PM  

same site, better game
2006-09-01 06:58:36 PM  
People, US geography breaks down like this: There are not 50+ states in the union. See below;

New York (the only true state)
California (our left coast cousin wanna-bees)
The South (sort of excluding Florida)
The West (meaning all those states with mountans and stuff)
Parts of The Hamptons
New England
Chicagoland (especially Buddy Guy's Legends)

There, that's 10 whole states. Hawai dosen't count either. Puerto Rico gets a half share which brings uos to 10.5
2006-09-01 06:59:07 PM  
Avg error 3 miles
Time 428 secs

I rule teh geography!
2006-09-01 07:00:20 PM  
Europe Level 3


It was those damn microstates that farked me. (San Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein and Vatican City) Got Andorra, Luxembourg and Malta though. Although Luxembourg isn't as much a microstate as the others.
2006-09-01 07:02:33 PM  
96% Kansas was my second state after California
3 miles error
222 seconds
2006-09-01 07:08:13 PM  

/Is it me or when you grab Alabama the bottom-left corner looks like a wang?
2006-09-01 07:09:36 PM  
Avg error 10 miles
313 seconds.

I wouldn't have given myself credit for placing Rhode Island, but *shrug*
2006-09-01 07:11:17 PM  
This reminds me of something I built once for a project at work that nobody ever liked. AFRICA!
2006-09-01 07:11:58 PM  
9 miles
316 secs
2006-09-01 07:13:09 PM  
Avg Error: 7 Miles

I missed S. Dakota by quite a bit when it was the first squarish state in the empty middle of the country and Missouri by a bit. I thought New England would give me more trouble, but I think the placement is fairly forgiving overall.

If you don't make 80% on this test, surrender your citizenship.
2006-09-01 07:14:21 PM  
Everything is going great and then all of a sudden along comes Nebraska and f*cks you right in the ass.
2006-09-01 07:15:53 PM  
schief2: That game sucks.

That was one of my errors too in almost the exact same position.
2006-09-01 07:16:25 PM  
Sweet, 98%. Damn Wyoming, that was like the 3rd one I had to place. Avg. 4 miles off
2006-09-01 07:18:32 PM  
10 miles (Damn you Conneticut)
271 sec
2006-09-01 07:19:32 PM  
Well, crap, there goes my source of new links for FARK. I've posted links to almost every game on there, including this one, but never got greenlit. They had to change from www.digggames.com to www.games1.org, so I guess the URL's different.

/ Why do I give a shiat about greenlit links?
// Is my first green light going to win me anything?
2006-09-01 07:19:55 PM  
92% of Farkers lie about their score.
2006-09-01 07:21:51 PM  
54 miles
263 secs

I didn't think it was that bad 'til I came to the forum.

I fail at geography...
2006-09-01 07:26:41 PM  
45/50 (90%)
avg 13 miles off
296 seconds
got kansas and the heartland states first
2006-09-01 07:27:58 PM  

Two of those were due to misplacing the cursor on accident. The only two true mistakes were Delaware and Rhode Island.
2006-09-01 07:28:07 PM  
avg 30 miles off
183 seconds
2006-09-01 07:28:37 PM  
Avg. Error 32 miles
Time 252 sec.

Not bad. For getting KANSAS first! LOL I'm impressed by my fellow Farker's geographic knowledge. It somehow boosts my own self-esteem...

/likes being among smart folk
//not really this pompous
2006-09-01 07:30:20 PM  
Before you whinge, I'm from the UK

UK Equivalent

That's only 53 counties. California's got 58 (and yes, I had to memorize them). So between states, state capitals, and counties within states, I do so get to whine.

2006-09-01 07:31:10 PM  
~100 miles
400sec :(

N.B. I'm a Scot whose been stateside once. Probably could make a decent fist of naming the states & their capitals :P

Now try the UK equivalent ! :


/Have lost my HTML mojo
2006-09-01 07:33:42 PM  
98& avg 8 miles off in 226 sec.

/fark you, nebraska/first farking question/off by 300 miles
2006-09-01 07:34:02 PM  
average error 6 miles, 48 perfect
2006-09-01 07:34:03 PM  
I did the whole thing in firefox on a linux box, and then no score showed up in the results box! Just the headers and buttons. *Shrug*

I did learn that I really need to learn a lot more about the midwest's geography, though.
2006-09-01 07:35:17 PM  
Lots of us did well, but let's not pat ourselves on the back too hard...
Am I the only Farker who remembers Al Franken drawing the entire map of the United States freehand on SNL -- live -- right before a Presidential election?
(And do we remember which election: 1984 or 1988)?
2006-09-01 07:38:26 PM  
williehorton Lots of us did well, but let's not pat ourselves on the back too hard...
Am I the only Farker who remembers Al Franken drawing the entire map of the United States freehand on SNL -- live -- right before a Presidential election?
(And do we remember which election: 1984 or 1988)?

OMG, you're right. I completely forgot about that. Al Franken for President!

/bets Dubya can't do that
2006-09-01 07:39:00 PM  
94% 9 miles off 349s

farking Iowa. First.
2006-09-01 07:40:44 PM  
96%, 4 miles, 200 secs.

Oh yeah.
2006-09-01 07:41:32 PM  

Duly noted: The voices on the game are kinda scary ...
Makes me feel like a five year old in a house I should get out of REAL SOON...

Yeah... like being in a Montessori nightmare!
2006-09-01 07:50:29 PM  
It's already making it's way across the internets.

2006-09-01 07:54:55 PM  
2 out of 57. But I know busy work when I see it.
2006-09-01 07:59:59 PM  
49 of 50 in 315. Average error = 2 miles.
2006-09-01 08:04:54 PM  
[image from img99.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-09-01 08:05:10 PM  
avg error 17 miles


342 secs

/ good thing I drove Maryland/North Dakota/Yellowstone/back via Indiana for a wedding once. helped w/ this quiz.
2006-09-01 08:06:24 PM  
0 miles
284 seconds
2006-09-01 08:06:52 PM  
That was stupid. 3 miles error and most of that was from having to place states in the middle of nowhere with no references.
2006-09-01 08:07:19 PM  
[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]

i missed hawaii because i thought i was a big shot and rushed the placement :(
2006-09-01 08:17:26 PM  
Didnt help that I had about 6 landlocked states first, but
276 seconds

Once I figured out that the placement has to be almost exact I ha it down no problem.
2006-09-01 08:19:44 PM  


213 seconds

6 miles

/Had Nebraska partially off
//It was my first state to place
2006-09-01 08:23:03 PM  
96% (48/50)
Avg. error 3 miles
Time: 215 sec.

2006-09-01 08:23:34 PM  
Alex Chilton: we're all lying

Listen You. I didn't get to be a Tall, Handsome, Mega-Billionaire by not knowing what I'm talking about, and I'm saying it was a lie!
Don't You listen to them Hollie

heh heh
2006-09-01 08:24:19 PM  
17 Miles
596 secs (don't leave room in middle of game, nor use a touchpad)

I'm happy with that given we don't learn US geography in Australian schools :)

Trying to place states in the middle of a blank map makes it a little hard when you are a few miles off.
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