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(Some Guy)   If you don't like AC/DC, it's probably not necessary to stab one of their fans in the eye with a pair of scissors to express your opinion   ( divider line
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7122 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2006 at 9:30 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-08-30 7:09:31 PM  
I like AC/DC, but c'mon.... some people really need the occasional pokey-thing in the eye.
2006-08-30 7:09:33 PM  
Hell's bells.
2006-08-30 7:10:41 PM  
Well ... maybe not necessary. It's hard to get their attention, they're quite deaf. And insensitive to pain.

/does like AC/DC, so no stabby please
2006-08-30 7:12:53 PM  
That took the biggest....balls of them all.
2006-08-30 7:16:19 PM  
Thats some Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap
2006-08-30 7:46:50 PM  
That chicks taking the Highway to Hell
2006-08-30 7:58:11 PM  
Yes it is.
2006-08-30 8:27:02 PM  
For those about to get stabbed in the eye with a pair of scissors, we salute you.
2006-08-30 8:33:11 PM  
Come on, come on, listen to the scissors talk
2006-08-30 9:20:28 PM  
Must have been a Farker.
2006-08-30 9:20:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Scissors are good, but nothing beats a blowtorch to the eye to make your point.

/If you want blood, you got it
2006-08-30 9:34:03 PM  
When I was in high school, the metal heads were the ones with the knives.
2006-08-30 9:34:34 PM  
She had been the victim of a string of attacks, threats and had even received prank calls at home because she is what is known as "a metaler", Guildford Crown Court heard today.

Ok, the string of attacks and the threats I could accept, but they went so far as to prank call her? They've crossed the line.
2006-08-30 9:35:22 PM  
Shunned, for listening to AC/DC?

That school needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.
2006-08-30 9:35:58 PM  
For those about to stab we salute you.
2006-08-30 9:36:36 PM  
"She had been the victim of a string of attacks"
2006-08-30 9:38:05 PM  
Pretty dumb.

Stuff like that just locks them into their crappy music tastes even more.
2006-08-30 9:38:09 PM  
AC/DC aint METAL! It's Rock-N-Roll. AC/DC uses some major chords.

METAL uses mostly minor chords and sounds negative most of the time.

AC/DC is happy R&R music!
2006-08-30 9:38:23 PM  
It's only an acceptable action if someone says that they don't like Dethklok.

2006-08-30 9:39:17 PM  
I guess she never saw it coming, huh?
2006-08-30 9:39:20 PM  
The hell it isn't!
2006-08-30 9:40:00 PM  
No need to stab them in the ears, we can deduce the fact that they are deaf by the fact that they are AC/DC fans.
2006-08-30 9:40:12 PM  
If you don't like AC/DC you're a terrorist.
2006-08-30 9:41:40 PM  
I guess she didn't really see the point in listening to something else.

/one ticket please
//that bus is on the highway
///I really do feel sorry for that girl, and I hope the biatch who stabbed her gets her ass kicked.
////precursor to columbine?
2006-08-30 9:43:44 PM  
After Christ Devil Conquers. Biatch deserved it.

/end sarcasm
2006-08-30 9:44:21 PM  
TFA: she was told she was a "metaler"

And the stabber was...?
2006-08-30 9:44:29 PM  
Not only does the perp clearly have a lousy taste in music, but he needs to be thoroughly tortured until he begs for death.

/Out of principle.
//AC/DC isn't metal. It's the blues on sterioids.
2006-08-30 9:45:58 PM  
Probably would've gotten the hero tag if she'd said she listened to Paris Hilton.
2006-08-30 9:46:26 PM  
If you don't like AC/DC you're a terrorist.

You know, I was going to come in here and express my outrage, but it looks like everyone else has saved me the trouble...

BTW, where the hell is Bon_Scott? If this thread doesn't call for his participation, I don't know what would :D
2006-08-30 9:47:01 PM  
LMFAO! Nevermind...
2006-08-30 9:48:13 PM  
Whole Lotta Rosie!

(Sorry - other people already mentioned all of the good song titles)
2006-08-30 9:49:31 PM  
Bunch of savages in that school. I mean, I listen to a good range of music, but I think the first album I ever heard was when my cousins played "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" for me.

/2nd was Love Gun by Kiss
2006-08-30 9:49:34 PM  
If you don't like AC/DC you're a terrorist.

Tru dat.

Also, who's up for a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"?
2006-08-30 9:49:43 PM  
Hes was obviously "not about to rock".
2006-08-30 9:50:44 PM  
(Sorry - other people already mentioned all of the good song titles)

I don't know about you, but I was left Thunderstruck after reading the article...

/Sorry, but even though it's more recent, I think its one of their best.
2006-08-30 9:50:52 PM  
Back in Black = greatest rock song in history

We roll tonight, to the guitar bite---for those about to rock, we salute you!
2006-08-30 9:51:00 PM  
Tribalism is the curse of mankind.
2006-08-30 9:51:45 PM  
2006-08-30 09:35:22 PM Banacek

Shunned, for listening to AC/DC?

That school needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.

I second that. AC/DC is the greatest farking rock & roll band of all time.

2006-08-30 9:52:03 PM  
That's not what they meant by Sink the Pink.
2006-08-30 9:52:37 PM  
Man, those girls should just Ride On.
2006-08-30 9:52:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-30 9:52:49 PM  
Why yes, I'd be honored to break my 1970's Kramer Aerostar over the stabber's head.
2006-08-30 9:53:15 PM  
What group was the stabber in anyway? When I was in school, the metalheads probably would have been the ones with the scissors.
2006-08-30 9:53:24 PM  

on the family jewels DVD, their drummer totally kicks ass on Thunderstruck.

When I first started playing guitar when I was about 10 years old, I wanted to be Angus. That dude ROCKS.

/Ac-DC is one of my favorite bands
//U2 is another one
///Indigo Girls are another one..and no I'm not gay, but those two chicks have skill
2006-08-30 9:53:42 PM  

i can only imagine what would have been a good response to these kids

Personally, I'd suggest a couple of slugs between the eyes. Or, in keeping with the subject matter, a bullet in the back ;)
2006-08-30 9:54:26 PM  
Did someone pay the guy to stab her?

For dirt cheap?
2006-08-30 9:54:38 PM  
the stabbing should be reserved for Limp Bizkit and Eminem/rap fans
2006-08-30 9:54:41 PM  
Wanted for questioning...

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-30 9:55:54 PM  
on the family jewels DVD, their drummer totally kicks ass on Thunderstruck.

Looks like I'm going to bump that one up my list then.

I mean, the older stuff is still my favorite, but there are a few good songs here and there on the newer albums. You just have to search harder. They're not like Back in Black or Dirty Deeds, where EVERY song kicks ass.
2006-08-30 9:55:54 PM  
I hope she gave them the Jack.
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