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(   White House rejects debate with Iranian President citing concerns that everyone watching at home would be dumber for having listened to it   ( divider line
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4500 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Aug 2006 at 5:41 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-08-29 05:26:57 PM  
That never stopped them before.
2006-08-29 05:31:49 PM  
Could also be applied to recent State of the Union addresses.
2006-08-29 05:43:22 PM  
Billy Madison
2006-08-29 05:43:33 PM  
I think they should just do it PPV and make some money off the deal.

2006-08-29 05:44:10 PM  
I hope they reconsider. Unintentional comedy is the best.
2006-08-29 05:44:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-29 05:44:44 PM  
2006-08-29 05:45:03 PM  
Whitehouse rejects debate siting only being able to bring a plastic spork to a gunfight.
2006-08-29 05:45:07 PM  
Everyone would be dumber having to listen to that much bush rhetoric.
2006-08-29 05:45:10 PM  
I'd prefer an ultimate fight between the two.
2006-08-29 05:45:38 PM  
Plus that Iranian guy speaks better English than Bush.
2006-08-29 05:46:59 PM  
Didn't Saddam offer to debate Bush as well?
2006-08-29 05:47:08 PM  
My first greenlight!

2006-08-29 05:47:10 PM  
MorningBreath, now theres a PPV i'd buy!
2006-08-29 05:47:16 PM  
If Bush got smacked down on national TV by a brown guy, the recovery time for the Republican party would be accounted in decades.
2006-08-29 05:47:27 PM  
Bush is just afraid of Ahmadinejad sounding much more reasonable than him. Not being a complete gibbering idiot helps.
2006-08-29 05:47:37 PM  
I think the reason is evident in the CNN online poll on the subject, where 67% of the people who have answered believe that Ahmaninejad would walk away the winner if they were to have a debate.

I think something like this would be extraordinary and revolutionary, for two countries to actually have a civil debate on world issues like this. It's sad that our president is completely incapapable of doing it, it could have turned into a chance to save some serious standing in the world were he even remotely capable of pulling it off.
2006-08-29 05:47:44 PM  
And yet American Idol is allowed on the air.
2006-08-29 05:47:59 PM  
I second morningbreath's suggestion. I say we just put them both in a ring with chairs and bats and other such blunt objects good for hitting and let em go at it. That would be a hell of an event.
/I think irans president would win though...
2006-08-29 05:48:12 PM  
he just wants a chance to say "Fark." on the air, just like the rest of us.
2006-08-29 05:48:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/ Whitehouse's unofficial response was, "neener, neener, neener"
2006-08-29 05:48:25 PM  
As funny and sad as I think a debate would be, what would be the point. It wouold just be a pissing match to see who can dig the other harder.

Steel-cage grudge match on the other hand...
2006-08-29 05:48:32 PM  
Who would moderate this debate?
2006-08-29 05:48:57 PM  
Iran is imitating neocon media tactics fairly convincingly. I'd love to see a showdown between these two media spanking sadists.
2006-08-29 05:49:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not impressed
2006-08-29 05:49:30 PM  
After watching his comments on Katrina, even taking into account Kyra Phillips' ad libbing, I think Ahmedinejad has already won.
2006-08-29 05:49:58 PM  
I thought all of the was settled in the Shiek-Hogan Debates of 1984.

/cameraman, zoom it!
2006-08-29 05:50:06 PM  
They can package it in Iran on PPV with the camel races.
2006-08-29 05:50:17 PM  
I believe it is clear that the US will speak directly with Iran only if they give up their uranium enrichment program. Why would the US change there stance now?

Meanwhile, Iran is stalling and stalling and stalling without offering to make any sort of compromise. Standard middle-eastern politics. This Amendinjad guy is a douche, but no idiot.
2006-08-29 05:50:19 PM  
libbyshome: Who would moderate this debate?

Bill Moyers of course...
2006-08-29 05:50:39 PM  
Absolutely, submitter, the white house is such an excellent judge of intelligence.
2006-08-29 05:50:46 PM  
They saved us all from a perfect storm of rhetoric and jingoism.
2006-08-29 05:50:55 PM  
Doh, their.
2006-08-29 05:51:38 PM  
Maybe they saw the poll on CNN where 60% said Bush would lose.
2006-08-29 05:52:01 PM  
That'd be like watching a goat fight a monkey.
2006-08-29 05:52:32 PM  
I'm sure it would be an informative, reasonable, educated debate with valid observations and beliefs from both parties, and the world be a better and more enlightened place because of it, and the nations of earth would discover that rational discussions always trump threats of warmonger.... and also i'm drunk.
2006-08-29 05:53:14 PM  
That'd be like watching a goat fight a monkey.

FREAKIN' SWEET. Who wouldn't pay to see that?

/I'm in your closet!
2006-08-29 05:53:49 PM  
I wouldn't watch. There's always that outside chance that Bush would end up giving Ahmedinejad a back rub, and I really don't need to see that.

/shudders at the mental image
2006-08-29 05:54:01 PM  
I don't understand either language.. Iran's or Dumbass'.
2006-08-29 05:54:14 PM  
The artistic interpretation of such a debate:

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-29 05:54:19 PM  
President Ahmadinejad would make Bush look silly. To those out there who wish to judge the man as a lunatic, just remember; he's much brighter than 98% of you.
2006-08-29 05:54:33 PM  
Hell, I'm dumber just having read the headline
2006-08-29 05:54:51 PM  
Ahmedinejad:"You are the next Hitler"
Bush: "No! You are the next Hitler"
Ahmedinejad:"No! You are!"
Bush: "No I'm not! You are. Look, you even have his hairstyle."
Ahmedinejad: "Argh, you do. In fact, you are worse than Hitler, because the Holocaust never happened!"

I think it would be fun to watch.
2006-08-29 05:54:53 PM  

Hits the nail on the head. Bush couldn't defeat the average high school debate team captain and his handlers know it.
2006-08-29 05:55:03 PM  
I dont know what Ahmadinejad was thinking, Bush has won every debate he has ever been in.

Don't forget about Poland!

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-29 05:55:09 PM  
He knows that the U.S. would never agree to a debate. He is doing this to appear like he is making an effort to work things out, when in fact all he wants to do is stall.

Of course, gullible people around the world will only see him getting rejected by the evil tyrants in the WH.
2006-08-29 05:55:29 PM  
I don't think world peace would be served by this kind of debate being done publicly.

I do think some good would come from locking this adminstration in a room with the Iran administration and not opening the door until they had a plan. If it came right down to it, one group might even kill the other and eat them to survive.
2006-08-29 05:55:41 PM  
unyon: I wouldn't watch. There's always that outside chance that Bush would end up giving Ahmedinejad a back rub, and I really don't need to see that.

I LOL'd. We have a winner.
2006-08-29 05:55:50 PM  
maybe we could harper down to help bush. all that postureing and idiotic giberish might scare Ahmadinejad in submission. or not.
AtomicPenguin; i agree, man, think if the people that started wars sat down and tried to straighten shiat out in front of millions instead of behind closed doors with their agendas? exactly why it will, sadly, never happen.

2006-08-29 05:56:06 PM  
Throw North Korea in there and then you'd have a fight.
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