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2006-08-26 12:49:05 PM  
Very apt, naming it after the tool being used to publicly behead westerners in the Middle East.

/cockpunch for whomever's responsible
2006-08-26 12:55:11 PM  
Wake me when I can get one of these.
[image from public.asu.edu too old to be available]
2006-08-26 01:16:37 PM  
thamike: the tool being used

?? I thought it was a kick-butt Indian soldier...
2006-08-26 01:18:24 PM  
[image from img241.imageshack.us too old to be available]
Ultimate SUV Maximog (pops)
2006-08-26 01:27:21 PM  
How about these?

[image from upload.wikimedia.org too old to be available]
2006-08-26 01:34:10 PM  
I don't know for the price I would much rather have
[image from us.autos1.yimg.com too old to be available]
2006-08-26 01:45:04 PM  
Agreed microsofth8r. The DB9 Volante is probably the sexiest car made.
2006-08-26 02:01:06 PM  
It looks like a chupathingy.
2006-08-26 02:10:24 PM  
F-Bear. Yes, a Ghurka was an Indian soldier who repelled Islamists in Afghanistan. I was referring to the Ghurka blade, which for obvious reasons (if you read the article you linked), quickly found its way into the hands of Islamists. I believe a reasonable facsimile of the Ghurka knife was used on Nick Berg. Either way, al Qaeda has been brandishing Ghurkas in almost all of their hostage videos.
[image from m4040.com too old to be available]
2006-08-26 02:49:25 PM  
thamike Ghurkas are the warriors, Kukri is the knife.
2006-08-26 03:17:11 PM  
It is the knife also. I've heard it called that before...

It is known to many people as simply the "Gurkha knife".
2006-08-26 04:32:44 PM  
You're thinking of a sling blade. Some call it a Kaiser blade, mmm hmmmm.
2006-08-26 04:40:25 PM  
How's dat biatch gonna look wit sum spinnaz.
2006-08-26 04:41:23 PM  
Shadowspawn: It is known to many people as simply the "Gurkha knife".

Yeah, but it's "the gurkha knife" as in, the knives that the gurkha use.

The same way people call it a "ninja sword" when it's really a katana. It's the sword that the ninjas use.
2006-08-26 04:44:47 PM  
1 Highway, 0 City
2006-08-26 04:45:48 PM  
The Gurkha: When you need a better SUV to scream to the world that you have no penis...
2006-08-26 04:46:18 PM  
And this submitter goes for the win.
2006-08-26 04:46:21 PM  
Not to nitpick, but a samurai uses a katana.
Ninjas would use a ninja-to or whatever its last foe has been using.

/end romero mode.
2006-08-26 04:46:36 PM  
Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
smells like a steak and seats thirty-five

Well, it goes real slow with the hammer down,
It's the country-fried truck endorsed by a clown!

12 yards long, 2 lanes wide,
65 tons of American Pride!

[image from img183.imageshack.us too old to be available]

(The Federal Highway comission has ruled the
Canyonero unsafe for highway or city driving.)
2006-08-26 04:46:57 PM  
[image from funfry.com too old to be available]

2006-08-26 04:46:57 PM  
it just doesn't have the charisma of the hummer
2006-08-26 04:47:19 PM  
Why bother, when you can have the world's largest production pickup?

I give you...RXT

[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-08-26 04:47:52 PM  
Interestingly, GO-RKHA means Cow Herder. GO in sanskrit is Cow and Rkha comes from Rakha, derived from Raksha in sanskrit, meaning protect(or).

2006-08-26 04:49:34 PM  
lordargent has it right; the knife is called a "kukri," and is the traditional tribal weapon of the Gurkhas. They have their standard-issue size of course, and also a very large Kukri used for a ceremony involving the beheading of a water buffalo. Impressive stuff. Appropriate name for that APC they're trying to pass off as merely an "armored car."
2006-08-26 04:49:55 PM  
[image from haaland.info too old to be available]

screw the hummer and the gurkha. i want one of these.
2006-08-26 04:50:24 PM  
I'll just use my turren mounted x-ray laser and short range missile. I noticed that they didn't say if the tires are solid or not.

/need more autoduel
2006-08-26 04:50:31 PM  
[image from israeli-weapons.com too old to be available]

I prefer the Israeli Settler "Minivan"
2006-08-26 04:51:27 PM  
Bah! I'm holding out for one of these:

[image from spagthorpe.com too old to be available]

/hybrid version, of course
2006-08-26 04:52:10 PM  
Gurkha, gurkha, muhammed jihad.

/knows thats not what it really is
//just has nothing else
2006-08-26 04:54:34 PM  
Sweet! Now the very rich have even less reason to worry about taking everyone's safety into account when they vote and funnel their money toward their political interests! Now that they're protected, screw the people who have to work for a living!

Seriously, though, are there civilians who really have such a high opinion of themselves that they think they need one of these?
2006-08-26 04:57:29 PM  
Yeah, but with a full-spec rigger deck and drones, thats gonna be like 1230498712039487 nuyen...

2006-08-26 04:58:04 PM  
I think Ford has been adding body armor to Lincolns for quite some time, certainly predating 2004. "The price of doing business"? Meaning that an armor plated car, is nessacary to do "business" in a third world country? I call shenannigans on this-like how greedy do you have to be to have to do the kind of "business", in a third world country, to drive around in a vehicle that is equipped to stop bullets from the locals? Just work in the USA, plenty of shootings right now in Philly, Detroit can be dicey, Camden NJ has had its share of firefights, Washington DC cuts loose all the time! Keep our corrupt, gun totin', armor plated, steel reinforced, bullet stopping glass, $5,000 optional gun turret-vehicle "business" in this country!
2006-08-26 04:58:47 PM  
Better Pics of OP vehicle

2006-08-26 04:59:00 PM  
"I noticed that they didn't say if the tires are solid or not."

I believe the article said run-flat tires.
2006-08-26 05:00:32 PM  

The same way people call it a "ninja sword" when it's really a katana. It's the sword that the ninjas use.

The Ninja? Historically, what you Inter-nets types refer to as "Ninjas" never existed. But that's beside the point. The mythical Ninja as we know them through movies, videogames and uproarious web parodies do not use the Katana at all. They use the Ninja-to. Which also never existed. At least, not until we invented Ninjas.

Back on-topic, any SFB who buys a "Gurkha" needs to have an IED shoved up their nose.
2006-08-26 05:00:34 PM  
By 2010 soccer moms everywhere will be driving around in G2's.
2006-08-26 05:00:43 PM  
"It can shrug off a roadside bomb".

Not likely.
2006-08-26 05:01:35 PM  
I can see it now.. some 5 foot woman doing chin ups on the steering wheel blazing down the interstate at 85 mph using both lanes because she cant see over the damn dash board.
All kidding aside I have severe road rage issues and more then whipping beer bottles at idiots while I steer with my knee lighting a ciggie.. I could really do some damage with that vehicle... mmmmmmm armor plating
2006-08-26 05:02:17 PM  
Aren't ther Gurkhas mostly working in India as security guards? I don't know if they are in the Indian military anymore, but I've heard of communities hiring Gurkhas for night watch.
2006-08-26 05:05:13 PM  
I want the one with the double armor option.

"An Iraqi policeman inspects a damaged armored SUV of an unidentified security convoy after the explosion of a car bomb, near the Green Zone, in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, March 13, 2006."

[image from chinadaily.com.cn too old to be available]
2006-08-26 05:05:46 PM  
[image from operations.mod.uk too old to be available]
2006-08-26 05:06:35 PM  
Will it float?

Won't sell many in the gulfcoast.
2006-08-26 05:07:14 PM  
But will it fit through a Drive through?

[image from parapolitics.info too old to be available]
2006-08-26 05:07:15 PM  
I wonder what kind of fuel economy a 19,000lb SUV gets.
2006-08-26 05:09:13 PM  
I bet that thing handles like it's on rails.
2006-08-26 05:10:38 PM  

Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
smells like a steak and seats thirty-five

My last one seated 56. 58 if you count the D-6 I used to drag it up the hill with. However, it smelled more like moose and salmon, and didn't have 4WD.
2006-08-26 05:11:13 PM  
bwahaha, the thing is 9.5 tons, almost as heavy as some semi-tractors.
there are streets around here that are illegal to drive on if your vehicle is over 4 tons.

did anyone see the gas mileage listed in that article?
whoever is buying that thing for driving around in california must have a fireplace full of money!
2006-08-26 05:15:27 PM  
if the public starts buying these then the terrorists have truly won.
2006-08-26 05:15:58 PM  
At least the ones in TFA are a nice flat gray. For some reason, "utility" vehicles, esp. Hummers and Jeep Wranglers, with shiny paint jobs look incredibly silly to me.

/bought a Nissan Sentra so people would think I have a large penis
//I don't think it worked. Even worse, I think it's because no one thinks about my penis except me.
2006-08-26 05:20:35 PM  
"A few years back, the only people really buying personal armoured cars were rock stars, rap stars, or divorce lawyers,"

Heh. Great Line.
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