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(CNN)   CNN Money reports on the money-making potential of "a site packed with sophomoric humor run by a lone guy in Lexington, Ky." Never heard of it   ( divider line
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28819 clicks; posted to Main » and Publicity » on 22 Aug 2006 at 9:38 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-08-22 9:42:53 AM  
2006-08-22 9:43:00 AM  
Kentucky has intartubes now?

2006-08-22 9:43:05 AM  
Bubba Bo-Bob Brain?
2006-08-22 9:44:03 AM  
Does this mean I'll finally get the covered parking and condo in Vail that Drew promised me for buying into TF?
2006-08-22 9:45:25 AM  
Wait, Fark is a play on the F-word?!
2006-08-22 9:45:37 AM  
This is a Blog?
2006-08-22 9:45:37 AM  
sophomoric humor?

No, that's CNN is obviously confused.
Here it is strictly upper class stuff, with occasional graduate-level work.
2006-08-22 9:45:38 AM  
markie_farkie: Does this mean I'll finally get the covered parking and condo in Vail that Drew promised me for buying into TF?

Shh, don't tell everyone about the pyramid scheme.
2006-08-22 9:45:40 AM  
1. Open a Not News site

2. Get mentioned on a financial news page.

3. Profit?
2006-08-22 9:45:54 AM  
Sophomoric Humor? That's an insult!

Our humor is *at least* Junioric.
2006-08-22 9:46:23 AM  
2006-08-22 9:46:38 AM  
Not Newsing For Dollars?
2006-08-22 9:46:45 AM  
Sophomric? Fark?

2006-08-22 9:47:10 AM  
is on pace to become a multimillion-dollar property

and we do all the work for him. "amusing" tag for him, "dumbass" for us
2006-08-22 9:47:15 AM  
New, Bigger, "Flash"ier ads in 3, 2, 1...
2006-08-22 9:47:20 AM  
Wow. That's a big article.
2006-08-22 9:47:27 AM  
Does this mean we can all get free TF, and use Ultrafark to ---

2006-08-22 9:47:30 AM  
I don't think Fark is here to make money.

we are here to make fun of you.
2006-08-22 9:47:53 AM  
Curtis won't disclose his current revenue but insists that he can soon log monthly ad sales of $600,000 to $800,000.

Holy crap. Congrats Drew.
2006-08-22 9:48:30 AM  


/Drew should disclose the actual figures. *nod*
2006-08-22 9:48:49 AM  
that's unpossible...

/he sounds creepy...
2006-08-22 9:48:52 AM  
My gawd...we're the establishment.
2006-08-22 9:49:02 AM  
Us sophmoric? That's unpossible!

2006-08-22 9:49:25 AM  
Pull my finger!
2006-08-22 9:49:46 AM  
YouTube and Myspace are the biggest bandwidth taxes on the internet. Sorry, Drew, you're still small time.
2006-08-22 9:49:59 AM  
I think Drew owes us all a round of beer. With the multimillions, I'll take two!

/blog? what blog?
2006-08-22 9:49:59 AM  
drew is a millionaire!?!?!?!?
2006-08-22 9:50:00 AM  
An eccentric blog? I take offense at that. I contribute to the "blog" and I'm not eccentric, I'm insane. Get it right next time CNN.
2006-08-22 9:50:15 AM  
Sophomore in college or high school? My future rides on the answer.
2006-08-22 9:50:15 AM  
Sophomoric, huh? They must not have read any of the political threads to give us that much credit.
2006-08-22 9:50:57 AM  
Sophmoric? Have they met the President?

/hey Blair...
2006-08-22 9:50:58 AM  
This is news?
Did Romero start working for CNN?

[image from too old to be available]

You can make money on the Internet.
More at 11.
2006-08-22 9:51:03 AM  
Wow, Fark has become its own cliche....thats depressing
2006-08-22 9:51:34 AM  
Fark is based out of Lexington?!?!
2006-08-22 9:51:36 AM  
Whamdangler: college or high school?
College: Either Barber or Clown
2006-08-22 9:51:36 AM  
Told you...

lying on those surveys really helps fark.

too bad noone really SEES any advertisements...

Adblock Plus.

Doesn't show a single advert, and screws with tracking. But the site loads blindingly fast...
2006-08-22 9:51:45 AM  

I resemble that remark
2006-08-22 9:51:48 AM  
Noel Coward stops in every other Thursday! Sophmoric? Bah!
2006-08-22 9:51:56 AM  
I so want a piece of the IPO.
2006-08-22 9:52:06 AM  
Woo hoo - free Total Fark subscriptions for everybody!
2006-08-22 9:52:06 AM  
All I can think of is homer saying "they've got the internet on computers, now."

I don't know how that applies here.
2006-08-22 9:52:12 AM  
HugeMidget: My gawd...we're the establishment.

HA! Time to find another site...
2006-08-22 9:52:12 AM  
I had no idea Drew ran the site by himself. . . *quick someone look for unmarked graves in Drew's back yard!* Also, someone tell CNN they fact-checker suffered an ID-10T error.
2006-08-22 9:52:27 AM  
nerfball: drew is a millionaire!?

Can't be. The American dream is dead. There are no more self made millionaires. Can't be done. You're one sickness or pink slip away from living in a van down by the river...

It's true! I heard it on CNN.
2006-08-22 9:52:51 AM  
A multimillion-dollar property?

In the future Fark, all headlines and witty comments will be written by paid comedy writers. Also, there will be HTML layer popups covering the content text until you click "Close".
2006-08-22 9:53:52 AM  
That's it, I am taking Anon-DIT global!
2006-08-22 9:54:12 AM  
witchofthedogs: Sophomric? Fark?


Farked, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
2006-08-22 9:54:34 AM  
The NHL advertises here?
2006-08-22 9:54:41 AM  
im starting my own not-news site, with blackjack, and hookers- you know what- forget the not-news site.
2006-08-22 9:55:03 AM  
My gawd...we're the establishment.

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