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(Yahoo)   L.A. sues over sewage-dumping ban. Paging Mike Rowe to the white courtesy telephone, please   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2006-08-16 05:05:06 PM  
Speaking of Mike Rowe...I wanna' know why they had to grey out the testicles and anus of the dog he was grooming, yet they didn't grey out the horses vagina when he fisted her.

WTF is up with the FCC anyway?
2006-08-16 05:09:12 PM  
RussianBlue: Speaking of Mike Rowe...I wanna' know why they had to grey out the testicles and anus of the dog he was grooming, yet they didn't grey out the horses vagina when he fisted her.

I thought the exact same thing when I saw that last night. Sheesh! Not even an FCC issue (cable, not broadcast medium)
2006-08-16 05:34:35 PM  
I love voter initiatives. While they can be a great boon for the voters of a state, they're more often than not ill conceived notions that gain popular support and end up fubaring things greatly.

The only way to completely get rid of waste is to launch it into the sun on a solar-powered rocket.
2006-08-16 06:01:00 PM  
They should just strain out the chunky parts, spray that on lawns, and make the residents drink the effluent.

The only way to completely get rid of waste is to launch it into the sun on a solar-powered rocket.

Scooby's'pawn The problem with that is the stuff coming off the sun would probably overcome the gravitational pull.
2006-08-16 06:13:32 PM  
...but they can show him rubbing a pig's labia...

2006-08-16 06:21:01 PM  
It doesn't have to be such a big issue. Two companies that I'm aware of have sewage recovery equipment that rather inexpensively breaks down sewage waste with plasma conversion technology, and the output is a high nutrient fertilizer. All the methane, CO2 and other noxious emissions are captured and either reinfused into the processed material, or captured as process gas for sale on the energy market, making it neutral in terms of atmospheric pollution.

Contact either W2 Energy, Inc. or StarTech, Inc. and solve these kinds of waste disposal problems forever.
2006-08-16 06:24:42 PM  
I want Mike Rowe's job.
2006-08-16 06:28:43 PM  
Mike Rowe is f'ing hilarious.
2006-08-16 06:29:18 PM  
china does this and does well

so should we
2006-08-16 06:32:38 PM  
One would think there should be an excess of capacity to handle sewage now that the Raiders have moved back to Oakland.
2006-08-16 06:32:46 PM  
I thought them pixilating the dogs junk was more of a joke...maybe not eh?
2006-08-16 06:38:23 PM  
Ah Bakersfield... gotta love it.

/born and raised
/probably shouldn't admit that...
2006-08-16 06:48:16 PM  
FTAKern County voters who were convinced that the unsavory mixture fouls the air and endangers the groundwater in the area

I don't know about you, but drinking water is treated even in the middle of PA where I live. What are these people thinking, that its taken straight from wells anymore?
2006-08-16 06:53:52 PM  
I'm also confused about all animals' naughty bits not being considered equally benign (or repulsive).

Mike Rowe wins.
2006-08-16 06:54:02 PM  
Yeah, after seeing Mike Rowe clean help replace a sewage pump, seeing a dogs anus isn't going to upset me.

/unless there's lipstick involved
2006-08-16 06:54:58 PM  
Mike Rowe was on Opie and Anthony the other week and is a really cool, down to earth guy. I guess being knee deep in shiat or elbow deep in horse humbles a guy.
2006-08-16 06:58:08 PM  

I think that Mike Rowe was humble before he did the show.
2006-08-16 07:03:42 PM  
These people are idiots. Los Angeles pre-treats the sewage (by anaerobic digestion) to remove the 'poop' and all the bugs. By the time it gets out to them it's just a dry organic sludge consisting mostly of benign bacteria. Practically anything that is 'smelly' has been removed, and because the technique is sensitive to minute concentrations of things like heavy metals, it's probably been through more treatment and better for the soil than animal manure.
2006-08-16 07:38:43 PM  
Mike Rowe IS discovery channel. He owns them or they own him.
2006-08-16 07:47:22 PM  
I didn't know who Mike Rowe was. I'm more of a Mythbusters guy. So I googled him. I went to the official Discovery FAQ.

The filtering in that post makes the Fark filter seem... lenient.
2006-08-16 08:11:28 PM  
I have a man crush on Mike Rowe.
2006-08-16 08:12:08 PM  

actually the kern river provides a pretty good water table for the area, so I don't doubt that yes, alot of those residents get their water from their own wells, not everyone drinks "city water"
2006-08-16 09:39:38 PM  
No- the WHITE phone

2006-08-16 09:49:03 PM  
There needs to be more Mike Rowe on Fark. He's got a sexy voice. ;)
2006-08-16 10:01:09 PM  
We love Mike Rowe.
2006-08-16 10:39:13 PM  
kidwood666: No- the WHITE phone


Dammit.. came here to post that.
2006-08-16 11:36:55 PM  
Cool! My third greenlight! Though the headline was a bit longer (and funnier), but I'm glad the Fark Mods kept the funniest part

//thank you, Fark Mods
2006-08-16 11:42:38 PM  
He'll only show up if they've got Faith No More playing over the intercom.

/We Care A Lot
2006-08-17 09:10:12 AM  
I love Mike Rowe! Love the show too. I never knew that some of the jobs he does on there even existed. Very informative but don't watch it while eating dinner!

/mmm...mike rowe!
//i'd get dirty with him anytime
2006-08-17 09:20:40 AM  
2006-08-18 12:25:25 AM  
face it... Mike Rowe owns your arses...

... he is the quintissential, Muther FARKin' Man!!!
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